Who is Aerie Saunders?

Aerie Saunders is a 24 year old adult industry performer, advocate, and self proclaimed “sexpert.” She started in the adult industry in 2015 and has performed live on webcam, created hundreds of videos, collaborated with many pornstars, and started numerous websites since getting started in the industry. She is an Aquarius born the day before Valentines Day, loves spicy food, enjoys binging anime, spends a lot of time with her army of dogs and chickens, as well as occasionally fosters animals. 

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Every hot girl needs a resume

“Best Clip Artist of the Year” Nominee in the 2018 AltPorn Awards

“Best Live Cam Show Props” Nominee in the MV Community Awards

“Best Clip Artist of the Year” Nominee in the 2020 AltPorn Awards

“Most Helpful Model” Nominee in the 2021 YNOT Cam Awards