Adult Friendly Snapchat Alternatives (Snapchat does NOT allow adult content)


Why you should NOT have a premium / private Snapchat

Snapchat is not adult friendly according to their Terms of Service which leaves uncertainty when using it as a form of income for adult content, additionally Snapchat can terminate your account without warning and can leave you without the ability to contact customers or potential clients. When establishing a platform where you are providing adult services to a consumer you want to ensure that you are using an adult friendly platform so that you do not risk losing your accounts and your customers. It also makes more sense to use an adult friendly platform that allows on site purchasing to minimize the amount of effort customers put in to purchasing from you and ease the conversion with less leg work, it also provides a great opportunity for upselling.

Snapchat can delete any account for any reason, even if you are only suspected of adult content.

What makes Snapchat a desirable app for pornstars and their customers?

Snapchat has been a desirable app for the use of “premium/private” accounts for a long time and it comes down to a few factors: convenience, user accessibility, the fact that when people see it on someone’s phone they don’t automatically assume it’s porn, disappearing content, the ability to reuse content / save for later, filters, and built in features like messaging and calling. Unfortunately since Snapchat is NOT adult friendly, having a premium or private Snapchat for adult content can be extremely dangerous and put you at risk of losing your account and being permanently banned from Snapchat.

Apps you can use to take cute filtered photos instead of Snapchat

  • Meitu: Meitu is a photo editing and camera application that allows you take photos with cute filters and graphics very similar to Snapchat but with a greater variety! You can save them straight to your camera roll for use on any fan club or social media platform. You can additionally retouch any photos taken on your camera roll with their editor or retouching tools to get that perfect smooth skin or dewy skin effect that Snapchat provides with their filters.
  • FaceApp: FaceApp can be used to change your hair style, add makeup, and more! If you’re a big fan of the filters and being able to take photos even when your skin or hair isn’t looking the best due to Snapchats beauty filters, FaceApp can be a great alternative and often looks more natural than many of Snapchats filters.


AVN Stars

AVN Stars, adult friendly fan club platform with story feature

AVN Stars is an adult fan club platform run by the highly respected adult industry network responsible for AVN magazine and the AVN Awards. AVN (Adult Video Network) stars can enjoy many of the wonderful features they’ve grown to love through Snapchat but also combine that with the ability to sell clips, accept tips, and more!

Snapchat and AVN Stars similarities:

  • Story feature for posting live updates
  • Auto-deleting feature
  • Private messaging (photo, video, or just text)
  • “Friends only” (subscriber only) or public posts to story

Signup for AVN Stars or read more about them: AVN Stars: Adult Fanclub Platform Powered by AVN



IsMyGirl: Snapchat Alternative, Make Money on Your Hot Pics!

IsMyGirl is a platform that offers a fanclub service where models can receive money from fans who are subscribed to them. There are also various other money making features on the platform that exceed the capabilities of Snapchat. These features include clip sales, private messaging, premium Snapchat subscriptions and live camming. IsMyGirl only pays out 70%, but also does more for traffic than many other fanclub sites. IsMyGirl is geared towards adult performers and does more for organic discovery (search, directory, discovery page) than many other Snapchat alternatives.

Learn More: IsMyGirl – Adult Fanclub, Camming and Clip Sales



JustForFans – Adult Fanclubs, Content Sales and Phone sex

JustForFans was founded by a pornstar, Dominic Ford, and will never take the “mainstream” route other alternatives have taken in order to make a quick buck. The site is dedicated to the sale of pornographic content so you will never need to worry about losing your account! You can utilize JustForFans to profit from your nude photos, videos, and pay to view messages via their private messaging system. It has helpful features that Snapchat does not have, like being able to offer phone sex or individual clip sales to your fans.

Learn More: Selling Adult services On JustForFans



FanCentro – Sell Snapchat and Instagram Subscriptions

FanCentro is a platform for selling subscriptions for both Snapchat and Instagram, but you can also utilize their internal subscription feature as a Snapchat alternative. Similar to Snapchat, you can post stories and you can also post to your feed.

Learn More: Selling Snapchat / Instagram Subscriptions On FanCentro

More Information On Fan Clubs

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