Aerie Nominated “Most Helpful Model” in YNOT Cam Awards 2021

Aerie Saunders Receives Nomination for “Most Helpful Model” in the YNOT Cam Awards

Aerie has received the prestigious honor of being a finalist for “Most Helpful Model” in the YNOT Cam Awards due to her work in the webmaster element of the adult industry and owning and operating the creator resources Webcam Startup and WCSU News. She started her work with Webcam Startup in 2016 and very quickly helped to evolve the website into a comprehensive resource containing website directories with valuable information, site specific guides, fetish write-ups, feature update notifications, legal advice, and more. The website is geared towards the independent adult industry and is a free to use platform with knowledge about clip sites, adult webcam sites, fanclub platforms, sexting, phone sex, and more.

In addition to the obvious benefit of helping performers with her public access resource, she also frequently acts as an advocate and voice within the independent sector of the adult industry by headlining important protests and movements such as the “#CommunityOverContests” protest for equal representation and fair pay on ManyVids, the “#PornHelpedMe” campaign as an initiative to de-stigmatize the “#PornHurtMe” hashtag being pushed by anti-pornography religious organization Exodus Cry, and also utilizes her developed webmaster skills from Webcam Startup in order to assist other creators (free of charge) with getting their own websites started.

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