Make Money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday as a Camgirl/Pornstar


Camgirls and Pornstars can make a lot of money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the busiest days of the year for consumer wallets, and while many customers are going “spend happy” on various products in store and online, it can be a great time to push an irresistible deal in front of their faces! For the last ten years, Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers have managed to spend around $50 billion dollars on average each time the sales event rolls around. The average person spends around $300-$400 if they decide to participate in the sales events. Black Friday is the day after (American) Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Black Friday. The closeness of these sales event “holidays” usually leads to massive deals and spending all throughout the weekend after Thanksgiving. With Americans being a top source of traffic to cam and clip sites, taking advantage of this “capitalistic holiday” can help you walk away with a bunch of cash.

Should camgirls cam on Thanksgiving/Black Friday?

According to xHamster’s Thanksgiving Traffic Trends, camming on Thanksgiving and Black Friday may not be a total wash. While traffic does seem to dip during the dinner hours, you’ll find many members sneaking away on their phones in the bathroom this holiday season. Camming on Thanksgiving and Black Friday can be a total win for models who have customers that are single or don’t have close family they spend the holiday with. While the traffic may seem lower, the spending rate of people enjoying spending the holiday with you will likely be higher. If you aren’t sure about your audiences holiday plans, it can’t hurt to ask on social media. Some customers may even opt to spend the holiday with you rather than doing something else, especially if it means avoiding those crazy shopper crowds!

Will cam models / pornstars make a lot of video sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are big traffic days for just about any sales based website, and yes, that includes porn. Some sites are even implementing sales that take from their own cut as they are expecting a surge of traffic. (Round of applause to PornHub) You can make the most of the traffic by using sites that allow you to create sales yourself. Putting your content on sale can draw new buyers to your accounts, as well as lure in current customers who may not have all of your content that they are interested in.

What sites should cam models and pornstars host sales on?

  • iWantClips – iWantClips allows you to create discount codes or mark up codes for your content. This can be especially convenient for Dommes this holiday season!
  • ManyVids – ManyVids allows you to generate promo codes OR automatically put content on sale in your store.
  • OnlyFans – OnlyFans allows you to run promotions for new subscriber OR new subscribers and expired subscribers. You can offer free trials, or a discounted rate for their first month. You can also go to your expired members and offer them discounted re-join rates as well.
  • ModelHub – ModelHub allows you to add a discount to your paid videos by going to your video manager and selecting the “edit” button.

You can also coordinate sales yourself by offering video packages or bundles, exclusive or custom content, photosets, or discounted access to videos or fanclubs by taking payment directly and providing links to the content. Indie pay sites are a great option for taking direct payment, allowing you to keep up to 85% of the payout for content that you sell.


Looking to produce holiday content for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

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What sites are hosting Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotions?

  • FanCentro is running an opt-in Black Friday sale that gives customers 75% off content. Models are not required to participate in the sale, but those that opt-in will be listed in a special directory promoted to customers.
  • ManyVids is hosting a Thanksgiving give away for models that cam on MV Live from 11am-8pm ET on November 28th. This giveaway is sponsored by the Bella French Foundation.
  • ModelHub is promoting a 15% off Black Friday sale that will come out of the sites payout and NOT the models.
  • Cam4 is hosting a Cyber Weekend My Shop contest for models.
  • CamSoda is offering up to $250 for models willing to stream their Thanksgiving dinner.