Boleyn Models Review by Aerie Lovee

Boleyn Models

Review of Boleyn Models By Aerie Lovee

Many models are scared of the idea of a studio, and it took me months of researching before I officially made the switch to studio. If you are a new cam girl or already established cam girl looking for a new studio, Boleyn Models could be the one for you! The main rule about switching to studio is to never join a studio that doesn’t provide opportunity to make up for lost revenue by using their services, which is why when I switched I decided to go with Boleyn Models.


Boleyn Models Is Cam Girl Owned / Operated

Boleyn Models is an interesting service because it is actually run by a former cam worker, Katy. Becoming a member of their studio gives you a wonderful method of support because Boleyn Models offers active support through Skype. They always reply very quickly and are much better at helping with issues than most cam sites support is.


Boleyn Models Supports Multiple Sites / Networks

Boleyn Models can be used across many different platforms including clip sites as well, they support MyFreeCams, Streamate, CamModelDirectory, Chaturbate, IndieBill, ImLive, SkyPrivate, Cam4, AdultWork, BongaCams, ManyVids, and many more!


I Use Boleyn Models For Streamate

I use Boleyn Models services through Streamate, which means as opposed to most girls who are making 35% on Streamate, I take away 30% after the studio cut. Once you do the math, that’s about 14% of my total income going to studio cut. Now you are probably reading this outraged and wondering “why the **** would anyone want to LOSE money?” Boleyn Models offers incentive programs that “make up” the difference.


Daily Payouts Is A Life Saver

My primary reason for using their services are the Daily Pay system, which pays out on your daily earnings Monday-Friday. It is beyond convenient for (unorganized or forgetful) people like me who check the day their bill is due and find out, oh crap, it’s tomorrow! The ability to get your money everyday instead of waiting for a 2 week delayed paycheck is great and allows you to better control your spending habits. They also will double your second lowest earning day if you work 7 days a week. If you work consistently you are capable of earning the same amount you would earn without the studio cut taken out while also getting the daily pay perk.


I’ve Noticed Better Positioning Since Joining Boleyn

Since joining Boleyn Models studio I have noticed a few changes but I can not 100% verify it is from joining the studio. My placement on my cam site has gone up, I used to be at the bottom of the front page and I am now at the top of the front page. I do not know if the studio exposure has helped or the encouragement of daily earnings has just motivated me to increase my hours and rankings, but either way it benefited me. My social media following has also increased drastically, I started camming in February of 2015 and before joining studio in January of 2016 I had about 3,500 followers on Twitter and 4,000 on Instagram. I now have about 8,500 on Twitter and over 10k on Instagram.


Remember: Studios Aren’t For Everyone!

Studios are not for everyone! I joined the studio in January and it is now November and I’ve only had my second lowest earning day doubled to make up the cut difference a handful of times. I definitely suggest this studio for people who have consistent earning days or are willing to put in the countless hours to achieve consistent amounts.


Get Started With Boleyn Models Today!

Ready to get started with Boleyn Models? Signup today! Boleyn Models is a great studio and perfect for both beginner and experienced models alike. Unlike many studios that focus on a single network, Boleyn is partnered with a wide range of sites. They will also help with support, promotion, consultation and more. Take advantage of some innovative features such as daily payouts and cash advances. Join one of the leading camming studios today!

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