Camgirls: Setting Up A Domain / Website by Aerie Lovee

Registering A Domain and What To Do With It

Many cam girls who are dedicated to clip making and camming are lacking one thing; a domain name. Investing in your “brand” is very important. Having a direct domain (even if it doesn’t direct to a website you’re running) can be fantastic for you. It helps with exposure, makes your content seems more “upscale” and gives your customer base an easy place to find what they’re looking for.


How To Set Up A Domain / Website

So how do you buy a domain? Everyone has seen the commercials for domain services, but how do we know which one is actually the best? It depends what you’re planning to do, if you’re looking for a blog type setup with updates about your cam schedule, or an about me section then WordPress might be what is best for you.


Purchasing And Redirecting The Domain

If you’re looking to redirect your website to an existing site (your cam site, clip site, etc.) GoDaddy is a very easy option for this, they are also very fair with pricing. It’s super easy to redirect your domain to an existing site and their layout is very user friendly. I also suggest GoDaddy for use with sites like ModelCentro which allow you to connect your domain to their nameservers. GoDaddy has a very easy setup for linking new nameservers, as opposed to a lot of other sites that have a more complicated system, with less user friendly layouts.


Picking Out Your Domain Name

How do you pick a domain? As a cam girl, you’re going to want something that is easy to remember. The easiest domains to remember as a cam girl are .com, .live, or .xxx as these are associated with what you’re actually doing. When possible, I always suggest going with .com as it is what most users will be mentally programmed to type in (a LOT of websites use .com.) You should try to get your domain name as close to your stage name or likeness as possible. For example, my username on everything is “Aerie_SM” and my website URL is which is easy to remember!


Deciding What To Do With The Domain

Once you pick your domain, decide what you’re going to do with it. If you’re going to redirect it to a site that is already existing you’ll have to decide whether you want it to be masked or unmasked, and permanent or temporary.

I highly suggest doing an unmasked temporary redirect, so it doesn’t confused the user who goes to your website. For example, if your domain links to manyvids but you mask the domain (so that it doesn’t show that they are on manyvids website) they may think the website is untrustworthy.

If you’re going to link it to ModelCentro or a similar site which provides nameservers for you to connect to, go to your “manage DNS” settings, and edit them to add your new nameservers. Make sure you do not only add nameservers, but that you also delete the previous nameservers, or it may cause problems with your website.


Running Your Own Website

You can also run your own website, which is kind of a pain if you’re not good with coding. You can use GoDaddy which has a website building tool, but its merchant partner is PayPal so you may risk being shut down. PaySimple is a service that can be used with pretty much any website provider, and in their terms it does not prohibit adult content sales!

They have a $49.95 a month plan, which accepts online payments and offers recurring billing and appointment scheduling. It is definitely worth checking out if you sell a decent amount of videos and you’re tired of getting a percentage taken out from clip sites or membership sites!