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  • Beta Launch July 1st, 2021, new cam site promising more updates in the future will be beta launching on July 1st, 2021. The websites initial launch will be comprised of a camming feature, but plans to add more features in the future!

    Cam Services:

    In its first version, provides models with the ability to cam. In the upcoming version, models will be able to sell clips and have their own fan clubs.

    Genders: is an inclusive platform, proud to welcome all adult 18+ models including: female, male, and transgender models, as well as couples and groups who want to perform. In the first version, however, will be open for female and trans femme models only, as we work towards improving the platform before opening for male performers and couples.

    Model Earnings: (Token / currency value for models, payout percentage of token value)

    The value of a token depends on the token package purchased. Bigger token packages will give you a bigger revenue share. The default payout is $5 for every 100 tokens you receive, and it increases significantly as you level up – the higher your level, the higher your payout.

    Model Payout Scheme

    Payout Schedule:

    You can get paid on YOUR schedule! lets you get paid up to five times a month! Models can withdraw anytime they reach the minimum payout amount of $50.

    Min Payout:


    Payout Methods:

    Wire transfer, Epoch and Segpay

    Traffic: (Do you have traffic or do models bring their own?)

    Both! Although is a newer platform, we have a team with over 20 years of experience in the adult industry, ready to bring high-quality targeted traffic to the shows. Additionally, models that bring their own traffic will be rewarded with up to 15% of what their users spend as part of our comprehensive affiliate program.


    Yes, allows this IF performer has the software to do so.


    Yes (including country and states for US)

    DMCA Services:

    Yes. The team will support the models in getting any stolen content shared within Cherry.TV taken down through DMCA.

    Affiliate Program:

    Yes, CherryCash is our affiliate program. By default, models have the opportunity to concurrently make money as affiliates while working as independent performers. operates on a tiered system of incentives—in other words, the more you stream, the more you “level up” — and ALL streaming counts towards this!
    Newbies start out at 10%, but top models can make up to 70% for tips and shows PLUS up to 15% on all referrals. Additionally, if a model refers another model to, they are eligible for a $100 payout.

    Loyalty & Leveling Up:

    Just as models can “level up” and stand out in this way to users, on we also incentivize our users to level up as well. This means that models can quickly determine who the loyal token-spending customers are vs. the ones who waste your time. In other words, if a user wants to get more attention from a model, they know they need to level up and start sending those action gifts or paying for shows.
    We wanted to take this approach in order to enable models to consciously develop their client base in the long term. Instead of awkwardly forgetting the name of that whale, we will be implementing ways for models to track and make notes on their repeat clients, which of course will ultimately enhance the potential for more fun interactions and future earnings.

    Studio Accounts:


    Special features: combines elements of both social media and gaming platforms, which means that models here have even more ways to potentially earn money, including passive revenue. At its core, is designed to be as fun and interactive as possible, so neither audience members nor models need to feel confined to the usual “tip menu” system on most cam sites.

    Virtual Gifting

    Indeed, beyond your basic tip menu, has a feature called “Action Gifts,” which translates to actual cash for models. The action gifts come in many fun varieties at various price points–and they are designed to be icebreakers and conversation starters. It also means that models have more creative control over their shows — because ‘gifting’ a dozen roses or a new dress doesn’t have to necessarily translate into given sex acts.
    Can you still tip a model to “show tits?” — Sure, but it’s all down to the individual model’s choices. has a highly customizable interface for models; more on that below!

    Options for Models is proud to be the first camming platform to make a “user friendly” experience for models as well as for fans! On, models have numerous options to customize and optimize their streaming experience. For instance:

    Models may set their prices — and even change their prices in the middle of a stream! Models can turn on/off the action gifts feature, and customize basically any aspect of their chat room. They can set minimum prices for group shows, disable/enable spy shows, and fully integrate their lovense toys with customizable levels and duration of vibration. Moreover, models may pause their streams–you don’t need to logout and start over if you’re taking a break.

    Signup for and start camming today!

    Ready to get started camming? Signup for today.

  • Fetish Friendly or Kink Oriented Websites for Selling Adult Content

    Make Money Selling Kinky Fetish Photos, Videos, and More!

    Fetish content in the adult industry is on the rise and there has never been a better time to be kinky! The growth of the kink and fetish market is still in a stage where it can grow and continue to increase in audience and profits while also maintaining a less saturated market of performers than typical “vanilla” pornography. The world of fetish and kink is vast and ranges from specific fetishes like feet to general fetishes like FemDom. While niche sites for specific fetishes aren’t super abundant – there are a few sites that are very fetish friendly and can be a perfect spot for a kinky performer to set up shop.

    Sites for Selling Fetish, FemDom, and Kink Oriented Content

    Here is a list of websites that are dedicated to fetish content or that experience heavy traffic and a large buyers market for fetish or kink oriented content. We indicate the payout percentage for the performer as well as their specialty (why they are on this list) and what services you can offer on the platform.
    [lptw_table id=”30059″ style=”default”]

    Guide to Getting Started as a Fetish Performer

    Getting started as a fetish performer is a smart career choice whether you are completely new to the adult industry or you are a seasoned performer looking for more income avenues. The fetish market is not oversaturated with performers as much as the “vanilla” porn vertical due to the fact that fetishes often require research, props, or an interest in topics that some performers simply do not have. Fetish content can also be a great benefit to active “vanilla” models looking to expand their video catalog on websites that they are already active on that may not specialize in fetish content but can still generate residual income. Getting started creating fetish content is pretty similar to creating normal pornographic content, just with a little spice.

    Learn more: Guide: Getting Started Producing and Selling Amateur Porn

    Find Niches That Generate Profit and Expand to Subcategories

    The fun world of fetishes is like a tree, one specific fetish is a large limb and from that limb come many smaller branches. For example: everyone knows that foot fetish is a thing, but if you find you are having good success in that category you can break it down a level further and try foot worship, or shoe dangling, or toe scrunching. When you find fetishes that you show success in, trying more specific niche content involved in the fetish can be a great outlet for creativity as well as a way to build content in that category and expand your fan base. If you already have a customer who likes your general foot fetish videos or photos where you show off your feet, they may dive in and buy a toe scrunching clip from you as well, and that toe scrunching clip might snag someone looking for that niche specifically and if they fall in love with your feet they may return to grab more of your general foot fetish content. It is a never ending cycle of finding what sells, exploring it, and then putting out more content in that category to develop regulars. Once you do this with a specific category/fetish (or a few at a time) you continue the cycle of developing clips in that category that you know will sell due to prior success while then exploring more fetishes to dabble in, and do this until you fill up your schedule with fetishes to film or photograph!

    Learn more: List of Fetishes and Their Meaning / Descriptions

    Understand That Fetishes Are Person-Specific and There is Not “One Way” to do Fetish Work

    Since there are many smaller branches to each big fetish, you will find that customers will most likely not have the same fetish for the same reasons or like the same exact things. Fetish work can be very customer specific, which is why it makes sense to start in the bigger fetish categories and work your way down to more specific niches as you find out what communities find your content to be interesting and buy-worthy. This will also greatly impact cam shows where you are interacting with customers live because you will have to experiment with starting the fetish generally and poking around in different directions until you find the one that the customer enjoys. It is important to be vocal with fetish customers in live shows and ask them if they like something, if they want to see more or less of something, etc. Seasoned cam customers will likely approach you with their speech of exactly what they want, which makes the show run smoother, but customers that are dabbling in a new fetish or still exploring may need more prompting from you as the performer. You can try to make this sexy by saying “Oh I love how this feels, do you like watching this?” or if you’re going the more dominant route, “You love this don’t you? I know you do.” Don’t be discouraged if during live shows members disconnect, sometimes it simply isn’t a match and that is okay!

    Research to Find Your “Style”

    While in live cam shows you may be able to adapt your style to your customer, some customers will return to models who have a specific “brand” of fetish that they offer. Research fetishes that you intend to cater to and practice lines with yourself that flow naturally. Without guidance from a customer, how would you approach the fetish? That is your “brand” of that fetish and can be the brand you use for clips or that you start with in shows before adapting to the customers needs once they are further communicated. You can research by watching live cams, watching clips, or even asking performer friends for a few lines of what they would say. Remember that while there is no original idea in porn – don’t copy word for word, add your own spice and originality to make it your own creative style that will be memorable to customers!

    Convert Customers into Buyers of All Sorts of Fetish Performances

    If you are a clip creator that is looking to convert more clients to cam, or vice versa, releasing fetish content or performing fetish content is a great way to get crossover conversions. If a customer buys a clip of you doing a fetish and wants a more personalized experience they are more likely to come visit you on cam or order custom content from you. If they get a cam show where you cater to their fetish and they love it they are more likely to want to grab a fetish clip for later when they can’t watch a live show or maybe when you aren’t online. When fetish and kink customers find a model that they really connect with who caters to their interest in the perfect way, they tend to stick around which creates great upsell and website crossover opportunities.

    Fetish Content Can Sell Anywhere

    Fetish content is great for catalog building and since there are many websites that allow you to upload any theme of content you want ranging from vanilla to super kinky, it can be a great way to stay active on your main sites that may be less fetish oriented while growing your network on more heavily fetish oriented websites. There are also a good deal of fetish enthusiasts to be found on the less fetish heavy websites, and you would probably be surprised how well fetish content sells on websites that don’t appear to be geared towards content of that style!

    View all the sites you can sell porn on: Adult Clip Sites: Sell Homemade / Amateur Porn

    Enjoy the Passive Income that Fetish Content Creates

    People discover their own new fetishes every day, and a video that may be old to you could be brand new to someone exploring their fetish for the first time on a porn site. Since there are far less fetish videos than there are typical porno style videos online, you will find yourself making passive income on your fetish videos as long as you leave them up for. This is especially true if your descriptions for your videos are keyword rich, your previews are good, and you make sure to put your content in accurate categories. Also try to avoid the artsy titles, clips sell better passively when they are very specific and relevant to the video.

  • Inked Cam Girl an Adult Webcam Site Where Alternative Models Shine

    Inked Cam Girl has launched, a new webcam site dedicated to inked and alternative webcam models

    Inked Cam Girl was created by an inked content creator and cam model with the intention of giving alternative and inked webcam models a place to call “home,” where fans that are interested in alternative and inked cam models can know they will find exactly what they are looking for. The site was designed to help its users create long lasting connections based on shared love of the alternative community. All models are hand picked by the founder and operator based on things like charm, personality, sexiness, and high energy performance! Here is all the info on becoming an Inked Cam Girl model:

      Quick Information:

    • Services: Camming
    • Genders: Female and Transgender
    • Model Earnings: $0.10/token, privates @ 40tokens/minute. 80% Payout.
    • Payout Schedule: Biweekly
    • Min Payout: $200
    • Payout Methods: ACH or Deposit to Debit Card (Chime or GO2bank)
    • Traffic: Yes
    • Cam-Splitting: No
    • Geo-Blocking: Yes, common countries can be blocked
    • DMCA Services: Yes
    • Affiliate Program: No
    • Studio Accounts: Yes, highly encouraged


    What is required to get started as an Inked Cam Girl?

  • Computer – A computer (laptop or desktop) capable of handling live webcam streaming.
  • Webcam – HD is highly preferred but a stock laptop webcam can work. If it’s not HD, upgrade right away!
  • High-Speed Internet – Must be high-speed. A wired connection (not WIFI) is suggested.
  • Digital Copy Of ID – You’ll need a digital image file of your government-issued photo ID. This is to verify age and identity for record keeping requirements and tax reasons. Your real identity is always kept private.
  • Place To Perform – You’ll need a place to perform. Most models use a bedroom or dedicated camming room. You will need a space where there will be no interruptions or distractions, as well as no risk of unverified performers to enter your stream.

    How much money do Inked Cam Girls make?

    Inked Cam Girls will take away 80% payout of token value (which is $0.10 per token) and privates are set at 40 tokens per minute ($4 per minute.) 80% payout is a very high payout percentage for a webcam site, if a performer is active and in shows often they can expect to generate a very high income from the site.

    More information about Inked Cam Girl:

    Female-owned cam company Inked Cam Girl is ready to offer something not available in the current marketplace, a site that was created for pierced, tatted, and ALT models to shine. Too often, these types of models are not at the forefront of cam sites, but now they are the focus of this new specialized cam site.

    Founded and run by experienced inked female content creator and cam model, Inked Cam Girl provides edginess and class, as well as one of the highest model payouts in the camming industry. All models are handpicked by Brooklyn (founder) and chosen based on their charm, personality, sexiness quotient, and high energy performances.

    Inked, pierced, and tatted model fans can join at and score some free tokens just for registering. Become a model or studio on Inked Cam Girl by visiting the registration page and clicking on “Model” or “Studio.” Follow Inked Cam Girl on social media via Twitter and Instagram.

    Signup to become an Inked Cam Girl today!

    Signup for Inked Cam Girl is easy, simply visit their registration page and click on “Model” or “Studio” to get started.

  • Streamate (Private Camming) Alternatives

    Streamate is a popular webcam site for private based adult shows

    Private style webcam shows are highly sought after for their high payment rates and the more personal one on one experience which some models have come to enjoy. Connecting with your customers on a more personal level is great for gaining and keeping regulars, allowing performers to focus on specific niche style shows, and also aids in preventing piracy because the show isn’t performed in public chat. Streamate is a popular website for providing private chats with customers and their traffic is very consistent due to their high payouts for member affiliates creating multiple highly viewed white label sites. Unfortunately Streamate does have flaws, including: very low payout, paying out affiliates and models at the same percentage, high technology requirements, occasional technical errors and glitches, frequent competitive events, and communication issues between management and performers (this is highlighted by the delay in telling California models they would be essentially fired due to a bill that passed, only to rehire them months later after leaving them with only weeks to find a new site/source of income.) Additionally there are rumors that their treatment of models is unfair and that they favor some models above others with placement boosts or paid incentives, but this information is only alleged and can not be sourced for the privacy and safety of performers who have implied this.

    What are the best Streamate alternatives?


    ImLive / EnticeLive, a great solution for private webcam shows

    ImLive / EnticeLive is a great option for models familiar with Streamates private based system. They operate on a similar private based system that utilizes per minute pay. The payout percentage is very similar, boasting member referral options similarly to Streamates “cammodels referral” to incentivize active models to make the switch to the platform to gain additional revshare from members they refer. Models can chose to sign up directly with ImLive or through their US studio: EnticeLive. EnticeLive offers expert consultations, social media promotion, and daily payouts. This is a great options for models who like the set up of Streamate, but simply don’t want to work for Streamate.

    Learn more: EnticeLive: A Camming Studio That Provides Value To Models



    Flirt4Free Camming

    Flirt4Free, go private or offer one of their many show types

    Flirt4Free is packed full of exciting new types of shows, in addition to the private one-on-ones that Streamate performers have come to know and love. Although Flirt4Free doesn’t have their payout percentage or payout tiers public, it is assumed it would be around the same amount as Streamate (if not more due to the tiers.) Additionally models converting from Streamate can enjoy some of the similar features like built in fanclubs, option to sell videos, geo-blocking, phone, and an optional affiliate program to make more money on your customer conversions.

    Learn more: Getting Started As A Flirt4Free Webcam Model




    Sell Skype Shows, make more money with the private experience

    Selling Skype shows allows you to keep the same benefit of one-on-ones with your clients while allowing you to make a greater earning percentage due to the site not hosting your live stream in a public chat. It is also great because rather than sitting in public chat waiting for shows, you can schedule ahead of time or have active hours and you will only be streaming while performing. This frees up additional time to work on other projects as well as limits the physical toll on your body caused by spending many hours online waiting to perform.

    Skyprivate is a great website for selling Skype shows that pays out 75-86%, they have a model directory where customers can find you and book a show with you. You can also go the indie route and promote your shows via social media and other outlets and direct your customers to pay through an indie payment processor with a high payout like Erotifix which pays at 85%.

    Learn more: Make Money Offering Adult Skype Shows


  / Streamray, a great Streamate alternative / Streamray models can expect to be paid based on tiers, which can ultimately earn them more than they would be making on Streamate if they are online and active consistently. They also offer a very generous 100% payout on members referred by performers for 6 months, which then drops to 80% once the 6 month period ends. Cams offers private chats and additional chat options as well, they even have private chats with cam2cam as an option which is something that is highly sought out on Streamate.

    Learn more: Getting Started As A / Streamray Webcam Model



    Other Streamate Alternatives

    If none of these options look like they are the perfect match for you, our comprehensive camming site directory may be helpful for you. We know how important it is to know how much you can expect to earn, as well as other incentives that camming websites offer. Our directory has links to in depth information about every site listed, so you can know what to expect.

    Learn more: Camming Sites Hiring Webcam Models: Compare Cam Sites!

  • Is SPLTStream Cam-Splitting Software Worth the Hype?


    SPLTStream: a new cam-splitting software revolutionizing split camming

    Not long ago, split camming was something that could only be thought of as a nightmare. Managing the never ending rabbit hole of open tabs, multiple conversations in the different tabs, tip sounds but from where? Which tab? Oh goodness! Thanks to a new technology innovation by the name of SPLTStream, you no longer have to deal with the stress of managing multiple chat rooms, since it combines all of the sites into one easy to use and manage page all within their software. Long story short, the software is amazing. If you don’t believe me you’re more than welcome to check out our SPLTStream Adult Cam Splitting Software Demo / Guide video or our review of the software, Diving into SPLTStream: The Best Cam Splitter Software.

    Is SPLTStream worth the hype?

    If we haven’t gotten the point across that we think this amazing software is a game changer already, then you’re in luck! We had the pleasure of interviewing a beta tester for SPLTStream, Jolene Harper! Our team of camming models already thinks that the software is incredible, but we thought you might enjoy some more perspective! Here are the questions we had for Jolene:

    Split camming can be a scary thought because of how complicated it can be, do you feel as though SPLTStream takes the stress out of split camming?

    Split camming is always introduced on cam sites as a sort of ‘advanced’ method of camming. When I first came across the idea, I scoffed at how big of a deal people made out of it. “How hard can it be? I know dudes streaming to 3 different platforms at once, having meaningful viewer interactions, and seemingly making consistent donations throughout their live stream. These dudes can barely get through a Taco Bell drive through unscathed! If they can do it, I can do it!”

    What I didn’t know at the time was that they had an app that had integrated all of the engagement aspects of live streaming across multiple platforms into a unified feed. None of the apps or services available on the market, until now, even come close to offering that level of integration and control for cam platforms.

    The first time I attempted to split cam on other services, I crashed my computer. The second time, I got overwhelmed with browser windows in less than five minutes. I should have changed the title of that stream to “Watch This Hot Girl Type!” I totally lost my ability to control the rooms as a whole and guide the viewers. Instead, they were running me, and I ended up shutting my computer down mid-stream from total panic.

    It dawned on me that without an app that unified the viewer engagement aspects of the different platforms into an easily digestible feed, I would never be able to pull off more than 2 semi-dead streams at a time.

    SPLTStream does everything I imagined other mainstream services could do if only they supported cam platforms. Unified chat? Check. Lovense integration? Check. Easily digestible information graphics on screen to let you know stream status? Absolutely. If I want to run a live stream to three platforms, I easily can. And, I don’t run the risk of losing a browser window, crashing my computer, turning my computer into lava from overclocking, having a panic attack because I can’t figure out which window the pings are coming from, or having to fake Lovense toy reactions upon realizing one platform didn’t connect properly. It just works.

    What makes SPLTStream different from regular split camming?

    SPLTStream actually provides the integration you wanted when you signed up for [insert mainstream camming app/ service here… Say, Restream…], but forgot to read the fine print for which would have told you that adult platforms are not and will not be supported in the near future. Not only that, but it takes the processing and data load off of you. And, it’s EASY! I like the tech side of camming, but I have become so exhausted by the lack of centralized knowledge available within the community and the constant need to educate myself to work through tech issues that I’m 100% sure someone else has had, but no one talks about. The number of hours I’ve spent setting up and working through the tech side easily dwarfs my time spent on cam.

    Using SPLTStream gives you your time back. You don’t have to guess at what bitrate to encode at for your stream dimensions. You’re not trying to reconcile the fact that one platform prefers 16:9 ratios while another needs 4:3 feeds. All the excessive settings profiles you fussed over in OBS? A thing of the past. You sign into the app, connect your platform accounts, choose your camera and mic sources, and choose ‘Go Online’. It’s easy. And, less time fussing over the tech leaves more time for you to be on cam making money. (I mean, I’ve tried to run a ‘Jolene Learns Technology’ stream, but I have yet to turn that into anything more than viewers telling me about basic settings in OBS as if maybe my memory functions like that guy in Memento. Anyone with better experiences feel free to DM me.)

    Is signing up for SPLTStream worth it even if they don’t support the site you’re currently active on?

    Yes! Every platform has a different community of viewers, and it can definitely be jarring when you’re used to the unspoken rules of one site over another. But, the goal is to maximize viewership opportunities to create a loyal base. It’s simply more efficient to split in order to achieve that goal vs. spending hours upon hours on cam at different times of the day on one platform at a time to figure out what works best for you.

    Not only that, but in the hours spent where you’re trying to optimize viewership potential on a single platform, you’re likely killing your camscore. You know, that pesky little number that haunts each and every one of us hoping to break into and hold onto a slot in the top 100? It can be destroyed during your first few hours of camming while you’re still getting your feet wet. Recovering from that is hard work!

    And, there are going to be times when you’re camming against models that are either professionals (Have you tried camming on Cam4 when Romi Rain is being featured?) or are simply way more established than you are. In those events, what are you going to do? Say goodbye to $200+ for the day? You don’t have to if you’re also streaming on two other platforms at the same time. It’s like a built in backup.

    Are the sites that SPLTStream offers connections with easy to sign up for and do they seem to have good traffic?

    SPLTStream really managed to include a great variety of platforms for models to choose from. All the platforms are well-reputed and offer safe and secure payout options. The signup processes can vary from being completed in 5-10 minutes to taking 30+ minutes. (Although, I find this variation is caused by my personal inability to hold a piece of paper with the date and my name written on it, as well as my ID, in one hand and attempting to take a selfie with my phone in the other hand that both frames me correctly, but also provides a readable picture of my ID. User experience may vary.)

    The joy of using SPLTStream is that you don’t have to worry so much about one platform not having awesome traffic at that time. It’s okay. You have two other platforms you’re also streaming to to makeup for it. All you have to do is get on cam and be you!

    Is the money making potential greater using SPLTStream than only one site?

    Think about your best night on your favorite platform… What if you could triple the number of viewers you could reach during that night? That’s SPLTStream. You’re putting in the same amount of work, but gaining the ability to double and triple your return.

    What is your favorite part of SPLTStream?

    Have I mentioned the analytics yet? At the end of each stream, you can get detailed breakdowns of your earnings across all the sites. Want to see your highest tipper? That data is easily available. Want to know what hour you brought in the most tips? Okay. Did you try something new in your stream and want instant feedback on if it made a difference in tips? You can do that, too.

    The analytics build over time so you can get snapshots and comparisons of how you’ve grown and make informed choices about how you want to move forward. It takes all of the guess work about earnings and random notebook entries post-stream and organizes the chaos into digestible, easy to understand information.

    Have you ever tried regular split camming? Can you tell us what you thought of the experience?

    I addressed this earlier, but it definitely did not go well. And, I do not recommend it! I honestly thought that my poor computer was going to turn into lava at any minute from how hot it was getting. I was getting anxious because the dings wouldn’t stop. And, ultimately, I ended up losing viewers due to my poor management of the stream. None of those things have happened to me with SPLTStream. It’s ‘set it and forget it’ levels of easy and brilliant.

    What site did you use before SPLTStream? Has SPLTStream made you change sites completely or will you stay loyal to your site pre-SPLT?

    I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the community on MyFreeCams. The viewers there have given me every iteration of ‘camgirl experience’ I could have possibly imagined and then some! I feel most comfortable on that platform, for sure. However, I have branched out to Chaturbate, Cam4, BongaCams, and CamSoda because of SPLTStream. I even made accounts and held them in anticipation of SPLTStream being released so I could debut them all at once.

    I definitely bounce back and forth between using SPLTStream and returning to my ‘safe space’ on MyFreeCams, but the more I build my viewership on the other platforms, the more incentive it gives me to invest in them, and that’s easy to do with SPLTStream. I don’t see myself going back to just one site. It just doesn’t make sense, especially with the earning differentials and viewership reach available through SPLT. It’s like biting the apple or taking the pill… Once you jump in, you can’t go back!

    Do you feel like SPLTStream is a good option for current cam models only active on one site?

    Yes, because that was me! I will always advocate trying new experiences. It’s what got me into this in the first place. And, you can’t know what you’re capable of, until you try it out. I get it! Sea Salt Caramel ice cream is awesome. But, have you tried it with blueberry granola mixed in? No? Then you have no idea what you’re missing! (Seriously, this works on both a metaphorical and totally real level. Get yourself some blueberry granola and sea salt caramel ice cream. Life changing.)

    You say your established on one platform? That’s awesome! Then you have nothing to lose by trying SPLTStream on a few new platforms for an hour or two. Just starting out and trying to find your footing? Why waste hours optimizing one site at a time? You’re here to make money right? Knock it out at once!

    I cannot think of a downside to using SPLTStream for any performer in any stage of their career.

    Do you feel like models who are already active on one of the sites SPLTStream connects to should try it to split to the other available sites?

    Of course! SPLTStream isn’t just a prettier user interface! Take advantage of what it can do. And, if one of the platforms just isn’t jiving with your vibe, that’s okay. You’ve still got 4 others to choose from.

    Have you gained more fans utilizing SPLTStream for your streams?

    SPLTStream has evolved my camming into something that is much more structured than what it was or I could have ever imagined it could be. I have gained a great base of viewers and a super steady clientele of 1×1 regulars. It’s made the income much more reliable and given me a freedom I hadn’t imagined before. I honestly thought it would take me another year to get to where I am.

    I’m not anywhere near hitting the Top 100 on all platforms every stream, but the expansion of viewership and access to viewers has practically fast-tracked me to what I thought that bench mark would be like. Knowing that that benchmark is something I’m still striving towards is mind-bending at times. “It can get better than this?” Apparently, yes. And, I’m all in!

    If you had to compare your income before discovering SPLTStream to now using SPLTStream, would you say it’s greater than it was before?

    Good Lord, yes. It’s not even up for discussion. Struggling to get traction on Twitter? What if you had tripled your viewership in the first week? Feel like you’re stuck in a rut on one platform? SPLTStream makes it so much easier to try out new platforms and expand your brand outreach without all the extra behind the scenes hustle. (And, I know, that hustle is real!)

    Get Started on SPLTStream Today!

    Although it is still in beta, SPLTStream can be a great addition to your cam routine! Signup to become a SPLTStream beta tester today!

  • Attract and Connect with New Fans on MyCamMatch

    MyCamMatch: Connecting Paying Customers with Models on All Cam Sites

    MyCamMatch is designed to attract customers from across the internet and from various cam sites to the model who is optimal for their business. It is an in-depth directory with a built-in search engine. Built to connect customers with their ideal model across multiple sites, this is the first “search engine” for customers looking for adult cam shows. Customers can use this social network to connect with models that provide the services they want, and models can get listed in the directory to increase their exposure to potential customers.

    What services does MyCamMatch provide models?

    • Models can search for members from all cam sites. They can engage with potential new clients.
    • They provide a powerful platform to market a models “brand” to qualified users across the internet.
    • They accept all types of models on our site including female, male, couples, transgender, porn stars, and OnlyFans models.
    • Models can advertise and promote all websites related to their “brand” as well as their videos and merchandise for sale.

    Earn more with MyCamMatch referral rewards

    MyCamMatch member users can earn extra cam site tokens or credits as part of the rewards program. Models who refer members to the rewards program receive the same incentives.

    Ready to promote yourself on the MyCamMatch directory?

    You can signup to become a MyCamMatch model or find other ways to promote your brand by checking out our Social Media Sites and Tips For Camgirls / Pornstars

  • Introducing Camiplay: Instant Verification Cam Site!

    What is Camiplay?

    Camiplay accepts service providers from all genders. Female, Male, Couples, and Transexual models. From their official launch approaching in the coming weeks, they will be accepting service providers from all countries. Current payout methods are Wire (500 min with a $40 fee), Paxum ($20 min with zero fees), and BTC ($20 min with zero fees). They are introducing some new payout methods in the near future, Cosmo will be one of them. Camiplay is a freemium webcam site that operates in tokens, each token is worth $0.05 USD to the service provider. They have Private shows (including C2C private shows) and Spy shows available.

    Camiplay Offers Instant Verification

    Camiplay, one of the industries freshest in the live webcam world has announced a partnership of the century. Not only does this partnership benefit users by offering a safer platform, but it also massively benefits service providers by offering instant verification.

    Camiplay has teamed up with the ID, verification world leaders Jumio, who are offering models the ability to be instantly verified, on the spot, typically taking less than just 60 seconds.

    Camiplay is the first webcam site and adult themed site in general, to have partnered up with the identification giants and have declared a match made in heaven. Thanks to this incredible partnership, Camiplay are now proud to boast the fact that they’re now the world’s first and only adult website site that can offer virtually instant verification as it’s performed on the spot.

    As opposed to taking anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, a common waiting period for the vast majority of other sites out there, both adult and other, Camiplay can now verify users in as little as 60 seconds or less. This instant verification is all done with virtually a 100% accuracy rate.

    Accessible For All

    What makes this partnership so very special is the fact that Camiplay is not using Flash, but instead a much newer type of technology called WebRTC. This means that models can sign up, become verified and begin broadcasting from virtually any device or browser within just minutes of registering, opposed to the restrictions set in place by those who use Flash.

    This isn’t a mere matter of convenience but a matter of access, opening up Camiplay to a multitude of different models who may not have been able to broadcast otherwise. And thanks to Jumio, this is now all achievable almost instantaneously.

    Camiplay – Best Verification Process In The Industry

    Camiplay is one of the industries newest live webcam sites, offering an easily navigable platform for both viewers and models. It provides access to a multitude of webcam models, including male, female, trans, non-binary and others. It also offers models the ability to reach a wide base of viewers instantly upon visiting.

    Becoming a web cam model has never been easier, simply hit the ‘Become A Model’ button and fill in the necessary details. Now with instant verification, models are able to begin broadcasting within just minutes and essentially begin earning quicker than ever before. From professional models to amateurs, this is huge news for Camiplay itself, not to mention the adult industry as a whole.

    Their webcams are available worldwide, with models spanning time zones and continents and their content unlike any other. From live webcams to pre-recorded videos and photos; Camiplay offers everything today’s adult content viewer has been looking for.

    In a world where instant gratification is key, this new partnership with Jumio is not just a natural step but a ground breaking one for the adult webcam site Camiplay.

    Interested in becoming a Webcam Model?

    You can signup to become a Camiplay model, or check out our comprehensive cam site directory.

  • Roleplay in Live Adult Cam Shows and Clips

    A woman roleplaying a student in a school girl costume

    Roleplaying is a popular fetish / niche in live webcam and adult porn clips

    The thought of doing roleplay shows can be scary to some people because it involves differentiating yourself from your typical course of action in a live show or clip and “assuming a new persona” to satisfy your viewer. Roleplay is a very broad fetish / niche because roleplaying can be very basic or very complex depending on what the customer is looking for in your roleplay. Some roleplays only require something as simple as a costume or outfit change, while others may require you to delve into a totally new persona. If you’ve provided the girlfriend experience, daddy / daughter fetish, or any fetish that involves some form of acting then you probably already have some experience with roleplay!

    What are some easier roleplays to try in cam shows and clips?

    • Neighbor – this one is super easy because you can slide in subtle commentary about how you’ve seen them around the neighborhood and thought they were sexy (or disgusting, if that’s the kind of show you’re going for. *cough FemDom cough*) This ties into the “girl next door” stereotype that viewers love!
    • Best Friends Significant Other – this is a great option for humiliation shows where you compare how much better their best friend is than them, but it can also be used for cute sexy shows and be taboo because of the “betrayal.” All you need for this is their best friends name! You can be super broad with your statements about their friend and it will still seem more personal because of how well they know their friend.
    • Babysitter – the babysitter obsession has stood the test of time and is still a very popular category among dads, the hot babysitter takes care of the kids and then the dad when he gets home! This roleplay is very easy to channel, and you can use lines like “I think I need a little extra payment since I did such a good job!”
    • Co-worker – this one is easier if you have a general idea of their career and what it’s like, luckily many office jobs, retail jobs, and sales jobs have the same general flow and there’s a good chance you’ve worked one of these in your life. Channel your inner worker bee and complain about your boss to your co-worker then offer some stress relief!
    • Boss – this roleplay puts you in a position of power which works great for FemDom shows, but it can also work great for regular vanilla shows or clips as well. You can accuse your viewer of slacking off at work and needing to make up for it (sexually or otherwise) or you can be giving them a bonus to rewards their efforts, either way it makes for a fun idea!
    • Movie / TV Show Character / Fictional Character – these roleplays can be especially fun with some preparation ahead of time to get the costume gathered. Cosplay is a form of roleplay if you decide to take on the role of the character you dress as. These are easy because you have source material to work with and instead of creating a new persona you get to adapt a pre-existing persona to a more sexualized role.
    • Teacher / Student – another tried and true staple of roleplay is the Teacher / Student dynamic. Maybe you are a student who needs to learn some lessons of sexual nature, maybe you’re a teacher who is easily convinced to give extra credit for a passing grade.
    • Stranger in Public – a lot of customers fantasize about the idea of “stumbling into” sexual situations when they head out to the store, go to the DMV, get stopped for speeding, or encounter a hot stranger on a hike. The sky is the limit when it comes to roleplaying a stranger they’ve met in public, because it is one of the easier roles to get into (since you most likely don’t already closely know your viewer on a very personal level) and you are only roleplaying your environment, not your persona.
    • Landlord / Tenant – similar to the boss scenario, if your tenant has slacked off on house maintenance or hasn’t paid their bills they can “pay you in sexual favors.” As the tenant you can also offer to pay this way.

    What do you do if you are asked to participate in a roleplay you aren’t comfortable with?

    First things first, you NEVER want to roleplay as someone who is underage. This is against the rules on nearly every cam and clip site. You also might want to strongly consider not participating in “forced” or “coerced” roleplays as these can also walk the line with rules on many sites. While everyone in porn is a consenting adult and this is known, there are still some topics that you should exercise caution when participating in. If you have any concerns about what is or is not allowed, make sure to check out the performers rules on your preferred site. An easy way to get out of roleplays you aren’t comfortable with is telling a customer that it isn’t allowed on your chosen site or that you simply don’t feel like it’s a fit for you, but if you want to keep them as a customer you can usually alter the scenario to make it more comfortable for yourself. You can also recommend other models that you know do participate in their chosen fetish / roleplay which will better their experience communicating with you and will likely bring them back for things that you are comfortable with doing.

    If you deem a taboo roleplay to be safe and non-offensive, feel free to try it so long as it doesn’t break site rules! Many customers will be willing to work with you to help you adapt to the role you take on and will answer your questions to help you get a more accurate portrayal of the person or idea that you are roleplaying. Make sure you establish your limits before accepting the live show, or clearly describe the actions and limits you will and will not do for custom clips. In pre-made clips you most likely won’t run into this issue since there isn’t negotiation, just make sure to have a clear and accurate description so the buyer knows what to expect.

    Is there a large adult buyers market for roleplaying?

    The audience for roleplay is vast and you likely have even roleplayed without thinking about it. You may even consider your cam or clip persona that is slightly hyper-sexualized as a roleplay. A quick scroll through any popular porn clip site will show you tons of roleplay ideas that you may not have even considered roleplay to begin with. How many MILFs really have kids? How many “slutwives” are actually married? There is a huge market of roleplay porn because there is a huge market of people buying this kind of content, roleplaying adds a layer of fun to your typical porn scene because it adds a story to the sex and can help create suspense for the viewer much like watching a movie or playing a video game. Pornography is a form of entertainment which is something that roleplay helps provide.

    Tips to Prepare for a Roleplay:

    • Delve into the Persona – are you playing a specific person? Listen to the music they listen to while you get ready, style your hair the way they would, and really embrace who they are before getting started with your show or clip.
    • Relax – whatever person or idea you are creating is human just like you and me, which means they will occasionally stutter or stumble over words. It’s okay to be nervous, try to relax and remember you don’t have to always nail your delivery and be planned five steps ahead in your mind. Sometimes it’s even easier to improv and work off of customer cues!
    • Use Physical Items as Representation – if the thing you are roleplaying as wears something specific like a favorite color, or has a birth mark, or a hair color, you can reinforce your cosplay with physical items like wearing similar clothes, using wigs, and special effect type makeup to help your customer stay focused on the character without you needing to speak the character in existence.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions – gather all of the information that you need beforehand to make sure the buyer will be happy and will be a return customer!

    Best Adult Webcam Sites for Roleplay Shows:

    • ChaturbateChaturbate is one of the top webcam sites on the web, with so many visitors to the site this is a great place to attempt public token style roleplay shows, or customers can take you to a private show for a one-on-one experience. Many models on Chaturbate have had positive experience with roleplay style shows that focus on cosplaying characters from TV shows or movies.
    • ManyVids (MV Live) ManyVids has a large audience of roleplay fans with many of their top models being cosplay or roleplay focused models. Utilizing MV Live to promote an upcoming roleplay video release can be very beneficial, you can also create your costume on MV Live to engage your customers! They also have a private feature where customers can get a one-on-one experience with you and get a live version of your roleplay videos available in your MV Store.
    • SkyPrivateSkyPrivate or any Adult Skype Show platform is a great option for roleplay shows because you can discuss all the details regarding the show beforehand in Skype chat before entering the show so there is no time spent on video chat out of character. Skype shows are a more personalized one-on-one experience that allow you to interact with the viewer in a way which is harder to do on sites without a cam to cam feature. This can take some of the pressure out of roleplay shows because you have someone to bounce back and forth with rather than trying to have a sexy conversation with yourself for someone else’s entertainment.

    Best Porn / Clip Sites for Roleplay Videos:

    There is no “best site” when it comes to selling roleplay videos because you are able to sell videos across multiple platforms and unless you’re in an exclusive contract with a site, we encourage you to do so. You should sign up for as many clip sites as you are able to juggle and list your videos there to maximize your exposure!

    Check out our comprehensive directory of clip sites: Adult Clip Sites: Sell Homemade / Amateur Porn

    More Fetishes to try with Roleplay:

    List of Fetishes and Their Meaning / Descriptions – This is a list of all the fetishes that we’ve got content up on for Webcam Startup. This list also contains links to each informational page on each fetish and information on how to do camming shows or produce clips catering to that fetish.

  • Assembly Bill 5 Showing Signs of Cam Site Complications

    California Flag

    Assembly Bill 5 is starting to cause problems within camming / porn space

    If you’re unfamiliar with Assembly Bill 5 or AB5 for short, check out How Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) Impacts Camming Models. In short, AB5 was created due to the complications facing Uber and Lyft “rideshare” drivers, who work as independent contractors rather than employees. These limitations to companies in hiring contractors has unintentionally applied to the camming community. More specifically, the section of AB5 called the “ABC” Test which helps a company to know if they should be can contract a worker, part B of the “ABC” Test states: The worker performs work that is outside the usual course of the hiring entity’s business. Since cam performers are performing work which is the usual course of the hiring entity’s business (Surprise! Cam sites are promoting live webcam porn, and the workers are creating live webcam porn) models in California where AB5 is being implemented in January of 2020 are facing the negative repercussions of this law.

    Many sites are waiting for precedence to be established or not discussing their plans

    Many sites have not come forward in regards to AB5, which leads models in California in a strange place of creating back up plans and hoping for the best. There is no telling what will happen to sites who ignore AB5 until it is implemented and a case happens which will establish precedence. While AB5 will certainly have heavy influence on webcam sites where the main purpose is providing webcam pornography, clip sites and fan club sites may be able to avoid these issues by stating their usual course of business is not ONLY pornography. Could this be why sites like ManyVids have been pushing for more Safe For Work content recently? Just because clip sites CAN fight it, does not necessarily mean that they will. Models in California should consider back up plans in case they are denied access to their cam sites AND their clip sites.

    Cam site Streamate has contacted California models: they will not be able to stream under AB5

    Streamate, a popular private based camming site, has plans to send out e-mails to their models in California stating that they will no longer be able to stream on the platform in January of 2020 unless they connect with a third party entity that will employ them. A Streamate representative sent the following email to a model based in California:
    “Hi There!
    I hope this finds you well.
    We are in the process of making preparations for the California “AB5” law that is scheduled to go into effect on 1/1/2020 and will impact all Streamate performers based in the state of California. I wanted to reach out in advance with a head’s up and some preliminary info since it appears that you are based out of California, and your account essentially will be affected by these changes.

    (PLEASE NOTE: we haven’t sent any official correspondence to performers who are paid by Streamate just yet as we are still figuring out additional details, but you can expect to receive direct communication from Streamate as early as next week concerning this matter.)

    Ultimately, after AB5 takes effect after the New Year, any model in California can no longer be considered Independent Contractors on Streamate. In order to reside in California and be a model on Streamate, you’ll need to be “employed” by a third-party company (business) that follows California state employment guidelines.

    We are teaming up with one such third-party company that can/will offer both PT and FT employment opportunities to qualifying models in California. We will be reaching out with a notice containing some basic employment options (as early as next week), and if you wish to explore it more, you will be put in touch with the company who will manage these accounts and can answer your questions. Ultimately, models who choose to go this route as an employee will be eligible for benefits (medical/dental/vision), and have taxes deducted automatically (versus being issued a 1099 tax form). We know this isn’t ideal for everyone, but it’s also out of our hands.

    You may be asking, “What will happen at the end of 2019?” Well, if a model is still a California resident and has not accepted employment either for the third-party company mentioned above, or another third-party entity working with Streamate, will have streaming disabled on their account until a solution has been found. We definitely want to help models stay on STreamate and are doing everything we can to do so. Streamate will continue to monitor California law, and we hope to directly offer streaming to California residents again in the future.

    Again, please be on the lookout for correspondence from Streamate next week: this communication will be sent to your Streamate Model inbox. If you have any questions during the interim, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I will do my best to answer them.”

    What should you do if you’re a Streamate model in California?

    Look out for the contact in your model dashboard inbox next week, and look into the third party entities. They will more than likely be “studio-esque” type companies that will take a portion of the money you make in order to provide payout to you.

    What should you do if you’re a cam model in California?

    Contact the site that you cam for and ask them what their plans are when AB5 is implemented. Keep in mind that this new bill will penalize the SITE if they continue to contract California models, and the models will not be penalized. Prepare a back up plan, if camming and clip producing is your full time consider moving, registering your business out of state, or using the address of a relative or close friends out of state for your taxes. Keep in mind, California will likely be attempting to prevent people from finding the loopholes in this situation, so whatever your back up plan is, make sure you are able to cleanly execute it with proof of residence or business outside of California. Do not panic yet! Precedence has not been set in regards to this bill applying to the adult industry, there is a chance sites will be able to slide by without being impacted by the bill, and some sites may chose to ignore it. You should still have a back up plan, but keep in mind your whole life may not come crashing down on January 1st.

  • Camgirls: Gamer Girl Niche / Fetish Information

    Webcam Startup

    Make Money As A Gamer Girl

    Now more than ever, Gaming and “Gamer Girls” have become a huge topic within the mainstream eye, and this has carried over into the camming and clip creating industry. Being a “Gamer Girl” can help attract customers to you who also have an interest in video games, since video games have progressed to a level where most of them have cult followings now. It can be a tool used for bonding between customers and models and can also provide a new and exciting way to communicate with your fan base by playing the games that they love with them.


    Make Money As A Gamer Girl

    So what does it take to be a “Gamer Girl?” A lot of people assume that you have to play many games and be experienced in all of them in order to market yourself as a gamer, but all it really takes is being decent at one game. If you find customers who love the same game that you have some experience playing, then you are able to profit off of the “Gamer Girl” stereotype. In order to profit off of it, you can make videos playing the game to sell to the customers interested in you and the game, you can do live cam streams where you play the game which can be nude or non-nude, or you can sell your gamertag or handles to customers so that they can play with you. There are many ways to turn one single game that you love into a profitable experience that is also enjoyable, because who wouldn’t want to play games while working?


    How Big Is The Gamer Girl Market?

    Is the market for “Gamer Girls” as large as people think it is? Yes! With mainstream gaming sites like Twitch and Mixer becoming staples in the gaming community, the desire for people to simply watch people that they like play video games is becoming a regular and normal thing to participate in. These same people have started to amass large followings on popular video streaming sites like YouTube as well, with some of the most common themes being “Let’s Play” where you simply watch the person play a game and they either appear on screen or you only hear their voice while they talk about the game/guide you through it. It’s no surprise that due to the desire for this new kind of entertainment, it has also gotten a foothold within the adult industry and combining the best of 3 things: video games, entertainment, and sexual gratification, is sure to attract an audience.


    Backlash Gamer Girls Receive

    The backlash over self identifying as a “Gamer Girl” is something that can often deter cam models from wanting to participate in the stereotype and the market that comes with it. A common trend you can pick up on when you see discussions happening about the popular gaming site Twitch is that “titty streamers” have no place in the gaming community. The common thought behind this is that: “tits and being sexual have no place in video games.” The site has even begun to implement harsher rules against women who show cleavage while playing, and are known to suspend or ban accounts of women who are sex workers even if they have not connected their Twitch accounts to their sex work accounts in any way.


    How To Monetize Adult Gaming / Streaming

    Due to the extremities that Twitch goes to in an effort to alienate sex workers and keep them off of their platform, the best way to monetize gaming is through actual camming sites and incorporate the gaming there. You won’t risk being banned as long as you confirm through your cam site that the method of gaming you intend to do does not infringe on any of their rules.