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  • Become a Megacams Model – Make Money on Content and Tips

    Getting Started as a MegaCams Model

    Megacams is an up and coming adult website that allows performers to sell content including photos and videos and to set up a “Megacams Space” that allows them to promote themselves and gain traffic. Megacams also allows you to connect your webcam site to their platform to display your webcam on their site when you are online, allowing Megacams fans to be notified when you go online!

    More Information about Megacams

      • Services: Photo and video sales, live webcam site integration
        More monetization features are in development, such as pocket money (recurring tips) and offline tips, and 1-1 direct messaging.
      • Genders: Everyone is welcome!
      • Model earnings: Users of Megacams can purchase MEGAs and pay for content with them. We are offering 50/50% payouts, but with the release of 3.0, this will be increased to a 60% payout.
        We are aware that this payout is less than the competition, but we invest in traffic for models so they can focus on creating quality content and do not have to worry about Marketing. You can read more on our MEGAs
      • Payout: We do a payout every 2 weeks (minimum of 50€). Models can choose to get paid via the following methods: Bitsafe, International Wire, Paxum, SEPA, ACH, International check
        We are looking to integrate Skrill and cryptocurrency payouts soon
      • Traffic: We want to make sure that models get traffic and they can focus on creating quality content. We are developing an in-house algorithm for traffic distribution to our models. We are very certain we can make a huge difference here.
      • GEO-Blocking: Models can block specific countries.
      • DMCA Service: No
      • Affiliate program: No
      • Studio Account: No


      Become a Megacams Model today!

      Are you ready to become a Megacams performer? You can signup for Megacams now or you can check out our comprehensive directory of sites that allow you to sell content: Sites For Selling Photo / Video Porn

  • FeetFinder: the Best “Feet Only” Selling Site

    Make Money Selling Feet Pics / Foot Fetish Videos on FeetFinder, the Best Foot Fetish Website

    It’s no mystery that selling feet pictures and buying feet pictures is a hot topic and the creator of FeetFinder had this in mind with the creation of a very straightforward way to connect buyers with sellers. While FeetFinder is fetish oriented – it is not an “explicit” website which contains nudity, which makes it the perfect entry point for the dabbling foot fetish provider to make sales. It can also be a fantastic place for seasoned performers to direct their existing foot fetish traffic to in order to get a generous share of earnings where customers know exactly what they are getting, since it’s in the name!

      Information about FeetFinder:

    • Services: A PCI-compliant digital marketplace for verified users to buy or sell exclusive and custom feet content in a safe and secure environment.
    • Genders: All genders are allowed, but users can’t share accounts.
    • Model Earnings: Models keep 80% of earnings.
    • Payout Schedule: Models are paid weekly (Friday).
    • Min Payout: $30
    • Payout Methods: Segpay, Paxum, more coming soon.
    • Traffic: SEO, Ad Placement, Model Driven, Search Function
    • Geo-Blocking: No
    • DMCA Services: Legal team handles all DMCA-related issues.
    • Affiliate Program: Yes, users earn 10% lifetime sales on any model that signs up with their referral link. This 10% comes out of FeetFinders 20% fee so the model still keeps all 80%.
    • Studio Accounts: No

    How Do Performers Earn Money for Feet Pics on FeetFinder?

    Models of all genders can get started earning 80% payouts on FeetFinder by uploading photos, videos, and by offering custom content. The website is a foot fetish oriented website where buyers are looking specifically for foot fetish content whether it is feet photos, videos, etc. It is a great marketplace to get started selling foot content especially if you already have a social media following that is interested in buying photos or videos of your feet. Since payment apps like Cash App and PayPal are not adult friendly (and yes, foot fetish is technically “adult”) FeetFinder is the best alternative to making a very generous payout (80%) on an adult friendly platform dedicated to pairing sellers with interested buyers.

    Sell Safely on FeetFinder with Blurring, PCI Compliant Security, and the Ability to Sell Anonymously!

    While you do need to provide ID verification in order to sell on FeetFinder (to verify your age) you have the option to sell your photos and videos without including your face in them, which is a huge bonus for performers/models looking for anonymity allowing sales platforms. In addition to the security that comes with allowing you to sell without including identifiable features, you also can feel safe knowing that the site runs securely and all information they receive from buyers and sellers is backed by PCI Compliance. FeetFinder also blurs previews automatically until the content is purchased by the buyer, which helps to avoid being identified by people you know online!

    FeetFinder Uses Search to Drive Buyers to Sellers

    FeetFinder has an amazing search functionality that many other websites with higher payouts tend to lack and by utilizing this search system, sellers can better advertise to buyers! The search functionality is keyword specific which allows buyers to find exactly what they’re looking for. To make the most of your profile on FeetFinder make sure to create keyword rich descriptions for your product!

    Fulfill Custom Content Orders and Get Paid

    Custom content orders can be sent instantly by interested buyers to sellers which they can accept and fulfill to achieve greater levels of income! Custom content is a fantastic way to connect with customers and generate a longstanding buyer/seller relationship with them, as well as enable you to get paid more for your photos or videos because you are creating them exclusively for that customer. You can accept custom orders for photo or video content directly through the platform, and take home a generous 80% of your sale price.

    FeetFinder Wants You to Succeed as a Foot Fetish Model

    The website was created for the community by the community and due to this they always keep the best interests of the community in mind. You can find tutorials and how-to’s on their informative YouTube channel that will help you to find success on their platform. They also take feedback and utilize it as necessary from their followers and users. FeetFinder was started with the goal of making a safe and compliant website for sellers and buyers to connect and solve the issue of lack of marketplaces specifically for foot fetish oriented content. FeetFinder is the only foot focused PCI Compliant and ID Verified site for foot fetishists.

    Upcoming Features on FeetFinder (Coming Soon!)

    FeetFinder will soon be adding a subscription feed, tipping feature that can be used without purchasing content, new seller profile design, bulk uploader, scheduled posts, buyer badges based on spending, new “about” page, and social feeds. FeetFinder is less than a year old and already is jam packed with a robust group of features with more on the way, it is definitely a website worth keeping your eye on.

    Make Money Selling Your Feet Pics and Videos on FeetFinder

    If FeetFinder sounds like the perfect website for selling your photos, you can signup for FeetFinder today! If you have cold feet (see what I did there?) you can get better acquainted with selling your foot photos by checking out our foot fetish guides: Camgirls: How To Make Money Selling Feet Pics Online and Generate More Clip Sales Using Foot Fetish Sub-Categories

  • Modetize: Distrubute to All Platforms

    What is Modetize?

    Modetize is your one stop shop for all of your website management tasks. Avoid the lengthy upload times and stress of keeping tally where you uploaded what, and use Modetize to distribute your content to all of your platforms at once. Schedule your releases on all sites up to 60 days in advance and sit back knowing that you saved hours of time and effort.

    Modetize is compatible with: XVideos, OnlyFans, Modelhub, ManyVids, Pornhub Premium, FanCentro, JustForFans, AVNStars, xHamster Premium, Clips4Sale, IsMyGirl, IsMyGuy, IWantClips, and AP Clips! You can customize your pricing point per clip store in order to offer the best prices for your customers based on where they shop, and manage multiple accounts across one singular dashboard!

    How do I get started on Modetize?

    First you’ll have to chose the plan that works best for you. There are currently 3 options to chose from:

    • $20 a month Starter Plan: Upload up to 5 videos per month (to all 14 platforms listed)
      Perfect for Single model account
      Pre-Schedule your videos for automated Uploads
      Email Support available during offices hours
      Detailed Stats reporting
    • $50 a month Professional Plan: Upload up to 15 videos per month (to all 14 platforms listed)
      Perfect for Professional models who monetize more videos per month
      Pre-Schedule your videos for automated Uploads
      24/7 support by email
      Detailed Stats reporting
    • $70 a month Ultimate Pro Plan: Upload up to 32 videos per month (to all 14 platforms listed)
      Perfect for full-time models demanding extensive web presence
      Pre-Schedule your videos for automated Uploads
      24/7 support
      Professional reports

    How does Modetize work?

    Modetize works by letting you ease the upload process and spend less time behind the computer and more time shooting content for sites. In addition, Modetize has amazing features that ease the upload process:

    • Built in auto detector to scan your posts for words against sites TOS
    • One click rescheduler if a content upload fails
    • More exposure, the more places you post the larger audience you will reach
    • Custom previews of videos and gifs can be created by you, or Modetize will generate one for you
    • Intuitive platform and dashboard with helpful stats

    Ready to distribute adult content easier using Modetize?

    Are you ready to make uploads easier? Signup for Modetize and make your computer time a piece of cake.

  • Roleplay in Live Adult Cam Shows and Clips

    A woman roleplaying a student in a school girl costume

    Roleplaying is a popular fetish / niche in live webcam and adult porn clips

    The thought of doing roleplay shows can be scary to some people because it involves differentiating yourself from your typical course of action in a live show or clip and “assuming a new persona” to satisfy your viewer. Roleplay is a very broad fetish / niche because roleplaying can be very basic or very complex depending on what the customer is looking for in your roleplay. Some roleplays only require something as simple as a costume or outfit change, while others may require you to delve into a totally new persona. If you’ve provided the girlfriend experience, daddy / daughter fetish, or any fetish that involves some form of acting then you probably already have some experience with roleplay!

    What are some easier roleplays to try in cam shows and clips?

    • Neighbor – this one is super easy because you can slide in subtle commentary about how you’ve seen them around the neighborhood and thought they were sexy (or disgusting, if that’s the kind of show you’re going for. *cough FemDom cough*) This ties into the “girl next door” stereotype that viewers love!
    • Best Friends Significant Other – this is a great option for humiliation shows where you compare how much better their best friend is than them, but it can also be used for cute sexy shows and be taboo because of the “betrayal.” All you need for this is their best friends name! You can be super broad with your statements about their friend and it will still seem more personal because of how well they know their friend.
    • Babysitter – the babysitter obsession has stood the test of time and is still a very popular category among dads, the hot babysitter takes care of the kids and then the dad when he gets home! This roleplay is very easy to channel, and you can use lines like “I think I need a little extra payment since I did such a good job!”
    • Co-worker – this one is easier if you have a general idea of their career and what it’s like, luckily many office jobs, retail jobs, and sales jobs have the same general flow and there’s a good chance you’ve worked one of these in your life. Channel your inner worker bee and complain about your boss to your co-worker then offer some stress relief!
    • Boss – this roleplay puts you in a position of power which works great for FemDom shows, but it can also work great for regular vanilla shows or clips as well. You can accuse your viewer of slacking off at work and needing to make up for it (sexually or otherwise) or you can be giving them a bonus to rewards their efforts, either way it makes for a fun idea!
    • Movie / TV Show Character / Fictional Character – these roleplays can be especially fun with some preparation ahead of time to get the costume gathered. Cosplay is a form of roleplay if you decide to take on the role of the character you dress as. These are easy because you have source material to work with and instead of creating a new persona you get to adapt a pre-existing persona to a more sexualized role.
    • Teacher / Student – another tried and true staple of roleplay is the Teacher / Student dynamic. Maybe you are a student who needs to learn some lessons of sexual nature, maybe you’re a teacher who is easily convinced to give extra credit for a passing grade.
    • Stranger in Public – a lot of customers fantasize about the idea of “stumbling into” sexual situations when they head out to the store, go to the DMV, get stopped for speeding, or encounter a hot stranger on a hike. The sky is the limit when it comes to roleplaying a stranger they’ve met in public, because it is one of the easier roles to get into (since you most likely don’t already closely know your viewer on a very personal level) and you are only roleplaying your environment, not your persona.
    • Landlord / Tenant – similar to the boss scenario, if your tenant has slacked off on house maintenance or hasn’t paid their bills they can “pay you in sexual favors.” As the tenant you can also offer to pay this way.

    What do you do if you are asked to participate in a roleplay you aren’t comfortable with?

    First things first, you NEVER want to roleplay as someone who is underage. This is against the rules on nearly every cam and clip site. You also might want to strongly consider not participating in “forced” or “coerced” roleplays as these can also walk the line with rules on many sites. While everyone in porn is a consenting adult and this is known, there are still some topics that you should exercise caution when participating in. If you have any concerns about what is or is not allowed, make sure to check out the performers rules on your preferred site. An easy way to get out of roleplays you aren’t comfortable with is telling a customer that it isn’t allowed on your chosen site or that you simply don’t feel like it’s a fit for you, but if you want to keep them as a customer you can usually alter the scenario to make it more comfortable for yourself. You can also recommend other models that you know do participate in their chosen fetish / roleplay which will better their experience communicating with you and will likely bring them back for things that you are comfortable with doing.

    If you deem a taboo roleplay to be safe and non-offensive, feel free to try it so long as it doesn’t break site rules! Many customers will be willing to work with you to help you adapt to the role you take on and will answer your questions to help you get a more accurate portrayal of the person or idea that you are roleplaying. Make sure you establish your limits before accepting the live show, or clearly describe the actions and limits you will and will not do for custom clips. In pre-made clips you most likely won’t run into this issue since there isn’t negotiation, just make sure to have a clear and accurate description so the buyer knows what to expect.

    Is there a large adult buyers market for roleplaying?

    The audience for roleplay is vast and you likely have even roleplayed without thinking about it. You may even consider your cam or clip persona that is slightly hyper-sexualized as a roleplay. A quick scroll through any popular porn clip site will show you tons of roleplay ideas that you may not have even considered roleplay to begin with. How many MILFs really have kids? How many “slutwives” are actually married? There is a huge market of roleplay porn because there is a huge market of people buying this kind of content, roleplaying adds a layer of fun to your typical porn scene because it adds a story to the sex and can help create suspense for the viewer much like watching a movie or playing a video game. Pornography is a form of entertainment which is something that roleplay helps provide.

    Tips to Prepare for a Roleplay:

    • Delve into the Persona – are you playing a specific person? Listen to the music they listen to while you get ready, style your hair the way they would, and really embrace who they are before getting started with your show or clip.
    • Relax – whatever person or idea you are creating is human just like you and me, which means they will occasionally stutter or stumble over words. It’s okay to be nervous, try to relax and remember you don’t have to always nail your delivery and be planned five steps ahead in your mind. Sometimes it’s even easier to improv and work off of customer cues!
    • Use Physical Items as Representation – if the thing you are roleplaying as wears something specific like a favorite color, or has a birth mark, or a hair color, you can reinforce your cosplay with physical items like wearing similar clothes, using wigs, and special effect type makeup to help your customer stay focused on the character without you needing to speak the character in existence.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions – gather all of the information that you need beforehand to make sure the buyer will be happy and will be a return customer!

    Best Adult Webcam Sites for Roleplay Shows:

    • ChaturbateChaturbate is one of the top webcam sites on the web, with so many visitors to the site this is a great place to attempt public token style roleplay shows, or customers can take you to a private show for a one-on-one experience. Many models on Chaturbate have had positive experience with roleplay style shows that focus on cosplaying characters from TV shows or movies.
    • ManyVids (MV Live) ManyVids has a large audience of roleplay fans with many of their top models being cosplay or roleplay focused models. Utilizing MV Live to promote an upcoming roleplay video release can be very beneficial, you can also create your costume on MV Live to engage your customers! They also have a private feature where customers can get a one-on-one experience with you and get a live version of your roleplay videos available in your MV Store.
    • SkyPrivateSkyPrivate or any Adult Skype Show platform is a great option for roleplay shows because you can discuss all the details regarding the show beforehand in Skype chat before entering the show so there is no time spent on video chat out of character. Skype shows are a more personalized one-on-one experience that allow you to interact with the viewer in a way which is harder to do on sites without a cam to cam feature. This can take some of the pressure out of roleplay shows because you have someone to bounce back and forth with rather than trying to have a sexy conversation with yourself for someone else’s entertainment.

    Best Porn / Clip Sites for Roleplay Videos:

    There is no “best site” when it comes to selling roleplay videos because you are able to sell videos across multiple platforms and unless you’re in an exclusive contract with a site, we encourage you to do so. You should sign up for as many clip sites as you are able to juggle and list your videos there to maximize your exposure!

    Check out our comprehensive directory of clip sites: Adult Clip Sites: Sell Homemade / Amateur Porn

    More Fetishes to try with Roleplay:

    List of Fetishes and Their Meaning / Descriptions – This is a list of all the fetishes that we’ve got content up on for Webcam Startup. This list also contains links to each informational page on each fetish and information on how to do camming shows or produce clips catering to that fetish.

  • Interactive Clip Site ModelClips Shuts Down

    Flirt4Free’s Clip Site ModelClips Shuts Down With Short Notice to Models and Fans

    Clip sites come and go but it is not very often that they give their models and customers less than days notice that they will be shutting down. Unfortunately, ModelClips sent out the following notice to performers on February 26th on the day that their email claims sales will no longer be possible. On March 2nd they will be completely shutting down the site and calculating final payouts.

    ModelClips Statement Regarding their Closure

    “It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that we will be shutting down

    Unfortunately, the interest in interactive clips did not have the market demand that we envisioned it was going to have, and the niche that we thought was going to set your immersive clips apart from others just wasn’t there.

    Everyone at ModelClips thanks you for your efforts and support in trying to make this adventure work, but it doesn’t seem fair to build unrealistic expectations if the platform isn’t going to grow in the direction we planned.
    You should anticipate the following in the upcoming days as we wrap things up:

    On February 26th, sales will no longer be possible.
    On March 2nd , the site will shut down.
    On March 2nd , the final payouts will be calculated.
    From March 3rd – 5th, Model Support will reach out to you if your payment method is missing or if W9s are required.
    By March 6th, final model payments will be made.

    Thank you, again, for your support, patience, and efforts during this adventure. It was a pleasure working with all of you and I hope our paths cross again sometime soon. Until then, on behalf of everyone at ModelClips, I wish you peace and good fortune!

    ModelClips Could Have Succeeded

    As a clip site backed by the popular cam site Flirt4Free, ModelClips had the makings of a site that could have succeeded. Their statement claims that the shut down is due to a lack of market demand, which we mentioned to them in our interview with them in Podcast 84: ModelClips Presentation (plus CammodelExpress Shutting Down and Camming News!) Many clip and cam sites are creating interactive tools for customers while there currently isn’t a large market for interactivity on the customer side due to the high price of interactive sex toys. Sites who focus on the model interactivity and giving customers control over models interactive toys tend to find more success within the interactive market. Aside from the interactivity, if ModelClips focused more on the idea of being a clip site paying out 80% rather than an interactive site, it is possible with their Flirt4Free backing and integration that they could have become a major player as far as clip sites go.


    ModelClips Alternatives For Selling Adult Content

    Looking for a different network to sell your amateur content? There’s tons of adult marketplaces out there where models can register, upload their adult photo and video content, set the price and let the money roll in.
    BentBox – BentBox is a platform for selling videos, photo sets and other forms of media. Any file types can be added to a “box”, which is then sold to the customers. BentBox has a SFW and NSFW section of the site. BentBox also supports custom content requests through the messaging system.
    iWantClips – iWantClips supports adult video clip sales as well as the sale of photos, audio, custom video, and more.
    ManyVids – ManyVids specialises in adult video sales, but also allows models to offer a wide range of services. Models can setup custom Stores where they can sell just about anything. ManyVids allows models to get paid from phone sex, messaging and Skype shows as well.
    ModelHub – ModelHub is the clip site of PornHub, backed by the traffic of the popular tube network, they support video sales and tipping and allow you to integrate your paid videos within your free profile on PornHub.

    Full List of Alternatives – For the full list of alternatives, visit our section on selling adult content. It contains all the various networks where you can sell your photo sets, video sets and more.

    ModelClips Alternatives for Interactive Clips

    You can Create Your Own Interactive Porn Clips using the Lovense App.

  • Make More Money Selling Fetish Clips on Clips4Sale


    Making Money on Clips4Sale Selling Fetish Clips is Possible!

    Clips4Sale can seem overwhelming to many clip sellers because their layout is definitely not as welcoming as many of the other popular clip selling platforms that are currently popular. Once you get past the surface of their looks, Clip4Sale has amazing traffic and earning potential. I would highly recommend Clips4Sale to any model who is looking to earn money from selling Fetish content. To utilize their amazing base of traffic there are some simple tricks you can use to maximize your income.

    1. Upload your video to Clips4Sale in multiple formats/sizes to maximize the exposure it gets sitewide.

    Clips4Sale currently allows you to upload 4 versions of the same video, which is something that most clip sites don’t allow. It is highly suggested to produce an HD version of your video in the mp4 and wmv formats, and an SD version in the mp4 and wmv formats.

    2. Utilize the tagging system on Clips4Sale to achieve a larger audience.

    Since you are able to upload a total of 4 versions of your video, you can use the Clip Category tag to spread your video out across 4 total category listings. When people browsing Clips4Sale use the category search tool, this will put your video in the recently updated stores for those 4 categories as opposed to just one. If your video has success, it can also potentially be displayed in the Top Studios or Top Clips for that category. If you get the Top Clip/Studio in multiple categories it will also drive more traffic to your profile and your content.

    3. Link to your Similar Videos in the description of your video on Clips4Sale to help customers find things they make like.

    Linking to videos in the same niche or with similar plots can help customers find what they’re looking for to buy multiple clips without having to do manual searches from your clip store page. Simplifying the searching and buying process for customers tends to help achieve more sales.

    4. Create better quality previews and GIFs for your content on Clips4Sale to give it a smooth appearance.

    Along with Clips4Sale’s prehistoric layout, their platform also delivers you very bad butchered quality previews. To avoid this, make the previews yourself. Most video editors will allow you to create GIF versions of your video preview, which simplifies the process so you can simply turn off video previews. This also eliminates the issue of sound, which some people will watch for free to “get off” to. The maximum file size for your image is 50 MB which means you can create relatively long GIF previews.

    5. Utilize their social media auto-posting tool for Twitter to drive traffic to your Clips4Sale page.

    You can play with the settings to allow it to post more or less and decide what it posts, but the backlinking to your page will result in more page views/more potential customers.

    6. Tackle lesser known but highly browsed niche content on Clips4Sale to target a market with less product.

    You will be more likely to get sales in a category with less competition but a lot of customers. The tough part about this advice is it very much relies on trial and error.
    For example: I am currently browsing the tag “1920’s Porn” on Clips4Sale, the recently updated studio list shows stores updated all the way back to the year 2009, meaning that it is not a popular category. There are only 3 studios listed in top studios, and 3 clips listed in top clips, meaning this category has very minimal competition. Looking at the top studios – these are all studios that have been updated within the past month, and have multiple clips therefore they are somewhat active. You could take the risk and create a video within the theme and tag it as “1920’s Porn” as it’s main category. By doing this, you could theoretically gain customers from those top studios because when people click that outgoing main category link as long as you have at least 1 sale you are guaranteed to be on the top studio and top clip list. BUT – the ultimate question is, would that be worth your time? Mixing in the lesser popular themes and marketing them to your current audience as well to get sales helps you take over popularity in categories. That category could actually have decent traffic, the reason I clicked it is because it was the second category in the list. Everyone clicking the drop down will see that, some might say “what is 1920’s porn?” and this could lead to them browsing your store.

    7. Don’t make your Clips4Sale profile too overwhelming to browse, keep it simple.

    I know as soon as a model signs up for Clips4Sale and sees you can add HTML to your profile to customize it, their mind probably goes to like high-tech charts/links/buttons, glitter, sparkly cursors, and flashing lights. At the end of the day, your profile will really not effect your sales. The customer base on Clips4Sale uses Clips4Sale, so keep that in mind. It is not a design masterpiece, it’s a tag based site that’s easy to scroll and find what you’re looking for. Try to keep your profile similar to that sentiment, if your profile is too overwhelming it may actually make customers not want to purchase your videos.

    8. Be clear about your description on Clips4Sale.

    Fetish work can be very specific, for example: the balloon fetish. Some people like to watch them blown up, some like them popped, some like them overfilled, some like them underfilled, some like them red, some like them blue, some like a mix of all of these things. You are more likely to make a sale to a blue overfilled balloon loving customer if your video description is specific about it being a blue overfilled balloon.

    More Information On Clips4Sale

    Interested in becoming a Clips4Sale model? You can either signup here or learn more about Clips4Sale by checking out the link below. Clips4Sale is a leading fetish clip site with great traffic and features. Although Clips4Sale is primarily fetish oriented, vanilla models and producers are welcome as well. Anyone 18+ can open up a studio, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Plus, also make money camming and selling subscriptions on NexoCams.

  • CEO of ManyVids, Bella French, Makes Emotional Video for Performers

    ManyVids Responds To Tumblr Porn Ban

    In a heartwarming video, CEO of ManyVids addresses Adult Industry Performers

    In recent years, the adult community has seen many talented performers take positions of power within the sites that performers work with. Bella French, the CEO (or C-E-Hoe as she would like to call it) is no exception to this new trend of performers taking positions of power. It was only in recent years that French came out as the CEO of ManyVids, and she received an endless amount of support from models in the community upon the revelation that she was playing a powerful role in the company. French has lead many powerful initiatives to improve the site for performers by giving them access to better tools to contact their customers, making efforts to be more diverse with their advertisement and model promotion, and has arguably made ManyVids one of the most receptive sites to model concerns among the current clip site options. ManyVids has a very firm stance on many controversial topics that some sites are hesitant to stand up about, for fear of losing top performers or offending the model community, for example: ManyVids has a very strict no bullying policy, they have also recently made efforts to reduce the amount of “offensive porn” being released by limiting tags for Race Play, Religious Play, and banning costumes that can be seen as disrespectful by certain groups. Efforts like these are things that arguably make ManyVids the most progressive clip site, which appeals to the newer and younger models flooding into the industry that are looking to not only utilize their platform as a way to make money but also to make a positive impact on the current political and social climate.

    Performers becoming CEOs, talent recruiters, managers, and other powerful titles is becoming normal

    ManyVids is not the only site with former or current talent making important calls behind the scenes and trying to make their sites better for performers. The president of iWantClips, Bratty Nikki, is also a current performer and uses this position of power to offer helpful insight into the tools and features that come to iWantClips. Nikki also uses her own site as her main clip store, which is a nod to how she supports it and enjoys its features. If you scroll through the tweets and replies of either Bella or Nikki, you will often find them communicating with their fellow performers, encouraging them, and treating them as friends. Building a relationship with the models on a platform is a very efficient way to solidify their interest in using a website, because they will believe they have a more efficient way to reach out to the site and have their voices heard, which is becoming a standard in the indie industry. Having a performer working as a point of contact can help to increase the interest in a site because performers will often have a better understanding of the concerns that models on the site bring forward. The future of the indie adult industry looks bright thanks to performers working hard and taking positions of power to bring a voice to the performers, who up until recently were often subjected to being ignored or having their thoughts and opinions overlooked until they reached a certain popularity or income level.

    More Information On ManyVids

    Interested in becoming an MV Star? You can either signup here or learn more about the network by checking out the link below. ManyVids is a leading clip site with tons of great features. All genders and sexual orientations are welcome and anyone 18+ can make money performing on the site. In addition to selling clips, also earn from live camming shows, custom content requests, phone sex and messaging apps and through custom store items that can be used to sell a wide range of products and services.


    More Information On iWantClips

    Interested in becoming an iWantClips artist? You can either signup here or learn more about the platform by checking out the link below. iWantClips is a leading domme clip site with tons of great features. Although it’s highly domme/fetish focused, vanilla models are welcome as well. In addition to clips, also earn from custom content, phone sex and premium fanclub subscriptions.

    Learn More: iWantClips – Leading Clip Site For Dommes

  • Manyvids boosts SFW videos

    manyvids sfw video contest

    Manyvids gives SFW content a boost with main page placement and contest

    Earlier this year, ManyVids introduced a new option that allowed models to choose either “Vid Without Nudity (SFW)” or “Vid With Nudity (NSFW)” upon upload. The “SFW” tag indicated that selecting that option would allow your content to be considered for additional promotion, though it wasn’t clear at the time exactly what that promotion would be. Manyvids has now announced two different promo efforts to draw attention to the SFW content on the platform.

    SFW section added to the main vid page

    Manyvids has added a new SFW section on its main “Vids” page. Located below the “Being Viewed” and “Recently Sold” section, the new SWF video carousel is above the popular search term and fetish results. The announcement encourages models that upload SFW clips to other sites to also add them to Manyvids. The company has also said that they are looking for SFW videos to feature on the popular and widely-read MV Blog. MV Stars can email for more information about having their SFW video featured on the MV Blog.

    Contest gives away $1000 to SFW content creators

    To help promote the new SFW section, ManyVids is giving away prizes of $200 to five MV Stars for a total of $1000. The winners will be randomly chosen from models who do the following in the next 10 days:

    More Information On ManyVids

    Interested in becoming an MV Star? You can either signup here or learn more about the network by checking out the link below. ManyVids is a leading clip site with tons of great features. All genders and sexual orientations are welcome and anyone 18+ can make money performing on the site. In addition to selling clips, also earn from live camming shows, custom content requests, phone sex and messaging apps and through custom store items that can be used to sell a wide range of products and services.

  • SideDaddy makes 70% payout permanent


    SideDaddy increases payout for all services to 70%

    After temporarily raising payouts in October, clip selling site SideDaddy has announced that they are making a permanent payout increase. All services (subscriptions, videos and photo sets, tributes, and custom content) will be paid out at 70%. Previously, payout percentages ranged from 60-70%, and the October promotion raised payouts to 75%. The 70% payout rate puts SideDaddy firmly in the mid-range of clip site payouts.

    More Information On SideDaddy

    Interested in becoming a model on SideDaddy? You can either signup here or learn more about the network by checking out the link below. SideDaddy allows performers to earn from a wide range of services. In addition to making money from your photos and videos, also earn a residual income from fanclub subscriptions and accept custom content requests. All genders are welcome. Everyone can create an account and start performing and earning.

  • Pornstars: How To Create DIY Interactive Clips


    How To Create Porn Videos That Interact With Sex Toys

    Making DIY Interactive Clips can be a way to give your content an edge since it is including newer technology and incorporating a more real time feel into your clips. Sites are starting to integrate these new technologies, which can lead many models feeling desperate since the technology to create these interactive clips isn’t always “easy to come by.” It seems like sites pick favorites for who gets interactive clips which isn’t fair, and going to sites that do make interactive clips can also possibly have some drawbacks like limited traffic or low payout. Luckily, there is a super easy way to do it yourself as long as your viewer has a Lovense sex toy (the Max or newer Max 2) you can make any of your clips for any clip site interactive!


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    How To Create the Interactive Pattern For Lovense:

    • Download the “Lovense Remote” app on your smart phone.
    • Watch your clip and create a list of what you want to happen at specific video points OR get ready to watch the clip on a separate device while using your phone to create the pattern.
    • Once you’re ready to create your pattern, you will go to the “My Patterns” tab.
    • Press “Create New” and create your pattern by using the time stamps or watching the video. I highly suggest using the last 2 options for patterns (vibration and rotation OR vibration and contraction), as they are compatible with the male toys.
    • Once you finish your pattern, name it something easily identifiable by you for sending the pattern (maybe the clip name, or a numerical pattern.)
    • You can create a description or leave the description blank, don’t put sexual words in the description as your pattern may be deleted.
    • Your pattern is now complete! You can advertise the interactivity within the video descriptions on any site that allows you to give out “social links.” You can either have it as an option for people who purchase the video, or create a store item/tip option for it and charge extra.


    Creating Lovense Patterns


    How to Deliver the Interactive Lovense Pattern:

    • You will have to create an account in the Lovense Remote app. Make your username something easy and memorable (your username on clip sites will probably be the best)
    • After a customer purchases the video, or interactivity add on, however you chose to charge for it, give them your username to send you a friend request on the Lovense Remote app.
    • Once you approve them as a friend, go to “Long Distance” and go to your message thread with them.
    • Press the “+” button to open the menu, and click on “Patterns.”
    • Select the pattern for the video they bought interactivity for and send!
    • Instruct them to press play on the pattern at the same time they press play on the video, and they now have interactive porn created by you exactly how you intend for them to feel it!


    Send Lovense Toy Patterns


    Benefits Of Creating Interactive Porn:

    What are the benefits of creating your own interactive videos instead of working for sites that will do it for you? Here are the main ones:

    • The ability to make your videos on EVERY site interactive. Since many models post the same videos to all of their sites it gives you the ability to promote interactivity across all of your favorite platforms.
    • The ability to control what the member feels, a site creating your pattern may not do it exactly how you want it. This an experience controlled by YOU!
      Avoiding the hassle of signing up for new sites or sites with low traffic.
    • The ability to possibly make more income in a newer growing market of interactive toys.
    • The ability to create income from affiliate links for your regular customers interested in purchasing a toy to watch your videos interactively.


    Disadvantage of DIY Interactive Porn:

    • If your fan base doesn’t use interactive toys, the time invested may not pay itself off.
    • The customer having to press a play button on two devices at the same time.