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ManyVids Announces 80% Video Payouts While Streaming

ManyVids 80% Payouts

ManyVids has announced that they’re heating up the summer with a promotional 80% video payout while streaming live on MV Live.

In a blog post made on June 14th, 2019 popular clip-site and now cam-site ManyVids has announced that you can earn 80% payout for your video sales while you are streaming live on their platform. Here is the announcement from their blog:


MV Live 80% Vids Payout

“ManyVids is doing our best to make this the best summer of your life! And we’re heating up the season to a sweltering fever pitch with a summer promo that’s going to get you hot, hot, hot!!! Starting RIGHT NOW, and lasting until September 23, all MV Stars will take home 80% on all vid sales made while they are streaming, entertaining and interacting with MV Members on MV Live.

That’s right, the web’s best and hottest clip site/live camming platform just got hotter thanks to this promotion that possesses massive potential for any and every Star to increase their earnings!

There are no hoops to jump through and this special rate is automatically applied to the qualifying vid sales that you make. All you must do is be there, live and present on the MV LIVE platform interacting and performing for your fans.

Any of your vids sold during that time will bring you an 80% payout rate on every sale!

So, hop on MV Live now and make this an exciting summer of fun and creative camming and why not make some extra revenue from your amazing vids while you’re at it. Don’t miss out, we all know Summer is the best time of the year, but all good things must pass so take advantage of this remarkable opportunity now!

Have an awesome Summer!

– MV Team”


More Information On ManyVids

Interested in becoming an MV Star? You can either signup here or learn more about the network by checking out the link below. ManyVids is a leading clip site with tons of great features. All genders and sexual orientations are welcome and anyone 18+ can make money performing on the site. In addition to selling clips, also earn from live camming shows, custom content requests, phone sex and messaging apps and through custom store items that can be used to sell a wide range of products and services.

Learn More: ManyVids Information For Models / Producers

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Become a BBW Adult Entertainer on Webcam or in Clips!

A lot of people wonder if there are qualifications to becoming an adult entertainer (cam model, pornstar, clip producer, etc) and when wondering this they ask themselves “Can I do this if I’m fat?” or “Will I still make money if I’m heavy?”

There has never been a better time to enter the adult industry if you are a bigger woman. The BBW (Big Beautiful Women) niche is currently a top ranking category across every cam site, clip site, tube site, phone sex site, etc. The most wonderful part about the BBW niche is that it doesn’t really have a “standard.” With other niches, like “Alternative” for example, you need to have tattoos or colorful hair or meet some more specific criteria to “qualify” for that category. To fit in to the BBW niche, you just have to have a larger body type. There’s no need for big tits or a certain hair color or a certain style, so you will be able to enter this niche as long as your body type fits the “standard” while maintaining your own individuality and creativity, without needing to change your look. Moral of the story: there are plenty of porn jobs for plus-sized models!

How do I know if I qualify as a BBW model?

Since the adult community doesn’t really have any “policing” to it, you can self proclaim yourself any category that you feel fits you. If you are comfortable labeling yourself as something, then most of the time that means you qualify for it. If a site feels your tag is not appropriate or that you are abusing the tagging system they will contact you and ask you to remove it, although this very rarely happens.

Do I have to participate in belly fetishes or any specific kinks as a BBW model?

A big concern for BBW models is feeling like they have to participate in fetishes just because they are a part of the niche, when in reality as a cam model or clip producer you will never have to cater to fetishes that you feel uncomfortable doing. BBW models do not have to do weight focused fetishes, unless they feel comfortable doing so. This applies with every fetish or kink, if you are not comfortable doing something then you never have to do it!

Does marketing myself as BBW help me reach a larger audience?

Due to the popularity of the BBW category, if you feel you are eligible to market yourself with the tag then it is highly suggested that you do. There are even groups on social media that will only promote BBW models and this is something I would encourage every model who is eligible to take advantage of. Tagging your content or your profiles as BBW in addition to the other services that you offer will widen the range of people you connect with due to the fact that there are customers who will buy pretty much anything that is produced by a BBW model. It will reach the customers who are only interested in BBW while utilizing other tags along with it will allow you to reach the customer base for the topic or niche that you are creating content for. You can also gain more traffic by utilizing your Social Media Marketing skills.

Are there any sites that BBW models tend to make more money on?

Popular clip and camming site ManyVids seems to be the hot spot for BBW models and their customers. On a frequent basis you can expect to see the search term “BBW” in the trending searches. This site also has many top earning models in the BBW niche that help to notify the site of ways that they can further support the BBW community and help it to grow on their platform. ManyVids is my top recommendation, although many other sites also offer great traffic for BBW models. You can check out our Cam Site Directory as well as our Clip Site Directory to decide for yourself which site will work best for your brand!

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Camgirls: How To Make Money Selling Feet Pics Online

Information On Selling Feet Pics

Are you interested in getting paid from selling feet pics? Selling feet pics is something that’s regularly memed and joked about, but there is actually money for feet pics. The foot fetish is actually a really big fetish and there’s a lot of money to be made from selling foot photos, as well as videos. Today, we’re going to be focusing on the feet pics and not the videos, although clips is something that everyone can explore as well.

Taking Care of Your Feet

If you’re planning on selling feet pics, it’s important to make sure that your feet are well taken care of. Go get a pedicure, invest in a pumice stone, make sure your nails are clipped and make sure that your feet are clean in general. When selling feet pics, your feet are your money makers and they need to be treated accordingly! People like pretty feet and if you want top dollar for your feet pics, your feet better look great!


Finding Feet Pic Customers

Before you can sell feet pics, you gotta find customers who are wanting to buy feet pics. You can find customers via social media, but that’s not as consistent and as valuable as finding customers on camming sites or clip sites. If you’re already involved with sex work, there’s a good chance that you’re already on many of these sites and social networks. If not, you should jump into it, as building a brand and customer-base will encourage the sales of feet pics as well as other content.


How To Accept Payments For Feet Pics

PayPal might seem the most logical route to go, but this is not the case. Although PayPal is finally starting to come around and support some sites on payouts, they’re not a high-risk payment processor and don’t allow people to use the platform to charge for sexual / adult-oriented services. For that reason, it’s suggested to use sex worker friendly payment methods. If you’re selling on a clip site or other network, they’ll provide the payment processing for you and provide cashouts in the payout method of your choice.

If you’re looking for a foot friendly marketplace to sell your foot photos and videos that is all about feet and allows you to sell anonymously, check out FeetFinder. They pay out 80% and were specifically created for only foot fetish content. You can sell custom content and post products for sale to your feed.

Learn more: Make Money Selling Feet Pics / Foot Fetish Videos on FeetFinder, the Best Foot Fetish Website


Taking The Foot Photos

The next step is actually taking the feet photos. This way you have them produced and readily available. You might get requests for custom feet pics, but it never hurts to have a collection of pre-produced photos that you can sell as well. You want to make sure there’s good lighting, the angles are good and the photos are all around high quality.

It’s important to know what people like about feet:

  • Toes
  • Soles
  • The Foot’s Arches

It’s also possible to pose your feet in different ways, as demonstrated in the video.


Watermarking Your Content

It’s very important to watermark your content. People will post your feet pics to social media and other sites without your permission. If watermarked, it provides a level of promotion for your feet pics. It also makes it easier to identify stolen content and prove to the webmasters that it really belongs to you. This can get the stolen content removed. Remember: If people are able to get it for free, there’s less incentives to purchase it from you.


Promoting Your Feet Pics

It’s also important to promote the fact that you’ve got feet pics for sale. If you’re selling your feet pics on a clip site, camming site or other network, they’ll provide tons of traffic that will automatically gain you exposure. Social media is another route that you can go. When posting on social media, it’s suggested to find the best hashtags related to the foot fetish. For more ideas and information on how to market your feet pics, check out our pornstar marketing section. It contains tons of resources and information on how indie models can promote their products and services.


More Foot Fetish Information

If you’re wanting to learn more about the foot fetish, we’ve got several more articles that you will find valuable. Check out the post on foot fetish clips and camming shows. The post goes over the basics of the foot fetish and gives some tips on how to do foot fetish camming shows, produce foot fetish clips and even do foot fetish phone sex. We’ve also got a post on the dangling fetish, which is a unique sub-fetish of the shoe fetish and foot fetish, which entails balancing a shoe or heel on your foot.

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Camgirl St Paddy’s Day Tips and Information

Four Leaf Clover

Camgirl St. Patrick’s Day tips and Info

On St. Patrick’s Day, adult industry work remains about the same with the exception of there usually being celebratory contests with the specific fun “green” theme. Since St. Patrick’s Day is geared less towards “appreciating one another” in the sense that Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, or Christmas celebrations are and more toward appreciation of heritage these holidays don’t usually spark the giving feeling in customers. Although it does spark fun ideas for clip and camming sites, with many of them offering opportunities to capitalize on the holiday with themed contests or bonus events.


Camming On St. Patrick’s Day

Camming on St. Patrick’s Day will probably be about the same, if not displaying some “gap” slow hours where people are celebrating the holiday by going out to grab drinks and food. A good way to take advantage of this, like with most festivities that encourage drinking, is to be online around the time people would be coming home from the bar. Remember there are many time zones so you will probably be catching traffic in waves.


Producing St Patrick’s Day Themed Clips

St. Patrick Days videos can be good sellers year round as long as they follow some theme or niche that is also unrelated to the holiday. For example: Leprechaun Girl Farting, would target the market for fart fetish year round while also encompassing the theme of the holiday. Many sites are also running contests for themed videos so this is a great chance to take advantage of that.


2019 St. Patrick’s Day Events / Promos:

CamSoda Offering St Paddy’s Day Token Discount – The the 2019 St Paddy’s Day, CamSoda is offering a token discount for members. CamSoda has also released an infographic on their St Paddy’s Day traffic stats.

Flirt4Free’s Clover Gift Contest: March 14-17th – Flirt4Free is giving away $20,000 in prizes during their 2019 Clover Contest. The performers that collect the most clover gifts during the contest duration win cash prizes.

ManyVids St. Patrick’s Day Video Contest: March 13-17th – ManyVids is hosting a St. Patrick’s Day themed video contest. The St Paddy’s day themed clip that gets the most sales during the contest duration wins a $200 prize!

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Valentines Day Tips For Camgirls (Plus 2020 Events)

Valentine's Day

How To Make The Most Out of Valentines Day

On Valentines Day camming, clips, and phone sex can be a very profitable holiday. Especially for models who have customers that are single! Valentines Day is the perfect holiday to market some great GFE content, shows, and phone sex because the people who typically don’t have plans on this holiday are in the market for something like the girlfriend experience, or a little bit of extra attention. Valentines Day is all about showing love and appreciation for people you care about, in the spirit of this idea many models should take the opportunity to encourage tips, and some even offer special discounts or deals and find that it will do well among many of their dedicated customers and fans who want to show their appreciation to the model.


Camming Shows On Valentines Day

Camming on Valentines Day will probably seem “just like an average day” traffic wise, but the money making potential is certainly at a high. If you are a token site model this could be a great opportunity to do a cuter, more creative show that gives your customers some insight into the kind of things you like. If you are a private site model, this is a great chance to really sell your one-on-ones to spend some alone time with your customers. Sometimes you will even find you will receive more tips for working on a holiday, especially a holiday where most of the time people are expected to be spending time with others.


Creating Valentines Day Themed Clips

Creating clips for Valentines Day is definitely popular. To guarantee your clip reaches success make sure to mix other elements in with the Valentines Day theme. For example: if you create a lot of foot fetish content that sells, try to create a video that is themed for Valentines Day but ties in your feet and the fetish, so that it will appeal to your usual audience. Many clip sites host special sections or direct extra traffic to themed holiday videos, check to see if you are on a site that provides this!


Valentines Day Tips For PSOs

Phone Sex and Sexting is a big market to be a part of on Valentines Day, it can tend to be a little more convenient than a live show, which likely makes it a preferred way of contact for people who are working on Valentines Day or possibly spending it with a significant other. Putting out little reminders on social media along the lines of, “Need a Valentine? I’m free to chat!” or “No date today, I’d be happy to keep you company!” and attaching your links to it is a great way to attract people feeling down over the holiday, and gives you the opportunity to make it a little better.


Camming / Clip Sites With 2020 Valentines Day Specials / Contests

Valentines day is coming up and the companies are starting to get ready. Many of the camming and clip sites run themed contests and promotions. Here’s everything currently going on for 2020 Valentines Day:

Flirt4Free 2020 Valentines Day Hearts Contest + Twitter Contest – Flirt4Free is hosting two contests for Valentines Day. The first is a contest to see which performers can collect the most candy hearts. The second is a Twitter contest.

CAM4 2020 Valentines Day Gifting Contest – CAM4’s Valentines Contest runs Feb 3rd-16th . Broadcasters who earn the most from money from receiving gifts from their gifting categories within the 2 weeks win.

CAM4 2020 Themed Cam Show Valentines Contest – CAM4 is also hosting a themed costume contest. Streamers who have the most creative themed show or sexiest outfit have a chance to win 1 in 25 prizes!

Clips4Sale 2020 Valentines Day Clip Promotion 2020 – The promotion starts January 30th 2020 and ends March 4th 2020. Join the themed promotion by uploading a new valentine’s day themed clip to Clips4Sale.

APClips AP Valentine Contest – Their “My AP Valentine” contest, that will be running between February 8th and the 15th, 2020. Upload a photo

iWantClips 2020 Valentines Day Twitter Contest – iWantClips is hosting a Twitter contest between Feb 12th and Feb 15th. The artist with the most retweets (As well as four randomly selected artists) will receive IWC swag.

CAM4 Social Follow / Share Valentines Contest – CAM4 is throwing a social media contest. Follow and share the content from their social media channels for a chance to win a $250 gift card. Contest runs on Feb 14th, 2020.

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Offering GFE (Girlfriend Experience) Cam Shows, Clips, and Sexting


Making Money Off Online GFE (Girlfriend Experience)

The girlfriend experience is a very personal thing to offer to members. A lot of members who seek out something of this sort are busy people who can’t fit a relationship into their life or can’t take the time/effort to build a relationship with someone, so buying a service makes the process much easier rather than having to “wine and dine” someone. Some people who seek out GFE do so after their loved one passes away, some do it because they have something inhibiting them from being able to start a meaningful relationship, and some do it with the intention of actually getting you to fall in love with them. Regardless of why they are participating in GFE, it is a heavily demanded experience within cam shows, in clips, and very much so through sexting or Snapchat.


Set Some Ground Rules First

While there is a small percentage of the cam/clip producer population who would date a customer, a good majority of us are not interested in that. We are here to provide a fantasy, a service, and to pay our bills. It is very important that before providing GFE for a customer it is clear that it is a fantasy. In your ad for your services, including the word “fantasy” helps to reiterate that idea. Some customers will take the GFE very seriously, and while it’s great for business it can also breach the realm of dangerous, especially when it comes to verbal communications in which you express love or interest for the customer. It is very easy to cross the line from them viewing it as a fantasy being fulfilled versus you actually being interested in them, outside of reiterating that it is fantasy you can also be very firm about payments so it is clearly a service in their eyes. You may want to lay out other ground rules for when you begin GFE with a customer, because the idea of a “girlfriend” is communicating throughout the day and possibly exchanging pictures/chatting/etc you will want to set some specific “working hours” so that the customer understands while you are able and willing to provide GFE you also have things to attend to outside of his fantasy arrangement. Make sure to also set limits on what is allowed, for example: you may like providing GFE but do not want the customer to tell you he loves you, make the clear before accepting money and agreeing to the service.


Offering GFE Cam Shows:

When you offer GFE cam shows, a lot of viewers will want something similar to a long distance Skype with your partner. When practicing GFE using pet names, acting familiar with your customer, and being passionate and caring is generally encouraged. Outside of the sexual aspects of your show, a lot of members who purchase GFE shows are also people who want to talk about their day and share the things they’re interested in with someone. Before getting to the show you can try asking about their day, their job, if anything interesting happened to them throughout the day, if there’s anything new they want to tell you about, etc.


Offering GFE Clips and Customs:

When you offer GFE Clips and Custom clips, it will usually be a bit easier than a live cam show or sexting. Since you aren’t actively communicating with the customer and you’re actually communicating with your camera it leaves a lot of room for errors and edits, which is why GFE is more widely offered in clips than on cam. There is a lot of room for ideas within GFE clips, since someone who is your partner would get to see the most personal parts of your everyday life something as simple as you waking up and talking to them while playing with yourself can make for a great idea. These videos can be filmed in an assortment of ways such as POV (point of view) or even as a special video you’re making for your partner where you actually acknowledge that it’s a video!


Offering GFE Sexting and Snapchat:

Offering GFE Sexting and Snapchating is probably one of the more tricky things to sort out a price for. Since most of the time the person that is looking for GFE is going to want to remain in contact with you throughout the day, it is definitely a better option to offer this through a Pay Per Message service. (You can find pay per message services within our Phone Sex Guide.) GFE through texting and Snapchat would be very similar to communicating with your real life partner, and does not always have to be sexual. Honestly – if it is always sexual it’s not really GFE! Ask about your customers day/job/interests etc. A big part of GFE is getting to know your customer and likewise your customer will also want to get to know you.


Ready to Start Offering The Girlfriend Experience?

You can check out our Camming Guide to start offering GFE cam shows, our Clip Site Directory to start selling GFE clips, and of course our Phone Sex Guide to start offering phone sex/sexting! Best of luck!

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Camming Model Halloween Tips (Plus 2019 Events / Promos)

Halloween for Cam Models and Clip Producers!

‘Tis the season! Fall is quickly approaching and if you are a seasoned cam model/clip producer (or customer) you’ve probably already seen the hype begin. What is the hype about? Those of you who are new to the industry might not know, well let’s dive into it.


Halloween + Roleplay / Cosplay = Money!

Halloween! The other holidays too… but what we’re really going to focus on is Halloween. Think of how perfect the pairing is between a profession where you dress in sexy lingerie or roleplays and a holiday that is all about dressing up and providing treats. There is truly no pairing more perfect than Halloween and Camming / Clip Producing. Now I know you’re sitting back asking yourself, “Why are we talking about Halloween in August?” I should be ashamed I’ve been talking about it since July… because if you’re planning to produce clips you usually get a jump start on it, that’s why!

You’ve Probably Already Seen Models Getting Ready For Halloween

If you’re active on sex-worker Twitter there is no way you’ve missed the hype over project already beginning to be worked on, but if you have I’ll list some to prove to you I’m not crazy to be worked up about Halloween in August. 13 Nights of WhoreOween (TwoThornedRose), OcTayber (HouseWifeSwag), Catober (CatjiraTV), Destiny Diaz organizes events where multiple BBW models promote each other’s Halloween content, and there’s plenty more but those are the first Halloween queens that come to mind.


(We’ve got the 2019 Halloween events at the bottom of this post!)


Doing Clips Early In Preparation For Halloween

Some cam models chose to only do clips in preparation for Halloween, which still takes time to film. Many even film them months beforehand to make sure they’re perfectly done and edited for October. Some cam models chose to do cam shows, which I’ve noticed tends to go over well on token sites more than private based. It’s still incredibly fun to do no matter which you chose to do, if you don’t end up doing both! If you are filming clips… I mean you’ve already got the outfit right?


So why do SO MANY adult industry workers get hyped up about Halloween?

Halloween is the first holiday after the dreaded “summer slump” ends. Those of you not familiar with the slump, during the summer time due to children being home from school, vacations, families doing family things, and the days being longer and the outdoor activities being more plentiful the traffic on cam sites and clip sites slows down more dramatically than any other time of the year.

Although there are dips throughout the year, the summer one is typically the one that lasts the longest and is also usually the most brutal. Most “hobbyist” cam and clip watchers are hobbyists due to family, friends, or other activities which draw their attention during the summer so what most models are left with is their steady fan base of dedicated customers, the odds of picking up new passerby clients isn’t as high. Halloween is a great way to shake off the sadness of the slump because by October traffic has usually returned back to normal (the build up starts in September, and October is usually the first stable month of the season.)


Halloween is also a great time to utilize tags

which anyone in clip making knows is SUPER important. Tags are what get you noticed by new customers, so the ability to diversify your tags becomes super easy when doing Halloween content involving costume. While your video may be a blowjob or something, if your costume has gloves or pantyhose you can throw those in the tags as well and gain tons of fetish traffic on top of the vanilla traffic you’d already get from a blowjob.


Catering To The Cosplay Fetish / Niche

Cosplay has also become a very popular niche within the adult community, and Halloween is the perfect time to execute cosplays since it fits the “theme” for people who are first starting to play around in cosplay.


Last but not least, let’s admit it. It’s fun!

Every person has a different reason for joining the adult community but there is a very large percent that view what we do as art, and part of the art is creating content that is mentally stimulating, artistic, colorful, and over the top! Halloween provides the perfect opportunity to do so, with so many options for plots and costumes. It provides creators with the opportunity to try out “weird” stuff or things they usually wouldn’t create for the sake of the holiday, since Halloween is about dressing up and trying out new things!


Are you planning on doing something for Halloween? Here’s a list of tips:

Read the Terms of Service for video uploads on the site you plan to upload your content to. ManyVids allows fake blood, while other sites do not. You don’t want to create content that becomes unusable because it can’t be uploaded to the site of your choice!
Plan ahead of time! Don’t wait until last minute because it will only stress you out.
Think carefully about your costume, what may seem fun and playful for you may end up with you receiving backlash. Ask yourself, is this ADULT appropriate?
Don’t be discouraged if you see a model producing content with a same or similar costume, most of us order our stuff on Amazon and there is going to be some overlap. If the content you’re producing is original and your own you have nothing to worry about!
Don’t be shy about promoting your content on social media, we are ALL obsessed with Halloween.
Consider taking pre-orders for content, so you don’t have to pay for costumes and props out of pocket.
• For the more advanced Hallo-Weenies, consider making your own website or section on your website where people can find your Halloween content, information on it, etc. Separating it from your general vanilla/non holiday content can be beneficial since it’s easier to find.


2019 Halloween Contests / Promos

Chaturbate 2019 Halloween Costume Contest – Chaturbate’s annual Halloween contest will start on 10/24 and end on 10/31. To enter, take a picture in your Halloween costume and post it to either Instagram and/or Twitter and cam on Chaturbate.

ManyVids 2019 Halloween Vid Contest – ManyVids is celebrating spooky season with a fun, sexy, and sping-tingling Halloween vid contest! Contest will run from October 27th to the 31st and the winners will be announced November 1st!

ManyVids 2019 Trick or Treat Contest – ManyVids has announced their Trick or Treat themed monthly contest! Upload your sexy Halloween themed pics to the contest page now! Then, this Monday, October 21st, invite your fans to vote for you for a chance to win!

Flirt4Free 2019 Halloween Contests and Promos – Customers love to see your wild, sexy, scary costumes! Earning their votes in the Model Costume Contest will give you a chance to win some cash on all 6 days of the Celebration.

CAM4 2019 Freaky Halloween Contest – Camming site CAM4 has announced their 2019 Freaky Halloween camming show contest. The contest will run from October 25th to November 3rd. Performers who have the most creative costume or themed show will win 1 of 5 prizes!

AP Clips Halloween Costume Contest – It’s October, and time for an APClips costume contest! Show off your Halloween Costume by joining this contest and uploading a photo of you in your costume of choice. There’s no theme here, anything goes!

ModelClips Halloween 2019 Promotion – ModelClips will be showcasing Halloween / costume / cosplay themed content on their homepage. Upload your Halloween-themed clips to take advantage of the increased exposure!

BentBox 2019 Halloween Contest – Content selling site BentBox has announced their Halloween-themed contest. The contest runs from the 21st of October until the 21st November and it is open to all content producers on BentBox. Prizes for top three creators, and keep all revenue from box sales!

KinkBomb’s 2019 Halloween Giveaway – KinkBomb is hosting a Twitter contest / giveaway. Tweet out your costume for a chance to win $300! Three winners will be announced October 31st!

SoulCams 2019 Halloween Contest – SoulCams is hosting a Halloween contest that will run between October 16th and  and November 9th. The contest works as a “point system”, and the performers with the most points win. There’s also a seperate photo contest going on as well.


More Fetish How-To’s And Information

Interested in learning more about the different fetishes, plus getting helpful hints and tips such as what was found in this article? Check out the fetish section of our site. It lists a wide range of fetishes and gives tips and tricks that will help performers perform fetish shows and produce fetish clips. There’s a lot of fetishes out there, and your most profitable fetish might be something you never even considered. See what’s out there and learn how to cater to that fetish.

Learn More: Fetish Information and How-To’s

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How To Do CEI (Cum Eating Instruction) Clips and Camming Shows

CEI (Cum Eating Instruction) Cam and Clip Tutorial

CEI (Cum Eating Instructions) is a fairly popular fetish. This post will go over the fetish and talk about how performers can make money off CEI clips and camming shows. CEI can also be paired with other fetishes. If the customer hasn’t came yet, JOI / JOE and CEI can pair very well together. CEI also can be used as part of a domme / sub relationship. Here’s some tips for catering to the CEI fetish.


What Is CEI / Cum Eating Instructions?

CEI / Cum Eating Instructions is a fetish where a male is told how to go about consuming their cum. This might include how to cum, where to cum and what to do with the cum afterwards. Most of the customers who are looking for CEI fetish clips or camming shows do eat their cum, although not all of them. Some are just turned on by the instructions themselves. CEI fits in real nicely with femdom and can be used as part of a domme / sub relationship.


When A Potential Customer Hasn’t Came Yet

Often-times, someone seeking a CEI camming show will not have cum yet. In this case, they’re often looking for a different type of show prior to the CEI show, as they can’t eat the cum until they’ve came. Sometimes they’ve been edging and are ready to cum when booking a show. In that case, you might only have to give instructions on the actual cumming, and then can bust right into the CEI session.


When A Potential Customer Has Already Came

There’s a chance that the customer looking for the show has already came. Sum customers even store their cum and might have a huge cache at their disposal. If this occurs, you’re ready to get right into the CEI show. Nothing is required to get the customer to cum first.


Cam-to-Cam and Watching The Actual Act

A lot of people into CEI camming shows like to do Cam-to-Cam so that you can watch them as they eat their cum. This might be part of the whole act that turns them on. This could also be due to domme / sub relationship, where the sub wants the domme to watch them following their instructions.


Some Customers Don’t Actually Eat Their Cum

There are some customers that don’t actually eat their cum. For them, the actual fetish and turn-on is in the instructions themselves. If they’re booking a camming show, they’ll most likely not have their cam turned on, and their interests will solely be in the instructions itself.


Using Special Items / Tools For The Fetish

For CEI shows and clips, it’s useful to use different items or tools for consuming the cum. This might range from a shot class to a turkey baster and everything in between. Get creative on what you have them use to consume the cum and how they go about consuming it. Pretty much anything that can be used to store and consume the cum. If you’re using any household items, be sure to tell them to grab these items before hand, so they’re not running around the house while they’re about to blow their load.


It’s Important To Be Very Specific / Descriptive

When giving the instructions, it’s important to be very specific about the instructions. Be very descriptive about what you want and how you want them to do it. This might not just be on how to consume their jizz. You might also have to tell them when to cum, how to cum and of course, what to do with it afterwards.


Eating Another Males Cum (Forced Gay/Bi)

Sometimes, the instructions might be to eat another man’s cum. This is something that is way more common in domme / sub relationships, which sometimes incorporate forced-gay / forced-bi as part of the domination.


Pairing With Other Fetishes: JOI / Femdom

The CEI fetish pairs well with a lot of other fetishes. As mentioned many times above, many times the customer hasn’t blown his load. In that case, he’ll be looking for a show before the CEI session even begins. This show could be just about anything. JOI/JOE is a very common fetish that pairs with CEI for this purpose. Also mentioned above, CEI pairs well with a lot of femdom content and shows, and can be incorporated into many domme / sub relationships. Get creative about what type of fetishes you might be able to pair CEI with.


More Fetish How-To’s And Information

Interested in learning more about the different fetishes, plus getting helpful hints and tips such as what was found in this article? Check out the fetish section of our site. It lists a wide range of fetishes and gives tips and tricks that will help performers perform fetish shows and produce fetish clips. There’s a lot of fetishes out there, and your most profitable fetish might be something you never even considered. See what’s out there and learn how to cater to that fetish.

Learn More: Fetish Information and How-To’s

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IndieBill Site Builder Vs ModelCentro by Aerie_SM

IndieBill Review By Aerie Lovee

IndieBill Website Builder Versus ModelCentro

A Comparison between the IndieBill and ModelCentro site builders.

*Keep in mind that the IndieBill site builder is still in the beginning stages.


Design Options / Capabilities

As far as user control and ability design goes, IndieBill is nothing in comparison to the vast options ModelCentro has. I honestly thought ModelCentro wasn’t that full of design capability either, but now in comparison I can see how much ModelCentro actually has to offer as a site builder.

There are currently no design options on the IndieBill site builder, and you can not use HTML to make your own changes (I tried with no success.) You can’t change the order in which your information displays, and you can simply decide if a display should be shown or not by entering a 0 for no or a 1 for yes in the visibility section when editing.

Basically, all you’re currently able to do on the IndieBill site builder is put information in (bio, skype ID, social media usernames, links) and they are then pushed through to a standard site design. If you’re looking for something you are able to personalize, ModelCentro is definitely the better option.


Earnings / Revenue

When it comes to earnings, if you are driving your own traffic you should definitely go with IndieBill. IndieBill pays out at 85% and covers chargebacks. They pay on a bi-monthly basis and they don’t have the two week delay ModelCentro has. This is due to the fact that ModelCentro doesn’t cover chargebacks.


IndieBill’s GIF Previews (Small Feature)

Another cool little perk about IndieBill (this stood out to me but isn’t very important) is that you can make the video preview image a .gif file, which then shows on the site as a .gif. It keeps the site looking interactive, which I like. It also kind of “forces the preview” onto someone browsing which may give them a better idea of what the video features and convince them to buy!


IndieBill Currently Doesn’t Support Custom Domains

IndieBill currently does not have a system integrated where as a user you can connect a domain name, it is currently forwarding. Which is fine, but kind of defeats the point of a “site builder” when there’s already the “public listing”, which is essentially the same thing but with a little less customization. Don’t fret! I have messaged IndieBill and these are all things they are working on.

Like I previously mentioned, this is the very beginning of the site builder, and they have big plans to upgrade it and hopefully make it just as cool if not cooler than ModelCentro (but they already have a headstart in my book since they cover chargebacks and pay out higher!)


ModelCentro Is Membership-Focused, IndieBill Is Clip-Focused

The thing that really makes these site builders different is that ModelCentro is focused on a membership, and has the addition of a store feature. While IndieBill is focused on the store feature, but not a membership option. If you are looking to make the leap from a clip site because you bring a lot of your own traffic, you are much better off going with IndieBill. If you are looking for a membership option in addition to clip sites, or in place of a clip site, then ModelCentro is definitely the way to go. ModelCentro is also a great addition to Streamate models since Streamate has integrated ModelCentro and actually puts a button for it on your profile!


IndieBill Needs Work – But Can’t Beat The Payouts!

The IndieBill site builder definitely has a lot of work, but this is amazing coming from such a small team, especially since they pay out at such a high percentage. If you aren’t happy with their layout, you can also build your own site (using sites like WordPress or Wix) and just link to the IndieBill payment page for the video. Nothing beats 85% payout in this industry!


Signup for ModelCentro | Signup for IndieBill

More Information:

ModelCentro Information | IndieBill Information


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How To Do Smoking Fetish Clips / Shows by Aerie_SM


How To Get Started With The Smoking Fetish

The Smoking Fetish is a very common fetish and has been for as long as I can remember. It started way back in the early days where cigarettes were marketed as a “trendy” item for hot women to puff on, somehow hightening their attractiveness. While many people today may not even realize it, cigarette smoking can sometimes make or break how attractive a person seems. I personally (being bisexual) have always thought women who smoked did appear attractive, but what is the mentality behind this?


What Makes People Find The Smoking Fetish Hot?

Women who smoke generally appear to have a “care free” attitude mainly due to the fact that smoking does pose a major health risk. When you see a woman smoking it’s easy to think, basically, “she doesn’t give a f***, and that’s hot.” If you’re already a cigarette smoker then hooray! You are already a step into being able to cater to the audience of smoking fetishizers that live online. Trust me there are a ton of them! If you don’t smoke (or don’t own your house and can’t smoke inside) there are also viable alternatives.


Vape Pens As A Cigarette Alternative

Investing in a vape pen or mod can be a great alternative to cigarettes, and is my favored source of smoke for smoke fetish shows. Certain styles can even allow you to adjust the power to control the size of the “clouds” you inhale and exhale. This is a great option for non-smokers because there are nicotine free options, but your viewers still gets the same impact of smoke from the show! If you are 420 friendly but don’t smoke cigarettes (if your viewer is keen on cigarettes, some don’t mind where the smoke comes from) you can get joint papers that look like a cigarette or a one hitter that mimics a cigarettes appearance.


If You Can’t Smoke Indoors You Can Always Smoke Outdoors

The best way to avoid repercussions for smoking if you do rent is to make outdoor smoking clips, since they don’t have to be sexual you can simply smoke and record it without worrying about public indecency. Be creative! You could mix smoking with some GFE and make your viewer feel like they’re really there with you. If you are more daring you can also do some outdoor flashing/masturbating (This should be done in a private yard.) Be careful when making smoking videos, in your attempt to get the perfect shot do not smoke too many cigarettes as this can make you sick!


Getting Started With Smoking Fetish Clips and Shows

So how do you go about doing smoking camming shows or go about making clips? A lot of focus on the exhale is important, make sure you get close to the camera for some exhales and really let the smoke fill up the frame to dramatize the smoking. You can also mix this fetish with other fetishes (for example: smoking and ignoring, or human ashtray.) Make sure if you are in a rental property that you have proper ventilation for the smoke to leave the room so you don’t lose your deposit!


More Fetish How-To’s And Information

Interested in learning more about the different fetishes, plus getting helpful hints and tips such as what was found in this article? Check out the fetish section of our site. It lists a wide range of fetishes and gives tips and tricks that will help performers perform fetish shows and produce fetish clips. There’s a lot of fetishes out there, and your most profitable fetish might be something you never even considered. See what’s out there and learn how to cater to that fetish.

Learn More: Fetish Information and How-To’s