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Selecting the Best Domain Name / URL For Your Website and Brand

Selecting a good Domain Name / URL for your website can help improve your traffic and income

When you make the decision to purchase a domain for your brand, you want to make sure that the one you select will help positively influence your income and brand awareness. As an adult performer you will need to take many factors into consideration when selecting your domain name to ensure that you are taking full advantage of all the possibilities with your URL. The traffic to your domain name should ideally be a combination of multiple forms of traffic: including your own traffic from your promotions, organic traffic driven from search engines, traffic generated from watermarks on your content, (unfortunately) traffic driven from pirated content which is why the watermarked content is important, traffic from social media, and more. In order to generate all of these forms of traffic, we have some important recommendations for selecting your domain.

Selecting your domain name when you select your alias / brand name will be helpful in the future

Our tips for selecting a good domain name will partially rely on the usefulness of your alias / brand name. The default “best domain name” you can select will be your stage name, but if your stage name is too long, too vague, overused, non-specific, non-human, misleading, or already taken then you may face some hardships in securing a domain name that will meet the criteria to bring in good traffic. If you’ve already selected a stage name and you are finding yourself having a hard time with it due to the overuse, lack of uniqueness, or confusing nature of it then you may want to consider rebranding. A good way to decide on if rebranding is necessary for you is to consider the following questions:

  • Is your name too confusing? For example, are there numbers or symbols in the name that could cause confusion in the vocal relaying of it.
  • Is your name too long? If your name is so long that it becomes hard to remember then you can lose a significant amount of traffic.
  • Is your name overused? Will people find YOU when they search for you on Google (or any other search engine?)
  • Is your name human? Generally, people will remember names the more “regular” and “human-like” they are.
  • Is your name too simple? If you only go by “Kate” and your username on everything is “SexyKate” that may not be unique enough to drive traffic.

If you have found yourself answering yes to a lot of the questions above, you may find more success in rebranding. If you haven’t chosen your stage name yet then you are in luck! It’s a great time to put a lot of consideration into deciding what your stage name will be.

The best name is YOUR name

The best domain name that you can pick is your name, so long as it meets all of the criteria previously discussed. If it is easy to remember, short, easy to spell, has non-repeating letters, and is at least vaguely human then that will probably be your best choice! It will be your best choice because when people find you on various platforms they are going to search for you by name, this will include your username or the name you tell them. Let’s hope that those are the same! A great way to drive traffic to you domain when it is your name is to make sure you register for every website you use with your name, keeping it consistent across all platforms will eliminate confusion. It is a common adult industry practice to “hold” your name on new sites when they launch to help avoid running into issues with your name being taken. On sites that allow watermarks, you can also put your watermark on all of your content, this will help direct your own internal traffic to your website (where I imagine you’ll list your preferred websites) and it will help customers find you if they happen to come across content of yours that is pirated.

.com names are the best domains to pick

.com (short for commercial) is highly regarded as the standard for top level domains (TLD.) A top level domain is the last part of your domain name, the part after the last dot. Since it is considered the standard, it is the TLD which is most commonly used and generally the first option someone will type in when they search for you. If you are rocking a TLD that is not the standard you may encounter problems with people assuming that your website is a .com instead of a .tv or .live or whatever TLD you decided on. Don’t fret! If your .com is still available, you can simply forward your alternative TLD to your .com, and we actually suggest grabbing all of your TLDs down the line when you’ve got enough income and brand recognition for it. It helps prevent pirating and catfish accounts, and then no matter what a customer types in they’ll probably find you.

Domains that are easily spoken will be better to use

The adult industry relies on speaking almost as much as typing, especially within the camming industry vertical. A domain name that can be easily told to someone will be a better domain name to have, especially if it does not have repeating letters or alternative TLDs. Bonus points if it is the same as your cam site username, because you can say “if the spelling is confusing, just look at my username!”

What if my preferred domain is already taken?

If you run into the unfortunate instance where you didn’t buy your domain name at the same time you created your stage name, you may find your domain name that is a direct match for your stage name is already taken. If you are hard set against rebranding it may be time to get creative with your name. A simple solution to this can be adding “The” in the beginning or “Official” at the end of your domain. For example: if your stage name is Viola Sparks and that domain is taken you can opt for “” or “” but this may be difficult to remember or too long so you can also opt for something a bit shorter like “” or something with more keyword value like “” When your direct name is taken, keywords with your first or last name (whichever is most identifiable and unique to you) are your second best option!

Your domain is important but not as important as what it points to

If it’s too late to rebrand, your preferred name is taken, and for whatever reason you can not find a decent alternative… it is important to remember that while a domain name is special and important it is nowhere near as important as what the domain points to. If you are simply redirecting your domain to one of your clip or cam sites, the search value may already be impacted by this due to the search engine optimization that the site you’re redirecting to offers. Models looking to build their domain while forwarding it should utilize a domain registrar that allows them to add keywords for their domain, so they won’t lose search engine optimization value when forwarding. Models that are looking to attach their domain to their own website should utilize search engine optimization research and knowledge to ensure that they get the most from their domain, while it is important whether or not you get your preferred name, models who are unable to obtain their preferred name can make a drastic difference in traffic and search value by researching and applying SEO tips.

Learn more: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Webcam Models

Is a domain name / URL necessary as a webcam model or video seller?

Domains aren’t necessary for success and there are many models who have found success without them, but it does make advertising easier. If you are someone who has spread out your brand to ensure the most recognition for your content, you may lose track of all of the different site names and URLs, which you can easily structure with sub-domains if you have your own domain name. Domain names become more crucial with the creation of your own website, but in the early stages they are certainly not make or break and rely more on your personal preference.

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Fight Piracy with these DMCA Services

Reliable DMCA Services in Adult are Super Important!

Protecting your brand, content, and image is a very important part of being a performer in the adult industry. Unfortunately, piracy runs rampant and in the digital world it’s hard to keep up with these virtual villains. Finding companies that can help you protect your content can be well worth the money and peace of mind! These websites will help prevent piracy of your content, take care of your DMCA takedown concerns, and put you in charge of your brand again.


DMCA Takedown / Piracy Prevention Websites for Adult Performers:

BranditScanBranditScan was created by a ManyVids co-founder and former CTO in an effort to help adult industry models protect their brand. BranditScan offers DMCA Takedown services, comprehensive scans, and brand reports.

CamModelProtection – CamModelProtection is a DMCA monitoring and protection suite developed specifically for cam models. They’ve got several pricing tiers which provides different levels of service.

DMCA512 – (Mention Webcam Startup to get $200 Off!) DMCA512 is a DMCA monitoring company that has developed tools that allow them to look for files on tons of sites and even in different languages. DMCA512  actively monitors the internet for your pirated content and submits takedown notices whenever pirated material is discovered. – gives you all the tools you need to submit your own DMCA takedown notices. They’ve got an easy to use form builder that allows you to generate and download PDF takedown letters. also provides badges for your websites and resources to learn more about DMCA.

Premium Reputation – the DMCA services by DMCADefender, specifically setup for camming models.

DMCAForce – DMCAForce is a DMCA takedown service that covers all areas of the internet, but also allows adult and is signed on as ManyVids DMCA takedown provider.

PornGuardian – DMCA Service powered by JustForFans founder Dominic Ford, they offer digital fingerprinting and a comprehensive dashboard to help you get insight into piracy taking place with your content. They are a trust Google DMCA partner and they even offer legal assistance!


Do you need to pay for DMCA takedown service?

DMCA takedowns are time exhaustive and complicated but if you don’t have the money for a professional DMCA service or can’t bare to pay for it (it’s understandable, they can get costly) you can submit your own DMCA takedown requests. There are many steps you can take as a performer to fight against piracy and requesting stolen content to be removed, delisting it from Google, and reporting to the host are only a few options of what you can do individually to help prevent pirates from profiting from stolen content.

Learn more: Camgirl DMCA: Getting Stolen Shows / Clips Removed From Sites

Another great way to ensure the safety of your content is to post to sites with internal DMCA takedown programs so there is no money out of your pocket. Some sites use the cut of money they get from sales to hire DMCA support. You can find the full list of sites that offer internal DMCA takedowns here: Camming / Clip Sites That Offer DMCA Services For Models

The fight against piracy doesn’t end with DMCA takedowns, due to DMCA being limited to certain locations but pirates being located everywhere, you will occasionally need to fight piracy in other ways. You can get creative and try Trademarking Your Performer Name / Alias since trademark laws are more widely respected than DMCA, or you can try our other tips on Adult Models: How To Fight Piracy and Stolen Content.

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Protect Your Brand with Beta Launch of BranditScan

Your brand shouldn’t take financial losses because of pirates and BranditScan is here to help prevent piracy

Your brand is important to you and you have spent time building it up and producing unique and exciting content to generate income, so why should pirates be able to profit from your brand and steal income from you as the creator? They shouldn’t! BranditScan to the rescue. BranditScan is a new DMCA website that makes DMCA takedowns and brand management so much easier.

What features can you find on BranditScan?

BranditScan has a lot of features that are beneficial to your brand, tracking and taking down piracy, and making DMCA takedown requests a breeze.

  • Comprehensive Dashboard – BranditScan has a comprehensive dashboard that gives you a ton of information. You can see how many names they’ve searched on your behalf, the number of brand infringements, an estimated income loss due to brand infringement, and accumulated views of the infringed upon content. You can also see your active, pending, removed/delisted, and unresponsive link stats.
  • BranditDMCA (Premium Only Feature)– Say goodbye to sending individual emails or reporting videos one by one, BranditScan allows you to send a mass DMCA removal request to sites in bulk. Simply use their DMCA button and select where the original content can be found and the infringed upon user, you even get the option to request it be delisted by Google which greatly reduces traffic and views to pirated content!
  • Ruby – Ruby is the intelligent system built in to BranditScan that browses the web daily for infringements upon your brand. Go to the Ruby tab to submit infringements, view the recent search queries scanned by Ruby, and export search query scan results!
  • BranditIQ – BranditScan isn’t just great for DMCA and fighting piracy, it also allows you to get insights into your brand! Use BranditIQ to see what your aliases display as on Google. When you use your personal computer to check in on your search results, they can be skewed to show you what Google thinks you want to see. Using BranditIQ will show you what will most likely show up for a majority of people who search your alias online.
  • BranditDB – BranditDB lets you learn more about the pirate sites that infringe upon your content. You can see how much money you’ve lost to a site in particular (estimated) and how many accumulative views your content has on the specific site. It also lists their DMCA removal email!
  • Whitelist – Use the whitelist to register with Ruby what usernames you are registered as on a site, so the system doesn’t flag it. Since you send in the DMCA removal requests yourself, you don’t have to panic if you forget about this feature. But it does filter out false positives and help streamline the DMCA process!
  • BranditTalk – The public forum for BranditScan where you can start threads communicating with other users of BranditScan and the admins!

How much does BranditScan cost?

BranditScan appears to be one of the most cost efficient platforms in adult DMCA right now, with their rates being highly competitive and very affordable. If you are someone who specializes in clip or cam content and want to help eliminate piracy of your content and brand, these prices can’t be beat.

  • Pro Plan – $25 a month OR $250 annually
    Take advantage of the scanning feature but submit the DMCA notices yourself, DMCA contact information for infringing sites still available under BranditIQ. (BranditDMCA not available for Pro Users)
  • Premium Plan – $45 a month OR 450 annually
    Unlock all of BranditScans features and bulk submit DMCA notices to infringing websites

If the price is intimidating, simply get one of your fans to become your Guardian Angel and purchase it for you as a gift using the gift link that can be found under plan options! You will additionally be granted any referral money from what the member who gifts it to you spends on other purchases.

What else should I know about BranditScan?

BranditScan is one of (if not THE) cheapest DMCA options currently available, in addition to that they are currently in an open beta and accepting feedback from users who sign up. They have an affiliate program which also makes them a great partner for webmasters who promote affiliates programs or models who are looking to recommend a DMCA service to fellow performers.

They are also founded by someone you can know and trust, Gino the founder of BranditScan is a co-founder and former CTO of popular clip site ManyVids! (Although this is an independent project by Gino and separate from ManyVids, he has earned your trust before!)

Sign up for BranditScan and take your brand back today!

Ready to get started protecting and growing your brand? Signup for BranditScan today! Not quite ready for that commitment? View more options in our DMCA guide: Camgirl DMCA: Getting Stolen Shows / Clips Removed From Sites and Adult Models: How To Fight Piracy and Stolen Content

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Trademarking Your Performer Name / Alias

Trademarking your Performer Name Can Protect Your Image

Unauthorized use of your performer name can hurt your reputation and image, and unfortunately the use of your performer name is not protected by default. Without a trademark, anyone has the right to use your name and many people will use this to their advantage to profit from your likeness and falsely represent themselves as you. It can range from instances of catfishing to piracy, but no matter how it happens it can have longterm impacts on your brand.

The benefits of trademarking your name / alias

Trademarking your name is an expensive process but it comes with many benefits:

  • Trademarked names diminish the burden of proof when lawsuits arise that involve someone infringing on the use of your name / alias
  • Registering your own trademark ensures you aren’t infringing on others trademarks if yours is approved, guaranteeing no repercussions for the use of your name and brand
  • Exclusive rights to operate under your trademark and ensuring no one can operate under it
  • Use of the federal registered symbol is allowed with your trademark which gives your name a “prestige look”
  • Federal trademarks assist in domain / URL disputes
  • Provides advantages in seeking financial damages in trademark infringement lawsuits
  • Becomes incontestable after 5 years, guaranteeing no one can use your name going forward, guaranteeing you the traffic on your trademarked name forever

The negatives to trademarking your name / alias

  • The process can be expensive
  • Trademarking your name won’t necessarily protect you against piracy (trademarking your logo is better for piracy prevention)
  • The hassle of dealing with government agencies
  • You must actively use your trademarked name to continue to hold the trademark (no name changes in the future)
  • You must renew your trademark which can be costly longterm

How to Trademark Your Performer Name / Alias

Before beginning the registration of your mark, you will want to ensure that you are filing a trademark that will get approved so you don’t waste time and money. You will need to make sure that your proposed trademark will not infringe on a currently existing trademark, that your trademark fits under one of the existing goods/service trademark types, and whether or not you are already currently using the mark or intend to use it after filing. There are adult services in the Acceptable Goods and Services for trademarks, so you can select these services when filing your trademark. To trademark your name, you will do the following:

  • Determine if trademarking is right for you: Trademarks, patents, copyrights, domain names, and business name registrations all differ, so it is important to learn whether a trademark is appropriate for you.
  • Ensure your mark is able to be used: Make sure no one is already using your proposed trademark.
  • Decide if you need a trademark attorney: If you are based in the US you do not need an attorney although it is highly recommended to ease the process. Additionally, we would recommend reaching out to an attorney that specializes in the adult industry to ensure they will file your trademark correctly.
  • Prepare the application: You can use the official government Trademark Electronic Application System or utilize a site that will break down the process to an easier to digest format like LegalZoom.
  • Monitor your application: You can monitor your status online or if you use a site like LegalZoom they will likely notify you of any updates to your application.
  • Receive approval / denial: You will be notified of approval or denial of your trademark request, if you are denied you can counter with a statement of use request. If your statement of use does not overcome the objections from the examining trademark lawyer, you will receive a final rejection. If at this point you still do not agree with their decision, you can appeal the decision for an additional fee.
  • Maintain your registered trademark: You must fill out paperwork for your trademark and continue to keep the information up to date on your trademark paperwork. You must file a declaration of use between your 5th and 6th year of registration, and you must submit a combined declaration of use every 10 years after registration.

Alternatives to Trademarking your Name / Alias

Trademarking your name or alias can be overwhelming and while it protects your from people operating under your name it doesn’t necessarily protect you from other things which are important in the adult industry like piracy or domain use. Some alternatives to trademarking your name are:

  • Trademarking your watermark / logo: this can help deter piracy and allow you to press charges for trademark infringement if your videos are stolen/pirated.
    Read more: Fighting Piracy: Trademarked Watermarks Works Where DMCA Doesn’t
  • Copyright an intro/outro song for your content: You can commission music to be made to represent your brand and put it at the intro or outro of your video content which can help to support DMCA complaints and prevent piracy.
  • Copyright an intro/outro video for your content: Including a copyright protected video for your content can help prevent piracy.
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JustFor.Fans adds digital fingerprinting to combat piracy


JustFor.Fans launches anti-piracy tool JFF Fingerprinting

JustFor.Fans has announced the release of a new anti-piracy tool called “JFF Fingerprinting”. Models who have experienced high levels of piracy can activate JFF fingerprinting, which embeds user information into all videos streamed and downloaded from JustFor.Fans. According to JustFor.Fans founder and owner Dominic Ford, this digital fingerprint survives editing, cropping and re-rendering.

From Dominic:

Once the video is found on a pirated website, an automatic decoder on JFF will grab the video from the URL and decode it, discovering which JFF member uploaded it,” said site owner Dominic Ford. “That member can then be dealt with appropriately (including banning them from JFF and potentially suing them for damages).
For nine years, my other company, Porn Guardian, has been on the forefront of fighting piracy,” Ford explained. “I’m very excited to bring some of the experience and technology we’ve used there to No other platform like ours is doing anything to fight piracy, and our new JFF Fingerprinting system will solidify JFF as the best and safest platform to host fan content.

JFF Fingerprinting not available to all models

The new system is only being rolled out to those models hit the hardest by piracy because JFF Fingerprinting’s technology is substantially more expensive to deploy than normal hosting. Dominic’s other company, Porn Guardian, has been used by sites like IWantClips–as well as individual models–to protect content from theft.

More Information On JustForFans

Interested in becoming a JustForFans model? You can either signup here or learn more about JFF by checking out the link below. JustForFans is a platform for selling clips, fanclub subscription, sexting and custom store items. JustForFans has a large male / gay model and customer-base, but is open to all genders and sexual orientations. Anyone 18+ can make money performing on the site.