Camgirls: Kik for Marketing and Paid Sexting Sessions


Kik For Camgirls / Pornstars: Promotion and Monetization

Many models would like the ability to “text” with customers, but do not want to bother with phone numbers and the potential of dealing with personal information being leaked. Most of the modern platforms that models do offer subscriptions for (like, Snapchat for example) also rely on photo messaging which leads a lot of customers/clients asking for “more than they paid for” in terms of messaging. That is where Kik comes in handy!


Getting Started With Kik: Information And Signup

Kik is a messaging application you download to your phone, where you can create a profile including a username and photo. Once you do this you are able to message with customers from a safe and easy platform rather than giving out your phone number or other contact information. You can use either an email address or phone number to create your Kik account. Kik can be used to message individually, but another great feature is group messaging.

Kik was built to imitate the sensation of texting, so many of the features fall in line with current texting standards. There is live typing, so you can tell when the other party is responding. Notifications, so you are able to actively keep a conversation going. Kik has even kept making strides to stay relevant by introducing a video chat feature similar to FaceTime.


Dommes: Using Kik For Submissives / Slave Tasks

Many Dommes use Kik for managing submissives. Because Kik has a group messaging tool, it’s real convenient for giving out daily slave tasks to submissives. Kik can also be used to keep up with their submissives all in one easy to access group. It is also commonly used for group sessions where multiple Dommes session with one submissive.


Sending Photos / Videos During Sexting Sessions

You can also send photo and video through the Kik platform, which makes it a great sexting option. Many customers interested in sexting sessions enjoy multimedia content, and models can charge more for including multimedia. You can also send GIFs and Emoji’s, so feel free to be creative in your messaging!


Kik Privacy Issues

Kik does have the ability to access your contacts, make sure when you are setting your account up that you do not allow access to your contacts. If you do, it will suggest you to the people in your contacts. Make sure to set up Kik with your email and not your phone number, to decrease the chances of being discovered by your offline friends!


Make Money Off Kik Subscriptions / Texting Sessions

Selling Kik is very similar to selling access to most social media apps, if you’re familiar with selling premium Snapchat, you’ll realize the process is very similar! Most sites that allow you to sell access to Snapchat will also support the ability to sell access to Kik, you can also usually use the “sell texting” options and have the user message you for your username after purchase.


How To Charge For Kik Sessions


Membershyp: Sell Adult Snapchat Subscriptions

Membershyp: Network Specializing In Kik Subscriptions

If you’re looking for a network specializing in Kik subscriptions, check out Membershyp. Membershyp is a platform that allows adult performers to make money selling social media subscriptions. Kik is one of the networks they support. In addition to Kik, also monetize Snapchat, Instagram and Whatsapp subscriptions. Membershyp also has a directory that will get you increased exposure.

Learn More: Membershyp: Sell Subscriptions For Snapchat, Kik and Whatsapp


Selling Kik Through Clip Sites / Camming Sites

It’s also possible to sell Kik subscriptions and access through the clip sites or camming sites. The clip sites with custom store items are the easiest. Simply create a store item for either a Kik session or a Kik subscription. It’s possible to sell lifetime access or duration-based packages.

For the camming sites, token-based sites work a lot better for this, due to the way they’re setup. Have a customer tip a certain amount with a note that it’s for Kik access. Alternatively, if the camming site allows content sales, it’s possible to upload instructions on how to get added on Kik as a piece of content. Simply set the number of tokens you want to sell it for and it’ll be featured on your camming profile.

Make Sure You Camming Site Allows it: It’s important to make sure that you’re camming site allows this. There are some sites that don’t like models promoting any form of outside web properties, including social media! If you’re camming on one of these sites, do not use it to sell Kik sessions! You do not want your account banned!


Learn More About Sexting and Phone Sex

While some people do prefer to use Kik and accept one time payments, pay-per-message can be a lot more profitable in the long run. If you don’t think Kik is for you, check out this comprehensive guide of Sexting options: Make Money From Phone Sex: Talking, Texting and Mobile Apps!