Video: Lovense Lush Review and Tutorial

Lovense Lush

Camgirl Lovense Lush Review and Tutorial

Camgirl Aerie_SM goes over the Lovense Lush and gives her personal opinion on it. The Lush is a very popular interactive sex toy, especially for camgirls who use it for interactive ‘tip to vibe’ camming shows. The Lush is inserted into the vagina where it rests on the G-spot. The toy can be activated by noise, be put on a pattern or be connected to camming sites for interactive shows. Here’s Aerie’s review of the Lush.


The Toy Is Powered By Lovense Remote App

Aerie starts out the overview by powering up the Lovense Remote App. On the main screen of the app is an alarm (what better way to wake up?). There’s also a setting for music, which makes the Lush vibrate to the sound of music. There’s also sound operated, where the Lush reacts to sound, patterns and remote activated. Once the toy is turned on, the app connects pretty much immediately.


The Vibrations Are Pretty Intense

The vibration on the Lovense Lush is fairly intense. The vibrator wanted to vibrate off the table and you can hear the intensity over the microphone. If you don’t want an insanely intense vibration, it is fully adjustable through the Lovense Remote app.


You Can Use The Toy Externally Or Internally

The Lovense Lush was designed in a way where it can be used either externally or internally, although the design was intended for it to be used internally. To use it internally, simply push it in until only the end of it is hanging out. The end part is the antenna and it’s important that it’s exposed, or you’ll most likely experience connection errors.


Connecting The Lovense Lush To Camming Sites

One of the main uses for the Lovense Lush is ‘Tip to Vibe’ camming shows. Lovense products can sync directly to many of the camming sites to enable ‘tip to vibe’ shows. These shows are very popular and profitable. Many of the sites even have special categories and badges for models who offer these kinds of shows. Here are the camming sites that support Lovense Lush:


How To Make Lush Work On Other Camming Sites

If you’re camming on a site that doesn’t work with the Lovense app, you can still use the Lush for interactive camming shows. You just have to configure patterns for the toys within the app, and as people are tipping, you push the button. This is very inconvenient, but the best workaround.


Streamate Currently Does Not Integrate With Lovense

Camming site Streamate does not currently integrate with Lovense. That is the camming site that Aerie is performing on and the reason she’s ordering the Kiiroo Esca. The Esca is very similar to the Lush, but isn’t as widely used as the Lush.