OhMiBod Esca (Powered by Kiiroo) Sex Toy Review

Interactive Vibrators are IN right now, how does the OhMiBod Esca powered by Kiiroo stack up to the competition?

In an effort to find the best of the best interactive vibrators, I broke down and ordered the OhMiBod Esca. It is an internal G-Spot stimulation sex toy that is on par in design and quality with it’s much more widely known competition the Lovense Lush. At very similar price points for both, it leads to question is one better than the other and which is better to invest in? While the Lush is a great toy and is more widely known (if you’ve scrolled a cam site you’ve likely seen the little pink antenna sticking out of someone) in my opinion the OhMiBod Esca is just as good… if not better.

Why I love the Esca!

The Esca is a POWERFUL little toy, that is actually smaller than the Lush. A lot of models have stated concern over the thickness of the Lush, so this may just be the toy for you! It is slimmer, and the vibration is just as powerful. The vibration patterns within the app range anywhere from strong and “rumbly” to a more soft and “external feeling” vibration. While the toy is meant to be used for G-Spot stimulation, you can also utilize it as a clitoral stimulator. I also love that it is purple, and that there is a light within the antenna that blinks along with the vibrations which makes it more apparent to your viewer/partner what the toy is doing. It has a strong battery life, and even indicates battery life on the antenna.

How to incorporate the Esca into your cam shows!

The Esca operates through the FeelConnect app to be used on cam sites. The Esca is connected to the website by scanning a QR code on your smart phone via the FeelConnect app. After connecting the Esca, you are able to use it in your cam shows as an interactive vibrator with your viewers!

What are some things I’d change about the Esca?

This is going to be a negative and positive wrapped all into one, the Esca connects via Bluetooth but is mistaken as a speaker by phones. So if you play music through your phone while you webcam, your vibrator is going to vibrate along to the music instead of actually playing… which is actually super cool! But that can be an issue if you utilize your phone for music, so if you’re planning on buying this toy and using it for shows keep in mind you’ll have to play your music from your computer instead or you won’t be able to use your vibrator for the show since it’ll be busy vibing to the music. Another downside to this (on Streamate in particular) is that you can’t set the levels for tips, even in the guide to connecting toys to Streamate it says “You are all set up and tips will be automatically handled by the FeelConnect App.” I feel as though the Lush has more control for most sites in this aspect where you can set tip amounts and specific timed reactions.

Is the Esca for you?

Are you looking for a slim vibrator for insertion that is similar to the Lush but has some more “jazzy” features and is more lightweight? Then yes! I believe the OhMiBod Esca could be the perfect toy for you!

Need some more information?

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