Vibrator Information For Camgirls / Webcam Models


Vibrator Information For Adult Webcam Models

Using vibrators as a tool for your cam shows and porn clips can be an essential part of increasing your income because it enhances the intensity of the show and can create more realistic orgasms and heighten the intensity of the orgasms that happen during the show.


Different Style Vibrators For Shows / Clips

The great part about incorporating vibrators into your cam shows and clips is that you can use them in a variety of ways which helps to prevent your shows from becoming repetitive and boring. Since vibrators come in such a wide variety and include various attributions that make them unique like various colors, sizes, styles, and also have different frequencies and have different add on features.



Interactive Vibrators For Cam Shows

There’s an advantage to having toys that let you personally interact with the members of your room. Thanks to interactive vibrators, you are now able to hand over control of your toys vibrations to specific members in your room, or allow your vibrator to be activated by tips. Some sites have even worked with the vibrator producers to create programs that allow models to set specific tip levels to trigger the vibrator for a certain duration or intensity.


Main Interactive Vibrator Brands



Lovense Vibrators

Lovense is a popular manufacturer of interactive sex toys. These toys can be used for interactive camming shows. Interactive “Tip to Vibe” shows are very popular and profitable. Lovense has multiple vibrators that can work with camming shows.

Lovense Information



Kiiroo Vibrators

Kiiroo is a sex toy brand that specializes in interactive toys for both males and females. Kiiroo has solutions specially designed for webcam models. This allows performers to sync their sex toys to camming sites that integrate with their camming site partners.

Kiiroo Information

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Vibrator Purchasing Tips For Camgirls

If you’re a cam model or content creator looking to buy your first vibrator you should keep some things in mind: do you like higher intensity or lower intensity? Are you looking for something wired (is your set up near an outlet) or would something wireless work better for you? Do you want something small like a bullet or something larger like a wand? Do you want something that you only use externally for clitoral stimulation or something that can also be used internally as a penetrative toy?


Vibrator Material Matters!

Always look at the materials that the vibrator you are purchasing is made from, some companies sell knock off “hitachi magic wands” that have a porous head and can absorb liquids making it nearly impossible to disinfect! Try to always go with reputable brands that use medical grade materials. Remember that you usually get what you pay for!


Buying Local Vs Buying Online

While buying online can definitely be more convenient, sometimes going to a local sex shop can be beneficial because you’ll get to see in person what the construction of the toy is like, as well as eye down the materials and texture. Buying in person can be very beneficial especially if it’s your first purchase, because you can also scope out the brands offered in-store to find brands that you enjoy and that cater to your needs in size/material/color and more.