Introduction to Adult Virtual Reality Guide!

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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is an interactive computer-generated experience taking place within a simulated environment. It incorporates mainly auditory and visual feedback, but may also allow other types of sensory feedback. This immersive environment can be similar to the real world or it can be fantastical.

Virtual Reality can take your Porn from being 2D and simple to interactive and sophisticated.

Virtual reality is slowly becoming more popular as new technology is enhanced and released, and although the adult industry is taking to it a bit slowly, consumers are already being exposed to virtual reality and augmented reality situations all the time. Snapchat filters are a great example of augmented reality, and if you’ve ever seen someone use Snapchat Spectacles or used them yourself then you already have some light experience with virtual reality. Virtual reality is a great way to take your POV videos or videos with a lot happening in it, to becoming a masterful and adventurous piece of content. Due to all of the positives that virtual reality can bring to the adult industry, our contributor Aerie Saunders has been equipped with a VR Camera (The Vuze VR 360 3D camera) and together we will be learning with you and putting out guides on how to create VR content geared towards the adult industry!

We’ve started with some of the basics for Virtual Reality:

When it comes to VR there is plenty to learn, so we start off with some of the basic things to pay attention to when creating content with virtual reality cameras. First you should identify what kind of virtual reality content you are looking to produce, do you want to produce 180 degree or 360 degree content?
180 degree content encompasses all of the content around the front view of the camera, it can still be panned from side to side. While 360 degree content gives the viewer free reign to view the entirety of the room and surroundings.
For someone starting off in VR for the first time, 180 may be more comfortable. It also be more efficient for someone who doesn’t have designated filming spaces that don’t have clutter or mess.

Try to avoid stitch lines when creating Virtual Reality content.

Stitch lines are probably the most annoying part about creating virtual reality content. Stitch lines are the part of the video where the videos are “attached” or “stitched” together. Since you are either filming in 360 or 180, one lens will not be able to capture the entire picture. With VR cameras, there are multiple lenses. These lenses all compile data while recording at the same time and then smush this data together into one larger picture. The only time you’ll distinctly be able to notice these stitch lines is if you walk through them or situate yourself on top of where they are. The best way to avoid doing this is with practice, learn where your stitch lines are. You can generally tell because they will exist somewhere that there isn’t a lens directly pointing to.

Is the quality of Virtual Reality on par with current industry standards?

Currently, consumer VR equipment is not on par with most of what is being produced. To put it honestly, your phone can probably record less pixelated video than consumer VR cameras do. VR cameras are worth the expense if you are looking to create niche VR content or if you’re looking to add more variety to your content but it is not something I would suggest using as your main and only camera.

Do you need a Virtual Reality headset to edit your VR porn?

You do not need a headset to edit VR porn, you don’t even need it to view it. You can use your computers mouse to click and drag to use the VR feature, on a phone you can drag with your finger or pan and tilt, and obviously the headset is an additional option. The great thing about this is that your VR content can be consumed by anyone with the technology to actually purchase porn, and not just people with an expensive headset!

Are you ready to dive in to producing Virtual Reality porn?

Check out our Virtual Reality page which will constantly be updated with new information to help you stay on top of your VR production!