XVideos Verification Video Causes Monetization Mishap for Performers


XVideos Seemingly Does Not Allow You to Remain Monetized When Updating Your Verification Video

Performers Jasper and Sophia of “SinSpice” on XVideos recently ran into a problem on the platform when attempting to upload a new verification video. Unlike other tube sites, XVideos requires a verification video to be posted publicly to your profile so that your fans can view it, in the video you introduce yourself by your performer name and state “I am on XVideos.com!” or some variation of that, some performers also hold written signs in their videos but it is unclear whether that is mandatory.

But the pair that make up “SinSpice” ran into a huge problem when they attempted to receive support when it comes to their verification video – they messaged site support only to be met with even more problems. The pair were looking to upload a new updated verification video because the video was recently receiving more views and they felt it no longer reflected their brand and appearance accurately, let’s be honest our bodies and appearances and interests change over time, and the pair wanted to reflect that within their verification video so viewers would feel that they were properly representing themselves. In addition to wanting the update, their current verification video was featured a few times but was unfortunately not long enough to be monetized so they were receiving views on content that they were not getting paid for.

To try to rectify the issues of the money making and new appearances they attempted to reach out to XVideos support to upload a new verification video but were unfortunately met with a strange answer, you can not update your verification video without temporarily being demonetized. Although the video would be public and one would assume that the verification could simply be switched over with both videos being uploaded, XVideos support told the performers “[in regards to the older verification video] No, we have to delete it in the first place and you can upload it then.” Sophia responded, “So there is no way I could upload it like a regular video and then after it is up and processed have you guys delete the [old] verification video and then push that one up into the verification slot? I just don’t get how we would become fully unverified since we’ve been on there and have a bunch of content and IDs on there.” XVideos support responded, “You will still have a channel status, you just won’t be verified for a while.” After the back and forth, XVideos took it upon themselves to delete their original verification video but then reinstated it as the performers did not want to be unverified and demonetized.

The Takeaway: Film a Verification Video You’ll Love Forever

If you are on XVideos and part of their content creator program then when you are getting your profile sorted out, make sure you upload a video that you love and that is long enough to be monetized! You do not want to be put into the unfortunate situation where you are temporarily unable to make money and have profile verification due to wanting to update your profile. If at any point you do decide to update your XVideos fans with a new video of yourself, we would honestly recommend keeping XVideos support out of it and titling it “Get to know me!” or something of that nature to avoid the hassle. We are unsure if XVideos has outsourced their support or if their support is not familiar with the platform but it seems like they don’t have a clear idea of the answers to give based on the questions that they receive. We reached out to XVideos for comment about the situation and to get clarity on the performers ability to update their verification videos, to be met with an answer unrelated to the question.


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