CB Cam Insights – Analytics for Chaturbate Performers

Why should I use CB Cam Insights as a Chaturbate perfomer?

Chaturbate performers currently don’t have access to many basic analysis or analytics features that some other sites offer, nor is there a lot of help managing some of the essentials of your camming business – tips & purchases, tippers, tags, viewers and followers. It’s possible of course to extract raw token data from Chaturbate and take notes yourself on your viewer trends and follower progress. Unfortunately this is a lot of repetitive grunt work, so likely you either don’t do this at all right now or just do the minimum you can get away with – this is the gap CB Cam Insights is trying to fill, doing all this work for you better than you could do it and with zero time effort, so you can focus on your cam show and your audience instead.

What features is CB Cam Insights offering?

CB Cam Insights has a free tier, you just need to sign up with an email address and a paid subscription offering the full feature set (after a free one week trial to make sure it’s worth it to you). There’s quite a number of features bundled up in CB Cam Insights but a picture is worth a thousand words to give you an overview.

Where do I start with CB Cam Insights?

In the CB Cam Insights overview dashboard you can see the most important big picture stats for your cam business – the number of cam sessions, your time on cam, your average number of viewers, tokens earned, income and income/hour for many common time periods at a glance and how they compare to the previous time period.

With that you are able to identify earnings trends, e.g. if your income/hour goes up from last month that obviously is a very positive signal. In addition to the dashboard, CB Cam Insights also lists all of your cam shows in a list, with the custom tags you assigned to them and viewers, tokens and earnings for each, allowing you to filter, order and organize them or do a cam session deep dive for any of your cam sessions – display in depth details for it.

Cam session deep dives are really at the heart of CB Cam Insights, offering a unique perspective of how your cam session went, with a lot of in depth information ranging from your top tippers and purchases to viewership, follower gains and tips over time to tip distribution, tip menu distribution and enabling your to enrich and annotate this data as well e.g. by tagging the cam session with a custom tag or writing down notes for the cam session that you can review at any time.

How can I maximize my earnings during a cam show utilizing CB Cam Insights analytics?

Two core tasks for any cam performer are managing tips and tippers. Cam session deep dives show you detailed data of where your tips are coming from – who your top tippers are and what their tip history is. But also what your tip distribution looks like – are you getting most of your tips from your fan club or frequent tippers? Which group should you focus on? How many tips do you get? What items on your tip menu work, and which ones are rarely used?

These data points allow you to declutter and optimize your tip menu (CB Cam Insights also includes a handy tip menu editor) by removing the unpopular items and focusing on your popular ones. They also give you insights into your audience and how you can structure your cam shows better around those popular items.

Tips are important but even more important arguably are building long-term relationships with tippers – when you get that whale tipping in one of your shows you want to keep him coming back. Of course there is also a human element here – people want to be recognized and be part of a community or tribe. With the “True Fans” feature CB Cam Insights gives you a way to identify tippers that have been tipping in your previous cam shows and are back tipping now.

You can call out their “tip-iversaries” (tipped in 5,10,20 of your cam shows) to give them the spotlight and recognition so they know they are part of your tribe. Digging up all this data yourself is of course possible but would take you much, much more time that is better spent interacting with your viewers.

How can I optimize my cam times to get a bigger audience?

There are two features in CB Cam Insights that can support you in finding the best possible times to cam. In the Schedule section you will find a handy heatmap with the token earnings distribution for the times you have been on cam – the colors range from yellow to deep green – the deeper the green the more money you earned during that time slot. Find the time slots that are the most valuable for you and optimize your schedule around them.

CB Cam Insights also shows you the Chaturbate traffic (including both users and cams) for up to 4 weeks back with markers for you cam shows so you can see your cam shows in context – ideally you time your cam shows to take advantage of predictable traffic patterns (e.g. a traffic spike early evening Eastern time) to maximize your opportunity to get a bigger audience.

How can I optimize the hashtags I use to draw in more viewers?

Hashtags are an important tool to attract users that just explore Chaturbate by using hashtags to filter the cams they are interested in. CB Cam Insights will show you the most popular tags based on cam performer picks and will also identify potentially underrated tags where the ratio of users to cams is very high.

If you are using the CB Cam Insights Chrome extension (in beta right now), CB Cam Insights will also show you the hashtag distribution for each of your cam shows to get an overview of which hashtags users used to find your show. Keep your most used tags and experiment with the less frequently used ones.

Join CB Cam Insights today!

The mission of CB Cam Insights is making your job as a cam performer easier, more profitable and time efficient by providing you the data and insights you need to make the right decisions for your business. It’s not for everybody, but you can come and find out if it’s for you with a free one week trial, or just experience the free tier, with 4 month of stats and achievements just by signing up with an email address.
Not sure yet and want to know more? You can check out the FAQ or peek at the feature update history.


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