Chaturbate Floating Icon Code Templates



We have created free Chaturbate Floating Icon Templates for you to use on your Chaturbate Profile!

When you get started in the Adult Industry your first thought probably isn’t that having HTML knowledge will help you get more traffic and make more money, but surprisingly, having the ability to create an eye catching profile can prove to be very helpful when trying to make the most out of your adult career. You can use the following template codes in order to spruce up your Chaturbate profile!

Chaturbate Floating Icon Code Templates:

When putting your code into your profile, make sure that you change the part of the code that says YOURUSERNAME to your username on the website. Using this code with any DIRECT IMAGE link, you can create your own Twitter floating icon.

Twitter Icon Template

We have bolded the parts of the code that need to be changed!

<li style=”display:block;width:35px;height:auto;padding:8px 0 10px;box-sizing:border-box;list-style:none;float:none;clear:left;text-align:center;position:fixed;top:148px;left:0px;”><a href=”” style=”display:block;width:35px;height:auto;text-align:center;background-color:#ffffff;”><img src=”DIRECT LINK TO IMAGE” style=”display:block;width:100%;height:auto;margin:0 auto;border-bottom:0px solid #000;”></a></li></ul>

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