ManyVids Protest “Community Over Contests” Surges on Social Media

“#CommunityOverContests Photos by Alison Sparks , Katie Blush , Miss Metal, Ellie Idol, and Aerie Saunders

“Community Over Contests” and “Porn Shouldn’t Be a Contest” dominates the 2021 MV Community Awards

The ManyVids Community Awards have yet to kick off, but the peaceful protest led by a group of performers has already started to make waves. The protest is actively taking place on Twitter and on the ManyVids Community Awards entry pages, where you can find models posting their reasoning for joining the protest under the hashtag #CommunityOverContests on Twitter or directly within the contest page with their photos and descriptions. The movement has quickly gained traction among many diverse groups of performers on the platform, due to the continued lack of representation given to certain groups of performers and reallocation of funds that previously supported these groups going towards contests instead.

The blog post announcing the contest directly on the ManyVids website shows an overwhelming example of reasons why performers are backing the protest. Performers are voicing their concerns over payout percentages, lack of theme dedication in contests, the lack of sex worker representation, requests for feature fixes like mass messaging and flyers, the mysterious disappearance of Bella French on social media, and the unfairness of contests playing a major role in success on the platform.

It’s not too late to join the protest, it’s still just beginning!

If you feel personally connected to any of the reasons that performers are coming together to protest the contests on ManyVids, it is not too late to join the protest! The awards have not even begun accepting voters yet and there are already massive amounts of people hopping on board, it is not too late to join and make your voice heard!