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FanCentro adds free “follow” feature


Fans can now follow FanCentro models for free

Previously, to keep up with your profile and feed, fans had to pay to subscribe or choose to manually go and check what you’re up to. Now, following your profile is kind of like compiling a “Favorites” list. Maybe they’re browsing model profiles and yours catches their eye, but they aren’t ready to subscribe just yet. Instead, when they click the purple “Follow” button, your profile is added to a separate list of all of their favorite models. They can check in on their list for updates to your profile, new feed posts, and keep up with what you’re doing on FanCentro.

Unlike subscribing, following is free

Following is 100% free, and is a step along the road to subscribing. Followers will see the changes you make to your profile, and will see when you add new content to your feed–though, of course, they will not be able to see the content behind the subscription paywall. The more active you are on FanCentro, the more your followers will realize that they are missing out by not being a paid subscriber!

More Information On FanCentro

Interested in becoming a FanCentro influencer? You can either signup here or learn more about the platform by checking out the link below. FanCentro gives influencers the ability to monetize subscriptions and build a residual income. This is done in several ways. FanCentro is most known as a premium social media platform. Influencers can also make money from premium Instagram and fanclub subscriptions. Plus, list all your networks and gain exposure through the FanCentro directory.