Farrah Abraham Named MV Ambassador – Community Disagrees by Aerie_SM

Farrah Abraham ManyVids Ambassador

Farrah Abraham Named MV Ambassador – Causes Controversy

ManyVids recently named a new MV Ambassador to represent the brand, and who it is may actually shock you. Farrah Abraham. Yes it’s the one you’re thinking of. Farrah rose to success after her appearance on the popular MTV show “Teen Mom” which followed her life during and after her teen pregnancy. This isn’t Farrah’s first time dabbling in the adult industry, she tried to launch a cam site called “Farrah’s Friends” and attended the 2016 AVN Adult Expo where she had some less than stellar interviews (See Below) and made it very clear she is not well informed about the adult industry.


Farrah Abraham’s Controversial “Porn Career”

Farrah also starred in a “celebrity porn” in which she herself was the “celebrity.” She starred in the video with popular porn star (and rapist) James Deen. The format and idea of the video seems very similar to another star’s sex tape that brought on a lot of fame and success, Kim Kardashian.

She even tried to play it off as if she didn’t know it would be sold and that she had “no part in the deal with Vivid”, which is the company which published her video. This video surfaced shortly after Farrah gave camming a try for a one time show with a vibrator that had the internet in uproar.


Farrah’s “Return To Porn” and MV Takeover

Many online news outlets started claiming “Farrah is returning to porn” due to her vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Could this deal with ManyVids be to bring herself publicity in the porn scene? Who knows! But what I do know is I am sick and tired of ManyVids trying to “go mainstream.” What kind of example does it set to bring on celebrities who know nothing about the adult industry?

If you have questions for Farrah and want to see how she plans to represent the community, check out her MV Live Takeover on November 22nd from 10pm-12am EST. (show has passed, and we looked for an archive or highlights (like they did with Amber Rose) which we weren’t able to find.


Amber Rose Was A Great Pick. Farrah? Not So Much

ManyVids did an amazing job in picking Amber Rose to be an ambassador to their brand. She is an experienced sex worker who is self made, and rose to fame by building herself an online empire, much like how many of us cam girls and clip creators do. I hope to see ManyVids bringing in new brand ambassadors from their site who have been with them since the beginning. Amateurs built ManyVids and made it the success it is today, if ManyVids doesn’t stop picking mainstream celebrities it will definitely cause an upset in the community.