Fetish Friendly or Kink Oriented Websites for Selling Adult Content

Make Money Selling Kinky Fetish Photos, Videos, and More!

Fetish content in the adult industry is on the rise and there has never been a better time to be kinky! The growth of the kink and fetish market is still in a stage where it can grow and continue to increase in audience and profits while also maintaining a less saturated market of performers than typical “vanilla” pornography. The world of fetish and kink is vast and ranges from specific fetishes like feet to general fetishes like FemDom. While niche sites for specific fetishes aren’t super abundant – there are a few sites that are very fetish friendly and can be a perfect spot for a kinky performer to set up shop.

Sites for Selling Fetish, FemDom, and Kink Oriented Content

Here is a list of websites that are dedicated to fetish content or that experience heavy traffic and a large buyers market for fetish or kink oriented content. We indicate the payout percentage for the performer as well as their specialty (why they are on this list) and what services you can offer on the platform.
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Guide to Getting Started as a Fetish Performer

Getting started as a fetish performer is a smart career choice whether you are completely new to the adult industry or you are a seasoned performer looking for more income avenues. The fetish market is not oversaturated with performers as much as the “vanilla” porn vertical due to the fact that fetishes often require research, props, or an interest in topics that some performers simply do not have. Fetish content can also be a great benefit to active “vanilla” models looking to expand their video catalog on websites that they are already active on that may not specialize in fetish content but can still generate residual income. Getting started creating fetish content is pretty similar to creating normal pornographic content, just with a little spice.

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Find Niches That Generate Profit and Expand to Subcategories

The fun world of fetishes is like a tree, one specific fetish is a large limb and from that limb come many smaller branches. For example: everyone knows that foot fetish is a thing, but if you find you are having good success in that category you can break it down a level further and try foot worship, or shoe dangling, or toe scrunching. When you find fetishes that you show success in, trying more specific niche content involved in the fetish can be a great outlet for creativity as well as a way to build content in that category and expand your fan base. If you already have a customer who likes your general foot fetish videos or photos where you show off your feet, they may dive in and buy a toe scrunching clip from you as well, and that toe scrunching clip might snag someone looking for that niche specifically and if they fall in love with your feet they may return to grab more of your general foot fetish content. It is a never ending cycle of finding what sells, exploring it, and then putting out more content in that category to develop regulars. Once you do this with a specific category/fetish (or a few at a time) you continue the cycle of developing clips in that category that you know will sell due to prior success while then exploring more fetishes to dabble in, and do this until you fill up your schedule with fetishes to film or photograph!

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Understand That Fetishes Are Person-Specific and There is Not “One Way” to do Fetish Work

Since there are many smaller branches to each big fetish, you will find that customers will most likely not have the same fetish for the same reasons or like the same exact things. Fetish work can be very customer specific, which is why it makes sense to start in the bigger fetish categories and work your way down to more specific niches as you find out what communities find your content to be interesting and buy-worthy. This will also greatly impact cam shows where you are interacting with customers live because you will have to experiment with starting the fetish generally and poking around in different directions until you find the one that the customer enjoys. It is important to be vocal with fetish customers in live shows and ask them if they like something, if they want to see more or less of something, etc. Seasoned cam customers will likely approach you with their speech of exactly what they want, which makes the show run smoother, but customers that are dabbling in a new fetish or still exploring may need more prompting from you as the performer. You can try to make this sexy by saying “Oh I love how this feels, do you like watching this?” or if you’re going the more dominant route, “You love this don’t you? I know you do.” Don’t be discouraged if during live shows members disconnect, sometimes it simply isn’t a match and that is okay!

Research to Find Your “Style”

While in live cam shows you may be able to adapt your style to your customer, some customers will return to models who have a specific “brand” of fetish that they offer. Research fetishes that you intend to cater to and practice lines with yourself that flow naturally. Without guidance from a customer, how would you approach the fetish? That is your “brand” of that fetish and can be the brand you use for clips or that you start with in shows before adapting to the customers needs once they are further communicated. You can research by watching live cams, watching clips, or even asking performer friends for a few lines of what they would say. Remember that while there is no original idea in porn – don’t copy word for word, add your own spice and originality to make it your own creative style that will be memorable to customers!

Convert Customers into Buyers of All Sorts of Fetish Performances

If you are a clip creator that is looking to convert more clients to cam, or vice versa, releasing fetish content or performing fetish content is a great way to get crossover conversions. If a customer buys a clip of you doing a fetish and wants a more personalized experience they are more likely to come visit you on cam or order custom content from you. If they get a cam show where you cater to their fetish and they love it they are more likely to want to grab a fetish clip for later when they can’t watch a live show or maybe when you aren’t online. When fetish and kink customers find a model that they really connect with who caters to their interest in the perfect way, they tend to stick around which creates great upsell and website crossover opportunities.

Fetish Content Can Sell Anywhere

Fetish content is great for catalog building and since there are many websites that allow you to upload any theme of content you want ranging from vanilla to super kinky, it can be a great way to stay active on your main sites that may be less fetish oriented while growing your network on more heavily fetish oriented websites. There are also a good deal of fetish enthusiasts to be found on the less fetish heavy websites, and you would probably be surprised how well fetish content sells on websites that don’t appear to be geared towards content of that style!

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Enjoy the Passive Income that Fetish Content Creates

People discover their own new fetishes every day, and a video that may be old to you could be brand new to someone exploring their fetish for the first time on a porn site. Since there are far less fetish videos than there are typical porno style videos online, you will find yourself making passive income on your fetish videos as long as you leave them up for. This is especially true if your descriptions for your videos are keyword rich, your previews are good, and you make sure to put your content in accurate categories. Also try to avoid the artsy titles, clips sell better passively when they are very specific and relevant to the video.