Opens for Business: Adult Industry Tech Support is open for business, bringing adult industry tech support to your fingertips

As technology becomes more advanced, the technology that supports it must evolve too. Otherwise it quickly becomes obsolete. There aren’t many options when it comes to support, especially in the adult industry. supports all tech

It’s not just for computers and laptops, what if you have a problem with your phone or tablet? Maybe you need to add an email account or help uninstalling an app or virus. Problems with browsers blocking flash, poor stream quality, no sound, etc.

At we use the ON-Demand Support approach, paired with the most advance remote support software in the world, and a team of knowledgeable support staff. Once you are in the chat can be joined via an encrypted support session anywhere, anytime, any device, in under 30 seconds. We can view the screen, take control, view stats and device info.

Cost of Services

Our pricing packages for support time is simple and affordable.

  • 15 minutes for $20
  • 60 minutes for $49

Memberships are also available:
$299 for 1 month of unlimited On-Demand tech for a single device.

There is more to come at

We are going to offer specific services for things like email hosting, Office 365 setup, DNS domain changes in the future.

You can email for help with the issue.

What inspired

I have heard other industry member say they wouldn’t trust a tech support company from outside the industry because they simply wouldn’t understand and may not give the same attention to detail they would someone else. As a studio owner at Steel|King Studios, I see firsthand the difficulties performers face and how immediate tech support with minimal user interaction is a requirement for this continued adaptation we all face daily and my even provide some relief.

Need adult industry tech support?

Call: 623-439-5392