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CEO of ManyVids, Bella French, Makes Emotional Video for Performers

ManyVids Responds To Tumblr Porn Ban

In a heartwarming video, CEO of ManyVids addresses Adult Industry Performers

In recent years, the adult community has seen many talented performers take positions of power within the sites that performers work with. Bella French, the CEO (or C-E-Hoe as she would like to call it) is no exception to this new trend of performers taking positions of power. It was only in recent years that French came out as the CEO of ManyVids, and she received an endless amount of support from models in the community upon the revelation that she was playing a powerful role in the company. French has lead many powerful initiatives to improve the site for performers by giving them access to better tools to contact their customers, making efforts to be more diverse with their advertisement and model promotion, and has arguably made ManyVids one of the most receptive sites to model concerns among the current clip site options. ManyVids has a very firm stance on many controversial topics that some sites are hesitant to stand up about, for fear of losing top performers or offending the model community, for example: ManyVids has a very strict no bullying policy, they have also recently made efforts to reduce the amount of “offensive porn” being released by limiting tags for Race Play, Religious Play, and banning costumes that can be seen as disrespectful by certain groups. Efforts like these are things that arguably make ManyVids the most progressive clip site, which appeals to the newer and younger models flooding into the industry that are looking to not only utilize their platform as a way to make money but also to make a positive impact on the current political and social climate.

Performers becoming CEOs, talent recruiters, managers, and other powerful titles is becoming normal

ManyVids is not the only site with former or current talent making important calls behind the scenes and trying to make their sites better for performers. The president of iWantClips, Bratty Nikki, is also a current performer and uses this position of power to offer helpful insight into the tools and features that come to iWantClips. Nikki also uses her own site as her main clip store, which is a nod to how she supports it and enjoys its features. If you scroll through the tweets and replies of either Bella or Nikki, you will often find them communicating with their fellow performers, encouraging them, and treating them as friends. Building a relationship with the models on a platform is a very efficient way to solidify their interest in using a website, because they will believe they have a more efficient way to reach out to the site and have their voices heard, which is becoming a standard in the indie industry. Having a performer working as a point of contact can help to increase the interest in a site because performers will often have a better understanding of the concerns that models on the site bring forward. The future of the indie adult industry looks bright thanks to performers working hard and taking positions of power to bring a voice to the performers, who up until recently were often subjected to being ignored or having their thoughts and opinions overlooked until they reached a certain popularity or income level.

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