Introduction To FinDom (And How It’s Different From Insta Dommes!) By Aerie

FinDoms Vs Insta Dommes and How To Get Started

Financial Domination is on the rise, not just in the adult industry but on social media (specifically, Twitter.) Many girls reach age of maturity and take to Twitter to enter the exciting world of Financial Domination, often mistaking it for Sugaring. . . or even understanding that it isn’t Sugaring and doing it primarily for “less work, more pay.”


“Insta Dommes” And How They’re Messing With The Legit FinDoms

This is causing a major problem in the adult industry, since the retention rate of these “Insta Dommes” is so lousy, it is causing Submissives to become distrustful and ask for more verification or become cheaper since they are used to being used and receiving poor result and dismissal or abandonment. What a lot of these “Insta Dommes” aren’t realizing is: while FinDom may seem easier than Sugaring, there is still a very personal relationship taking place. The Dom/Sub relationship is an vast expanse which, when explored correctly by a good pairing, can be fulfilling for both parties, which is the point of exploring the relationship in the first place!


Fake Dommes Causing Distrust Within The domme Community

Another problem which arises is distrust within the Domme community itself. Women who take the leap to explore FinDom because it is something they are genuinely interested in are being put down and also referred to as “Insta Dommes”. This causes them to receive little respect within the community and often drives Subs away from them.


My Personal Story Of Getting Started With FinDom

I faced this issue myself early in my “domination exploration” but have come to find with time, persistence, and a “no fucks given” attitude, becoming a Domme was exactly what I needed. If this is a position that works for you, do not let lack of community support sway you. While community support is always appreciated (and trust me, there will be others out there who won’t dismiss you because of your age or inexperience!) it is not required. At the end of the day, it is about you and your relationship with your Sub.


Learning Findom and Etiquette For Reaching Out To Dommes

As a new Domme, how can you maintain your position without knowing much about it? A lot of newer Dommes will venture through social media and contact other Dommes and for some reason. Some of these Dommes do take offense to this. Try looking on adult industry help resources (like this one!) for information you may need help with. Or a very simple Google search can be done to help with terminology, which is what I’ve noticed most new Dommes have issues with. If you do contact someone for help, actually ask for help and don’t ask them to do the work for you! “Hey, I was wondering if you would mind helping me with this, and what your best approach would be? I’m unsure.” is a much better approach than “Hey, a guy said this… what do I say back?”


Where To Domme: Webcam, Clips, Social Media and In-Person

Another important part of becoming a Financial Dominatrix is distinguishing what part of your career will be geared towards this endeavor. There are real time sessions, cam sessions, and social media which you can all use to your advantage as a FinDomme. Deciding which of those you are comfortable with and making that clear with every Sub beforehand is very important. I do not do real time sessions because my career is not only in Financial Domination and it would put me at risk for people outside of that spectrum to know my location.  But for some people who live in more populated areas, or are willing to travel, this may not be a problem. Keeping your Sub informed of the services you are willing to provide will keep your Sub satisfied and always coming back!


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