Google Drive Is No Longer Allowing For Adult Content

Google Drive

Google Drive Bans Adult Accounts / Content

Many models who produce clips have a cloud storage system they use in order to easier provide links to their content for members (works great if doing large deals, plus having all the content in one place is just easier!) Since ManyVids is the only clip site that allows you to send out clips with their “MV Link” a lot of models heavily rely on these storage sites, and even paying monthly/yearly fees in order to have a lot of storage space. You would think since a lot of us pay these sites, they wouldn’t start a witch hunt on us… but, surprise!


Google Drive Flagged Adult Titles / Files

Google Drive has started flagging adult accounts, so far it has been shown to only “flag” content with adult titles (the example I am speaking of used “cum” in the title.) Once the content is flag, it can no longer be linked to for download, and can not be downloaded by the user who uploaded it. If you are currently using Google Drive as your primary photo/video hosting source, you need to download all of your files now! This isn’t the first time there has been a Google Drive scare – last year people also began to randomly have their files flagged, but this time it is happening to a larger group of people, and Google has yet to respond to any inquiries about the matter.


Google Drive Alternatives For Camgirls

What are some great alternatives? Dropbox is currently the best (in my opinion) with relatively cheap storage options. Their only policies relevant to porn in their “Acceptable Use” terms states: “you can not publish or share materials that are unlawfully pornographic or indecent, or that contain extreme acts of violence.” As long as your material is not unlawful, Dropbox is a great option.

Project Maenad is also a great file sharing system for models, and actually allows you to sell through their site (kind of like IndieBill) but you can also send out links for free. Project Maenad was developed specifically for cam models and their prices are more expensive than typical storage sites since they also have their own traffic base. Your earnings from their site also increase based on the monthly plan you have. The free account pays out 70% per sale, and offers 20gb storage and 10gb bandwidth. You can also use it solely as a file sharing/cloud system and not sell through their site.


Consider Using An External Hard Drive

If you’re not specifically worried about linking and are more concerned for your computer space, investing in an external hard drive makes much more sense than paying a monthly or yearly fee for a cloud storage system does. If you produce higher quality content, I highly suggest getting an external drive with a larger storage capacity (you can get anywhere from 1TB-8TB.) You can even get a 1TB system (which is about $50 depending on brand) and store all content from one year on it, then get a new one for the following year, so you will have a good organization and back-up storage for all of your content.