Hismith Premium Sex Machine Review by Aerie

Hismith Premium Sex Machine

Hismith Premium Fuck Machine Review by Aerie

For a price tag of $418, the Hismith Premium Sex Machine is QUITE THE INVESTMENT! Is it worth it? Yes it is, and for camming models, it can be quite a profitable investment! I have this machine and I’m here to tell you all about it.


Quiet and Smooth Motor

First of all, it’s the most quiet sex machine I’ve ever owned. The motor runs very smoothly and doesn’t make a lot of noise, even when on the highest setting. I also like that the arm can be adjusted for longer or shorter strokes. It is electrically powered and needs to be plugged in. I wish the adapter cord was a bit longer because getting it into position on my bed/couch/wherever I’m trying to mechanically bang myself can be difficult at times with the limited wiring and how easily the adapter comes unplugged from the power source if it’s moved.


Horrible Stock Toys – Luckily You Can Switch Them Out!

The package comes with many toys, none of which I would EVER use. Most are jelly toys which are simply horrible for vaginal health. Jelly toys are a cesspool of bacteria, avoid them at all costs. Luckily the attachment can be switched out, you can get a Vac U Lock attachment or a Suction Cup attachment on Amazon for ~$40 each. It’s great that this is an option since you can then use your preferred toy as well. Another fault in the machine is the legs come loose very easily, you will have to tighten the bolts fairly often if you use it regularly.


Camgirls Will Make This Machine Profitable Fast!

The benefits of having a fuck machine are simply incomparable to other toys, something about the machine actually doing the movements/motion and you getting to enjoy yourself with it really gets viewers excited. So excited that many are also willing to pay more or extra in order to see you use the toy. Someone who has been camming for a long time will likely be able to make up the price of the investment within a month of use from charging extra for it. Many models who use it for private based sites charge $25-$50 extra to use it in a show or only use it in block sessions which equals more income Models who use them on token sites often make their countdown for using it higher than they usually would.


You Can Add The Machine To Your Amazon Wishlist

The great thing about this machine is that it’s available on Amazon, so for people not willing to drop that amount of money on a sex toy (I’m one of you! Someone got it from my wishlist!) you can start hoarding gift cards or add it to your wishlist. Is it worth the $418? For all the extra money you’ll be making from shows, yes. For your own personal pleasure? It depends on your preference, obviously this won’t be very beneficial for someone who does not prefer penetration, but for someone looking to do less hands on work while getting to utilize their favorite toy, this is perfect. It also has many different speed settings that are controlled by a dial so it works great for any speed preference.