Camming Site iFriends Closes Down Marking 20th Anniversary


One of the oldest webcam platforms, iFriends, has shut down for business.

Here is what was posted to their website this week:

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the creation of the iFriends platform.

The world’s first “sharing economy” internet platform, iFriends was also among the world’s first many-to-many/peer-to-peer “Friends Network” social-networking services. 15 years before the emergence of products like Uber, Lyft and AirBnb — and more than 6 years before FaceBook — millions of iFriends users were already sharing their webcams and profile pages/fan clubs, in a way that connected people & enriched lives.

For 20 exciting years, more than 100,000 “video chathosts”, 10,000 marketing partners and other stakeholders have grown with us, realizing financial goals, raising families, paying off mortgages & car loans, putting children through college, and more.

We are proud of what we have all accomplished, working together. From chathosts to affiliates . . . From more than 10 million registered members to the hardworking people behind iFriends itself . . . we have brought smiles, success & friendship into each other’s lives. (It was no accident that the name we chose for our service – from the very beginning and before the first line of software code was written in the summer of 1998 – was, simply, “iFriends”)

But much can change in 20 years. In 2018 alone, the FCC-mandated demise of “net neutrality”, new legislative developments out of Washington DC, and certain costly patent litigation efforts have further transformed the business landscape in which we operate.

So, it is with some regret – but also with an enormous sense of pride and gratitude in what we have all achieved together – that we elect to use this 20-year anniversary milestone as a natural and organic moment to discontinue the platform, and to express our gratitude to you for twenty years of fellowship, support and for being our “iFriends”. As we wind down the service in an orderly and responsible manner, it is at this harmonious juncture that we say to our iFriends, “we are hereby closed for business.”

This came as a shock to many, including models who were never informed the site would be closing their doors. While the site goes on to promise timely payouts, it has left many models scrambling to find new sites to compensate for the loss of iFriends that happened out of the blue.

If you are a model who was impacted by iFriends shutting down, we highly recommend checking out our Camming Guide and Directory to find all the information you need to decide on a new site that satisfies your needs!