IndieBill Site Builder Vs ModelCentro by Aerie_SM

IndieBill Review By Aerie Lovee

IndieBill Website Builder Versus ModelCentro

A Comparison between the IndieBill and ModelCentro site builders.

*Keep in mind that the IndieBill site builder is still in the beginning stages.


Design Options / Capabilities

As far as user control and ability design goes, IndieBill is nothing in comparison to the vast options ModelCentro has. I honestly thought ModelCentro wasn’t that full of design capability either, but now in comparison I can see how much ModelCentro actually has to offer as a site builder.

There are currently no design options on the IndieBill site builder, and you can not use HTML to make your own changes (I tried with no success.) You can’t change the order in which your information displays, and you can simply decide if a display should be shown or not by entering a 0 for no or a 1 for yes in the visibility section when editing.

Basically, all you’re currently able to do on the IndieBill site builder is put information in (bio, skype ID, social media usernames, links) and they are then pushed through to a standard site design. If you’re looking for something you are able to personalize, ModelCentro is definitely the better option.


Earnings / Revenue

When it comes to earnings, if you are driving your own traffic you should definitely go with IndieBill. IndieBill pays out at 85% and covers chargebacks. They pay on a bi-monthly basis and they don’t have the two week delay ModelCentro has. This is due to the fact that ModelCentro doesn’t cover chargebacks.


IndieBill’s GIF Previews (Small Feature)

Another cool little perk about IndieBill (this stood out to me but isn’t very important) is that you can make the video preview image a .gif file, which then shows on the site as a .gif. It keeps the site looking interactive, which I like. It also kind of “forces the preview” onto someone browsing which may give them a better idea of what the video features and convince them to buy!


IndieBill Currently Doesn’t Support Custom Domains

IndieBill currently does not have a system integrated where as a user you can connect a domain name, it is currently forwarding. Which is fine, but kind of defeats the point of a “site builder” when there’s already the “public listing”, which is essentially the same thing but with a little less customization. Don’t fret! I have messaged IndieBill and these are all things they are working on.

Like I previously mentioned, this is the very beginning of the site builder, and they have big plans to upgrade it and hopefully make it just as cool if not cooler than ModelCentro (but they already have a headstart in my book since they cover chargebacks and pay out higher!)


ModelCentro Is Membership-Focused, IndieBill Is Clip-Focused

The thing that really makes these site builders different is that ModelCentro is focused on a membership, and has the addition of a store feature. While IndieBill is focused on the store feature, but not a membership option. If you are looking to make the leap from a clip site because you bring a lot of your own traffic, you are much better off going with IndieBill. If you are looking for a membership option in addition to clip sites, or in place of a clip site, then ModelCentro is definitely the way to go. ModelCentro is also a great addition to Streamate models since Streamate has integrated ModelCentro and actually puts a button for it on your profile!


IndieBill Needs Work – But Can’t Beat The Payouts!

The IndieBill site builder definitely has a lot of work, but this is amazing coming from such a small team, especially since they pay out at such a high percentage. If you aren’t happy with their layout, you can also build your own site (using sites like WordPress or Wix) and just link to the IndieBill payment page for the video. Nothing beats 85% payout in this industry!


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