Dominic Ford (Creator of JustForFans) Launches KeepFollowing.Me

The creator of JustForFans has launched a new social media tool!

KeepFollowing.Me is a new tool that is completely free for models on JustForFans, BelAmiFans, and DragForFans to use. This tool is designed to help automatically move your followers to a new account if your social media account is banned or deleted. Keeping in touch with your fans is an important part of marketing, and losing an outlet to advertise your service can cause a major hit to your income. Being prepared for a major event like a ban or deletion will help you stay in control of your finances and will prevent you from losing touch with fans who may not know where to look for you or your products without the help of your Twitter feed. With the current state of social media, the ban and suspension heavy reactions of social media sites to pornstars, cam girls, and anything adult related in general, there has never been a better time for a feature like this!

How does KeepFollowing.Me work?

To use this tool, you will send out a link to your followers. When they click the link it will ask them for Twitter permissions (specifically, the ability to follow and unfollow accounts) so it will be able to automatically follow your new account in the situation where your main account is compromised. It is a completely free service for your followers to use, simply click the link and allow KeepFollowing.Me to do its job. It’s that easy! Users do not need to be members on JustForFans, but currently this is only available for JustForFans models although there are plans to expand and offer the tool as a paid service for models who aren’t on JustForFans. If you are currently a JustForFans model, you can currently find access to this feature within your model dashboard.

Want to access this tool?

This tool is currently only available for models on JustForFans, with plans to expand to all influencers in the future with paid service plans.

Interested in becoming a JustForFans model? You can either signup here or learn more about JFF by checking out the link below. JustForFans is a platform for selling clips, fanclub subscription, sexting and custom store items. JustForFans has a large male / gay model and customer-base, but is open to all genders and sexual orientations. Anyone 18+ can make money performing on the site.

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