Kiiroo Esca vs Esca 2 (Comparison + Review) by Camgirl Aerie

Review of Kiiroo’s Esca 2 by Camgirl Aerie Saunders

Camgirl Aerie Saunders reviews the Esca 2, an interactive sex toy produced by Kiiroo. Aerie also owns the original Esca, so she does some comparisons between the two products. Upon opening the box, Aerie’s first impression is that the two toys are definitely a little different, but still very similar.


the Esca and Esca 2 Appear Fairly Similar

Visually, the “OhMiBod by Kiiroo” is engraved differently, and the heads aren’t the same size. The Esca 2 has the bigger head, which Aerie assumes helps with a better bluetooth connection.


Connecting The Esca 2 To The FeelConnect App

Aerie fires up the FeelConnect App that she already has on her phone to give the new Esca a try! Within seconds, the Esca 2 is connected to the phone and ready for use. The head at the end starts blinking to let you know that the sex toy is connected. An interesting thing that Aerie accidentally discovered while comparing the two Escas is that you can control multiple Kiiroo devices from the FeelConnect app.

The FeelConnect App is very easy to use. Because Aerie has already used the FeelConnect App with her original Esca, she’s already got the app setup and also synced to Streamate. The Kiiroo sex toys can integrate with a wide range of camming sites, which opens up the opportunity for interactive ‘tip to vibe’ camming shows. These type of shows are both very popular and profitable.

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Because Aerie is just demoing the sex toy for the review, she’s not going to be jumping on cam and using it for a show. The app also has the device controller, which allows the toy to be controlled directly through the phone. There’s multiple settings available that control how the sex toy vibrates.


The Esca 2 Lights Up With Vibrations

The great thing about the Esca 2 (as well as the Kiiroo Fuse) is that the lights will change with the intensity of the vibration. This is something that the Lovense Lush, a similar product by Kiiroo’s biggest competition, doesn’t do. This makes things more interactive, especially in camming shows, as the customers can visually see how intense the toy is vibrating.


Esca Vs Esca 2 In The Water Test

To demonstrate how the toy vibrates, Aerie uses a glass of water and turns runs the video slow-motion. This is a way to get a visualization of how the toy vibrates. For this demonstration, Aerie does this with both the original Esca, as well as the Esca 2.

The newer Esca, the Esca 2 is definitely more reactive than the original one. Aerie did the same hand motion during the demos of the two toys and the Esca 2 seems like it has a stronger bluetooth connection and is a lot smoother in the way it reacts.


The Esca 2 Is Bigger, Sleeker and Vibrates Better

The Esca 2 is bigger than the original Esca, which probably means that it has a bigger battery and longer battery life. The original Esca’s battery life isn’t the best. Possibly due to the mixture of the size of the toy and the fact that the light on the original Esca is always on. The Esca 2 also feels smoother and sleeker than the original Esca. The vibrations are also deep and “rumbley”.


Testing The Esca 2 Bluetooth Connection

The next test is seeing how well the toy vibrates from a distance. Bluetooth is huge when it comes to interactive toys, especially for camming. There might be times when you move away from the phone and you want to make sure the connection is solid from across the room.

Throwing the toy onto the couch, the toy still picks up the connection and vibrates just fine. Next, Aerie throws the toy across the room. From across the room, the toy manages to connect and vibrates just fine.