Kiiroo Fuse Interactive Sex Toy Review By Camgirl Aerie Saunders

Kiiroo Fuse Review By Camgirl Aerie

Camgirl, clip producer and Webcam Startup partner Aerie Saunders unboxes and reviews the Fuse interactive sex toy by Kiiroo. If you’d like to purchase the Fuse, you can do so here.


Unboxing Of The Kiiroo Fuse

The Kiiroo Fuse comes in a pretty standard box for a sex toy. We’ve got the instructions that nobody ever reads, the sex toy itself (pink colored and a storage bag.


Connecting The Fuse To The FeelConnect App

Aerie connects the Fuse to the FeelConnect App which powers all Kiiroo interactive sex toys. The Fuse came already charged, so in a matter of minutes of opening the box, Aerie has the toy vibrating.


Aerie Gets Excited Over The Changing Colors

Aerie gets real excited over how the light changes color with the intensity. Because the toy is going to be inside you, the light on the bottom will be what members will be seeing during a cam show. This gives a light show and lets viewers know the current intensity that the toy is running at.


Kiiroo Fuse Slow-Motion Water Test

To demonstrate the level of intensity of the vibrations, Aerie places the sex toy into a glass of water and slows down the video to 67% speed. For the record; all these toys are water-resistant.

Because the Kiiroo Fuse didn’t rotate around the glass while dipped in water, we can tell that the vibrations are more coming from the tip of the toy. The vibration was really focused and the light show made it very cool.


The Price of the Kiiroo Fuse

The Kiiroo Fuse retails at $149.


Kiiroo Fuse Battery Life

The Fuse takes two hours to charge from dead to full, and on one of the higher settings, it will run for roughly an hour. The battery will hold a charge for up to 90 days.


Kiiroo Fuse Touch Setting

The Kiiroo Fuse also has a touch setting. With this setting, it’ll react to the touching and vibrate accordingly. Aerie demonstrates this by squeezing the toy with her fingers and running them up and down the toy, essentially “jerking it off”. Other modes include a steady vibration and pulsing vibrations.


Kiiroo Fuse Range Test

Aerie tests the range of the FeelConnect app and the BlueTooth toy. First she holds it away and it works. It also works throwing it to the other side of the couch, as well as the other side of the room. The toy works from all the way across the room and also handled the throw perfectly fine.


The Physical Charecteristics of the Toy

As far as girth goes, it’s actually fairly thin. It’s thickest at the end and gets skinnier down the shaft. The clit massager is very flexible and should work for anyone. The shaft of the toy is very firm and not very flexible.


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