Cosplay Camgirl and Top ManyVids Seller Lana Rain On NBC

Cosplay Camgirl and Clip Producer Lana Rain Featured On NBC

It seems like the “mainstream world” has taken a large interest in camming recently. NBC Left Field released an interview with clip producer and cam model Lana Rain on October 6th to give people who aren’t in the cam community a better idea of what it is like. This is a large step for the community, because this is one of the first sources of information that has been released from a reputable source that actually focuses on the positivity in our community. In light of recent incidents, the release of the video by NBC is quite shocking because of the negativity currently surrounding Lana and her cam identity.


Lana Rain Describes Her Persona and Life As A Camgirl

In the interview, Lana goes on to explain what being a cam girl is like and how it is personal to her. She describes how “Lana is the person she always wanted to be” and how she loved cosplay which is why she brought it into her cam career. A lot of cam girls have come forward to support her, while others are still trying to bring attention to recent incidents to “publicly shame” her. Either way, she is getting a lot of positive publicity and bringing it into the cam community which is a great thing.


Hopefully Positive Mainstream Coverage Becomes A Trend

Aside from this recent interview, it seems like the whole world wants a peek into the sex industry. There are constantly new articles circulating on popular news and journalism sites like Vice that gives the “normie” an idea of what the sex industry is like. Sadly, a lot of articles and interviews that do make it to the light of the public eye are not positive. A lot of sex workers who have gone on to regret their careers, or faced hardship in their career have a tendency to be dragged into the spotlight. This is to paint a narrative that the media wants the average person to think the sex industry is like. This NBC Left Field interview could be the start of something very special; a chain reaction of sex worker information that focuses on the successes of industry workers and not just the hardships and tragedies.


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