LiveGirl.Me Review By A Real Camgirl / Pornstar


LiveGirl.Me: Legit Or Spammy Scammer Site?

If you are a cam model or an affiliate marketer, you may have been contacted by a (very pesky) company called Upon visiting their site, you will see that they are advertising “Easily making $10k+ a month through exclusive video chat with fun guys all over the world.” That sounds appealing, right? I did some more investigating, the exclusive video chatting actually happens through an app which charges for video calls and for messaging.


Their Rates Come Out To Less Than 50%

Their site claims to pay you $1 per minute of video chat, and the smallest token bundle a user can buy is 40 tokens for $4.99. They charge 20 tokens per minute as the default, and from my understanding, there is no way to change that. So, for every 2 minutes of paid chat you will be making $2 and the app creators will be making $3. That is lower than the “industry standard” which tends to be 50%. This app already has me feeling uneasy because of that; Who are you and why do you deserve such a high percentage?


LiveGirl.Me Isn’t Compliant With App Store Policies

Another great thing about this company (sarcasm) is that they’re running an adult style app through the iTunes Store, which as we all very well know, is not allowed. Pornography apps or apps that have actual nudity are forbidden from the iTunes Store, which means this is just a problem waiting to happen. Why not integrate the chatting into a website versus having it in a place where it can easily be pulled from public access?


Applying To Become A Model

So we’ve covered the surface negatives, now onto their application process. So you fill out an “application” on their website (I did it for the sake of reporting it to those of you reading this.) Let’s see what totally professional response they had for me!


“Dear Aerie ,

Thank you for reaching out! Lively Me is one-one girl-guy video chat app. You can register as a live host and guys will pay money to do video chat with you if they are interested.

During video chat, you can do casual talk, show your talents, or do anything that you are good at. Anyway, all you do is to get the guy’s attention, make them interested and happy, keep them video chat with you as long as you could.

Your earnings will consist of 2 parts and we send payments daily:

1) Get $1 every minute you video chat with guys;
2) Get virtual gifts from guys during video chat;

Most hosts could earn $200 in just 2 hours and $3000-$6000 per month in spare time.
If interested,you can download our app with the link:

Please open it via Safari on your iPhone and upload your beautiful photo showing your face.

BTW, may I have your WhatsApp or Skype ID so that we can have a little video interview to know each other better?

Also if there is any question or confusion, you can contact me on Skype (live:b216029bb74b849e), or WhatsApp (+86 18040357795),so that I can help.

Looking forward to your reply. Hope you can join us.



Only One Other Site Requires Interviews

The only other site I know of that conducts live interviews to verify their models is CamModelDirectory and it’s a well known fact that everyone hates it. Their site application is useless because you still have to apply through the app, therefore they seem to just be stockpiling information. They also go on to estimate $3,000-$6,000 per month, but their site advertises $10k, so what happened there?


Downloading The App and Signing Up

Moving on… I downloaded the app. Upon downloading the app, the first thing I noticed is that you pay for messaging as well, but nothing is stated on the website about paying for messaging. Does that mean that the site is just pocketing messaging money? Why isn’t it clearly laid out that the model receives payment for messaging?

I had to once again apply to be an operator since the application process doesn’t carry over, rendering their website absolutely useless. Clearly, the interview on Skype isn’t mandatory either, because I run into multiple catfishes on the home page. (Pictures included for reference.)


LiveGirl.Me Catfish / Fake Accounts


Tons Of Catfish On The Messaging App

Someone was pretending to be a well known MFC cam model (Octavia May), going by “Broken Soul”. There was also a random model messaging me, that has a female picture displayed on the profile but in the chat it is a male in the profile picture. Considering the fact that this is a new app, it’s safe to assume that these people could possibly be ripping off cam models and recording the live shows and playing them off as if they’re live on the app. Or whoever they are scouting as models are catfishes, which leads me to also question the validity of the company itself.

LiveGirl.Me Fake Accounts

The model with a male in the profile picture pretending to be a female proceeded to message me multiple times, trying to entice me to respond. I refuse to spend any money on this app, but if you want to waste your time and money on catfishes, you’re more than welcome to!


Why You Should Avoid LiveGirl.Me

A word of advice: do not sign up for this app, whether you are a model or a member. There are many warning signs about this company:

  • They are reaching out to many people which means they have no industry ties/clear affiliation with anyone within the industry. This signals that they are not informed properly about adult work or the industry.
  • They are hosting catfish accounts, and clearly don’t care as long as they are making a profit from it.
  • They are using the iTunes Store, where nudity and pornography are against ToS.
  • Their values don’t add up when projecting estimated earnings.
  • There is no specified payout method or FAQ within their website.
  • The girls listed as “Our Girls” on their website are photos stolen from Instagram.
  • If you work with this company you are subject to being shut down at any given time due to iTunes shutting them down. They also do not collect ID so they aren’t 2257 compliant. Beware of!


LiveGirl.Me Alternatives

If you were considering signing up for LiveGirl.Me, don’t! There are too many red flags to list! If you want to get started as a model, check out our list of camming sites and phone sex sites. There’s plenty of options out there that let you get paid from live streaming, or from your mobile phone, if that’s what you’re after.