Lucy’s Novelties Review / Unboxing (The Magic Wand Chair)

Lucy's Novelties: The Magic Wand Chair

Lucy’s Novelties: The Magic Wand Chair Review

Unboxing and review of the The Magic Wand Chair by Lucy’s Novelties (their site is currently down, perhaps out of business?). Setting up the Magic Wand Chair is easy. Once unboxed, it sets up just like any other chair would. The chair looks and feels sturdy.


Mounting Vibrators To The Magic Want Chair

The chair has a hole in the top of it. Any sex toy can be mounted to the bottom of it. There’s grips at the bottom of the hole that’s designed specifically for the Hitachi Magic Wand. Although it’s designed for the magic wand, other sex toys can be mounted on the chair as well.

Aerie grabs her vibrator to test out the Magic Want Chair. There’s two main things to adjust the clamps. There’s a wing-nut that can be adjusted, and a lever that makes the chair clamp down on the toy. Pro-tip: When adding your magic wand to the chair, make sure the buttons are facing out and not covered by the clamps.


Clamps Have A Real Firm Grip

When set correctly, the clamps have a real firm grip on the vibrator. Aerie can shake the chair and the toy without the toy budging from the chair. If the thickness isn’t set properly, the vibrator will either move if it’s too loose or it’s possible to damage or imprint some toys if the settings are too tight.

The clamps appear to be a plastic or rubber-like material. The material isn’t slick, so the toys won’t move once gripped. They’re also soft enough to not scratch or damage the toys. The divots on the toy also work to grab anything clamped down.

It doesn’t need to be a wand-type sex toy. It could also be a dildo clamped into the chair a s well.


The Hole / Toy Positioning Is Perfect For Aerie

The positioning of the hole is perfect for Aerie. When sitting in the chair, the sex toy is right on her entire vaginal area. Not all body types are the same though, but it’s possible to adjust where the chair is holding the vibrator, either moving it up or down. It’s also possible to set it super low and sit on top of the vibrator.


Can Be Used For BDSM and Vanilla

Aerie thinks the chair would be perfect for BDSM / bondage / forced organism, but the chair can also be used for vanilla toy content or camming shows as well.


Buying Vs Building Your Own

Although it would be possible to create your own chair, the clamp mechanism is fairly complex and would be difficult for anyone who’s not a serious handyman to replicate. Would it be possible? Yes. Easy? It’s a little more complex that drilling a hole in a chair. So for the price point of $170, it’s worth it.


Offers Hands-Free Vibrating

Because the sex toys are clamped into the chair, it leaves both hands free to do something else. When camming, you’re usually multi-tasking. It could be messaging people on the site, tweeting or something completely different, but it’s always nice to have both hands available to do something else. This makes the hands-free aspect to Lucy’s Novelties Magic Wand Chair very convenient.