Madam Dolly: One Stop Shop for Female Sex Dolls

Anna – a customization ready sex doll available on Madam Dolly

Madam Dolly: Even Better the Real Thing! Quality female sex dolls

Madam Dolly is a Canadian owned and operated sex doll company, operating in the sex doll capital of the world: Guangdong, China. Their staff personally inspects each doll produced, to ensure quality. Their team is there to answer your questions personally and try to provide the best sex doll purchasing experience possible. Purchasing a doll comes with a pretty hefty price tag, so you want a dedicated team to help walk you through it and ensure the quality is up to your standards!

What are Madam Dolly Dolls made of?

Madam Dolly dolls are comprised of TPE Ultra 3.0 which is claimed to be the most realistic and durable skin like material in the sex toy industry. The TPE is shaped and molded over a stainless steel “skeleton” to provide your doll with a functioning foundation. They are waterproof and all body parts can be moved independently!

Peyton – a sex doll available from Madam Dolly

What are the advantages of Madam Dolly’s TPE dolls?

Value – Good value for money; significantly cheaper than silicone dolls
Life-like appearance – Our dolls look just like they do in the photos.
Smooth/Soft texture – Used in many ergonomic items – medical, electrical, appliance – proving it is very soft and smooth to handle
Squeezable – Elastic features gives it a life-like texture with just enough ‘jiggle’.
Oil-free surface – No more need to apply baby powder
Can retain warmth – Able to retain body warmth making it more realistic when warmed up
Hypoallergenic – Unlikely to cause allergic reactions.
Odorless material – No odor or weird smells you get from other material such as jelly or rubber
Waterproof – Can be bathed in the shower or drenched with water based lubricants
Durable and tear resistant – with proper care our dolls will last ten years or more

Where can I buy a Madam Dolly sex doll?

Madam Dolly sex dolls are available on the Madam Dolly website. Use coupon code “webcamstartup” to save $50 off the entire order. No limitations or restrictions. Dolls on sale can cost as little as $999, which is a great investment for ten years of potential use. The customization options for Madam Dolly dolls will help you build your perfect doll. You can change the skin tone, eye color, give her the ability to stand, add a warming system, and give her an intelligent sound system. With 16 categories to chose from, you’ll be sure to find the doll that’s right for you!

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