Camgirls: Make Money Off Private Instagram by Aerie_SM

Instagram For Camgirls

Instagram Is The New Private Snapchat Alternative

Running a private Instagram is the new popular subscription to sell, thanks to Snapchat cracking down on adult performers. Running an adult Instagram is not as easy as you may think, although it has many awesome benefits in comparison to Snapchat, it also has some negatives. So let’s touch on the positives first:


How To Use Instagram Live

Instagram has a “live” feature, very similar to live camming. This can really increase the value of having a subscription to your profile due to the intimate nature of live communications. You can also “highlight” your live story so it saves to your story for the following 24 hours. This gives all of your members a chance to catch it, just in case they missed it. Instagram also notifies your followers when you go live, so your viewers won’t be left out when you go live.


Instagram Stories: Behaves Just Like Snapchat Stories

The story feature on Instagram is pretty much the exact same as Snapchat, although Snapchat does have cuter graphics (sorry Instagram, but we’re breaking your TOS anyway so does it really matter if we trash talk at this point?) BUT Instagram has more “customizable” features within their story, such as more photo filters, lots of graphics, and customizable fonts. It also features the ability to run polls and hashtag your stories (although I wouldn’t suggest hashtagging due to the accounts explicit nature, plus your account will be on private anyway so it won’t do much.)


How To Use The Instagram Feed

Outside of the story and live options, you also have your feed which is what is always displayed on your page. Did you do an incredible show and your members couldn’t get enough? Make sure you enable the ability to save to your camera roll after a story or live show, and you can post it to your feed (maximum time is one minute but you can split them up) and then the video will always be there for your members to view! Having an off day and don’t want to post? You’ll still have a variety of content that can be easily viewed so you don’t have to feel so bad.
Like I mentioned though, there are some negatives:


Instagram Has A Nudity Detector! (Titties and Pussy)

Instagram has a nude sensor. I guess the more proper way to address it would be a “nudity algorithm” and it seems like no matter what they are always able to detect nipples and pussy in a photo. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your feed or story, they will remove it. (Although I first started playing around with it and had 3 photos removed but my account remained active so they clearly aren’t as cruel as Snapchat is with auto-bans!)


Nude Sensors Don’t Apply To Video?

It seems like this tool doesn’t apply to video, I have only had one video removed and the only notable things about it were that my body remained nude in the same position which could’ve triggered the sensor, and the video was upright. I haven’t had any problem with my videos filmed at an angle, and even some other upright ones.¬†Find your stuff getting removed often? Try flipping it so it’s sideways.


Instagram Is More “Public” Than Snapchat Is

Instagram is more public than Snapchat is. Your subscribers will be able to see the other people subscribed to you. If your subscribers like your posts, the other members will see. So it isn’t very private. Although with Snapchat’s update of additional stories, they could see each others usernames, Instagrams tend to be way more personal and often have personal information about members locations or families. The best thing to suggest is if your customers are worried about privacy they can make their account private so people must be approved to follow them, or they can always create a “pornstagram” for their porn needs. A lot of girls are switching to Instagram and it’d probably just be more convenient if they hopped on the bandwagon with their internet persona anyway!


Sites For Selling Instagram Subscriptions

Many sites are supporting the sale of private Instagrams now, especially with the Snapchat update tanking many views and becoming very unfriendly to the users. The new update means that if you aren’t posting once every 20 minutes, you’re not appearing on the top of the list of stories to view. To find your story the customer has to either search for you, search through the various stories of their friends and their chats to find you, or search in the “news” tab for your story and try to avoid accidentally clicking the clickbait articles about Kylie Jenner and horoscopes and juice cleanses. Snapchat has basically become chaos, and people are not liking it.

If you’re interested in selling your private Instagram, FanCentro makes it super easy to do so. You can also do it via IndieBill or any other site where you can make your own listing for sale. Membershyp is another option to look into.