Adult Snapchat: Combine Public / Premium Accounts

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Important Update: Snapchat has released an update since this post has been written. This update makes running a public / premium on the same account *MUCH* easier. Learn more about using stories for premium Snapchat!


Easily Manage A Public / Private Snapchat On One Account

A lot of models struggle keeping two separate Snapchat accounts active; one for promotion purposes and one for paid members. It is very daunting (having done it myself) and can leave one account looking sparse and inactive in comparison to the other. This can be easily overcome by combining your accounts into one account, but not many girls know how to do this, or if they do they’re scared that people will see their private posts.

Here is a step by step guide to setting up your account to make your life easier, and your Snapchat active.


Select Which Snapchat Account You’ll Be Using

Pick the account you’ll be using. Most people use their pre-existing private account, because it is easier and you already have all of your paid members as “friends.”


Learn The Snapchat Settings / Controls

Learn your controls. When you swipe down on the main screen there will be a little gear in the top right corner, click it. Scroll down to the “who can…” section and this is where controlling your Snapchat will be done.


Post Public Snaps To “Everyone” / Private Snaps To “Friends Only”

Set your controls. When you want to post on public, your settings should be “everyone” can view your story, if you want private posts for paid members you can either switch it to “friends only” or do a custom setting. You can also change who has the ability to chat with you, if that is part of your private membership or just don’t feel very chatty.


Brainstorm A Protocol For Snapchatting

Develop a habit. The worst part of doing this is when you’re trying to advertise something and end up posting in friends only, or accidentally post a nude under public settings. To avoid this, my advice would be to always go back when you’re done doing your show or posts and set it back to “everyone”. That way, you will always log in knowing what setting it’s on. If you’re not in a rush it can’t hurt to double check!


Advertise Your Snapchat Accounts

Now that you have a public/private combo it becomes easier to keep track of people, add people, and draw attention! If someone chats you that they’ve paid for access you can easily check and add them without having to log out and switch accounts.

Doing snapchat takeovers and sharing your snapcode will make your public snapchat gain many viewers and will help increase your audience. A lot of accounts also do shoutouts for shoutouts on snapcodes!


Optional – Create A Custom Snapcode

if you’re feeling fancy, make yourself a special snapcode! By using a basic editor (like you can crop your snapcode, change the color of it, add your username to it, or even add images inside of the ghost!


More Information On Selling Snapchat Access

Now that you know how to manage a public / private Snapchat, learn more about selling Snapchat access. Premium adult Snapchat is very popular and profitable. There’s also many networks out there that make it easy to sell Snapchat subscriptions. See what tools and networks are available for selling Snapchat subscriptions.

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