ManyVids Community Awards Come to a Close – #CommunityOverContests Carries On


The ManyVids Community Awards have come to a close, but the #CommunityOverContests protest intends to carry on

The ManyVids Community awards took place from June 25th through July 5th, 2021. The contest saw many participants and although not everyone was involved in the #CommunityOverContests protest, the protestors can be clearly seen on every single category within the community awards. As expected the protestors did not place as finalists due to denying paid votes but there are finalists that are supportive of the protest and encouraging ManyVids to listen to their community. While this contest is over, the protestors are encouraging performers to continue using future contests as a way to draw attention from ManyVids by continuing to utilize the graphics and photos they made for the protest as well as incentivizing members to visit your profile and utilize the “Make it Rain” feature to tip instead of the contest vote functionality.

ManyVids has still not responded to the Open Letter proposed by performers

In a group chat on Twitter, the protestors organized an Open Letter to ManyVids to address the concerns that were overlooked in their initial reaction to the protest. It is unclear if ManyVids has seen the letter, although it was commented on their social media pages and blog posts multiple times by various performers. ManyVids is yet to address the rebuttal to their announcement of “listening to their community” and protestors intend to carry on until ManyVids replies to this letter.