ManyVids: MV Girl Accounts Vs Producer Accounts by Aerie_SM

Aerie Lovee

Should You Switch From An MV Girl To A Producer Account?

Do you use ManyVids? Are you not so happy with your rank? Do you produce a lot of content collabs? You may not be using ManyVids as well as you could be. The best way to improve your ranking and traffic possibilities is by considering making a Producer account as opposed to a MV Star account, but why?


Less Competition For Producers Vs MV Girls

The competition among producers is far less. There are only about 1,200 producers while there are over 11,000 MV Girls. This means improving your rank is much easier, for example: since I just opened my producer account I’ve only made $13, and I’m ranked 227 for the month. If I was a regular MV Girl I’d estimate I’d be in the 900-1,000 rank with that amount.


Can Post Content Of Other People (Including B/B and Trans)

The other great thing about a producer account, if you record a video for others and it’s a trade shoot, you can technically post content you are not even in. You can also post every type of content (b/g, g/g, threeways, orgies, b/b, trans, and solo) as opposed to an MV Girl account where you can’t post b/b or trans content. Since you are able to post content that belongs to you, you can also use this (gearing specifically towards Domme’s here) to post clips of your subs completing tasks for you. As long as they sign a model release you are good to go! This gives you the ability to post more content with a higher variety than you would be able to with just an MV Girl account.


Producer Accounts Can Participate In Contests

Oh no, but you love contests? No worries, producers can still participate. Producers can do pretty much every single thing an MV Girl can do, they are just ranked separately from MV Girls. You can still sell services, videos, goods and photosets. The only thing that is really different is that ManyVids seems to have “preferential” treatment of MV Girls (it’s the first thing that pops up when you click MV Stars) but aside from that there is virtually no difference. Since they are ranked differently, your odds of getting into the top producers and earning a monthly prize also increases.


Producer Are Eligible For The New Cummer Badge

Another great perk is you can also have a solo account while having a producer account Do a lot of collabs or fetishes and want them in different places? Try out a producer account on top of your solo account. Since this will also be a new account, you can take advantage of the “New Cummer” badge and cross promote your accounts! If you’re tired of the ridiculous amounts of money it takes to be well ranked as an MV Girl, being a producer might just change your perspective of ManyVids!


More Information On Becoming An MV Girl / Producer