Meet My Co-Star: Lilith Rose

Meet My Co-Star, Porn Step Sister, and Best Friend… Lilith Rose (LilithRoseXxX)

You’ve seen her in my videos, right? If you haven’t browsed through my Exclusive Store yet then maybe you’ve missed it, but Lilith is in nearly half of my videos I’ve ever made. Lilith, Lily, LilithRoseXxX… all of the names of one of my favorite people! I have known Lilith since very early on in my career when we connected through Twitter because it was pointed out to us that we were very similar. Ever since that time we have gone on to make loads of videos, photos, and cam shows together and not letting the distance keep us apart. That is a major feat because the distance is very far, with her home base being in Illinois and my own being in South Carolina it is hard to get together but we’ve made sure we do so as often as we can!

The chemistry in our clips is very clear to see, unlike a lot of performers that just masturbate next to each other (no hate, not everyone likes pussy) Lilith and myself are in love with each other as best friends and that slutty best friend energy shines through very heavily in all of the porn we’ve ever made together. If you’re looking for a hot alternative BBW model to support, look no further than Lilith!

Get to know Lilith Rose

Want to know more about Lilith? You should interact with her, besides being my best friend she also makes amazing solo and boy/girl content that you NEED to check out!

Where can you find Lilith online?

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My favorite videos with Lilith

Want to check out some of my favorite videos with Lilith? These are my absolute favorites!

Sluts Lost in the Woods
This video is my favorite of all time, it is JUST LIKE US to get actually lost in the woods. You read that right, it wasn’t just for a funny porn title… we really got lost in the freaking woods. All the while we filmed and had fun! We even had to use Pokemon Go maps to find our way out because there was no signal but that was working. It was also great because my other best friend (and sometimes co-star) Brantley Blaze was the camera-woman!

Fucking my BFs Side Bitch 2
I love this video because Lilith really helped to bring my silly idea to life. I saw a lot of cheating videos were trending online at the time and with the help of a fan I came up with the idea of “fucking my boyfriends side bitch” because… why not? It gets the cheating part, the roleplay part, and I get to fuck Lilith with a strap-on. That’s a winner.

Amateur Selfie Stick Lesbians
This video is another favorite because it was completely unscripted. We got offline from a cam show and decided to film a fun little video on our phones, with selfie sticks in hand we masturbated together and just had fun!