How The Snapchat Update Made Premium Accounts Easier


New Snapchat Upgrade Makes Premium Accounts Easier

Upgrades have been made to Snapchat! Why is that adult news? Well, these new upgrades make hosting a premium story MUCH easier than ever before all from one account! No more stress of managing two accounts or having to switch between friends only and public view! So how does all this magic work?


How The New Snapchat Stories Work:

  • Open Snapchat and swipe left so you’re on the screen where you can view your friends stories and your own story.
  • Click the circle with a + in the middle in the top right corner (the background behind it is purple)
  • Name your story! Good names include “(Your Name’s) Premium” because the viewer only sees the name of the story in the list of available stories.
  • If you’re using it for premium, do not worry about making a Geofence, or adding people to the “who can add?” section… assuming none of your friends will be adding to the story. (But the cool thing is, you can now get your girl gang together and sell access to a story that you ALL post premium stuff too!)
  • The “who can view?” part is where you will add the members who buy access! Then you create your story!


Benefits To The New Snapchat Stories

What are the benefits to this? It makes running a premium account so much easier! You can also host different premium stories as well, such as people paying for b/g content versus solo content, and post them to different stories. You can also get a group of friends together to add to one “master” story and sell access to that, imagine how much money you can make on 10 girls posting to one story?


Downsides To The New Snapchat Stories

There are some downsides, members can see the other members of the group. This may cause a privacy issue, but a majority of people won’t really care. But aside from that it really is a great new addition to Snapchat that is a total life saver for sex workers! Thanks Snapchat!


Not Already Selling Premium Snapchat Accounts? Get Started!

Not already selling premium accounts? Get started today! There’s tons of networks for selling premium Snapchat subscriptions. These sites make it easy to accept payments for monthly subscriptions. This includes all monthly rebills, and you can manage different pricing tiers. Many sites also contain directories that help get you more exposure and sales.