New Streamate Features: Cammodel Redesign and Mobile Streaming


Streamate Announces Some New (Mobile Focused) Features

This month Streamate has rolled out a bunch of new updates, this is the message sent out to models regarding the updates:


Important updates for all Streamate Models.

New Videos for Sale Option!

In our September Newsletter we announced the new video manager, which lets you upload free videos to your profile and keep private videos you can share with your viewers. Today we added a new option to list videos for sale! When a member visits your profile, they’ll be able to see your free public videos, and they’ll also be able to purchase for-sale videos at the price that you set. When a video is purchased, you’ll automatically earn 50% of the listed price!

You can pick this option when you upload a new video, or click “Edit” on an existing video to change where it appears. Select the visibility option “Post to profile for sale,” and then pick a price. Once the video is approved, it will be listed on your profile with that price. When a member purchases a video, it will be added to their library to watch anytime. You can still share for-sale videos at any time with members of your choice to add it to their video library for free.

We’ve updated the Video Manager help page with new details about this feature! As a reminder, all your videos, whether they are public, private, or listed for sale, need to follow the content and file guidelines. We now request that you only share videos using this tool, and not through any other sites or outside links. Read the full page for more info, and make sure you follow all tips listed on the upload page.

Give this new feature a try, and we hope you have a lot of fun video ideas to tempt your audience. We’d love to hear what you think! Send us feedback to let us know what you love and what you think could be improved about the updated video manager.


New Interactive Toy Attribute

Do you use interactive toys or vibrators that your audience can help control? We just added a new “Interactive Vibrator” option to your kinky attributes page! To change your attributes, go to your performer dashboard and look for the “My Profile” section. Click “Edit Kinky Attributes” to pick up to five of the options.

Members will be able to see “Interactive Vibrator” on your profile and can ask about it. We’re keeping a close eye on this trend so we can add more ways for members to search or browse for interactive toys in the future.


Help Us Test Features Early

Do you want to see new options early and help us improve? On your performer dashboard, find the “My Account” section and click on “Account Preferences.” Look for the option to “Opt in to test new features” and flip it to “Yes.” When we want to test an upcoming feature, we’ll use this list to pick performers to get early access and try it out.

We want to send a big thank you to the performers who have already signed up! Just recently, a handful of performers got the new video-for-sale option a few weeks early. Based on their usage and feedback, we were able to make some improvements before today’s release. Your feedback really helps us know when we’re on the right track!


Cammodels Design Update

The Cammodels site has been updated with an improved design! Viewers watching you through the Cammodels site will have a smoother and more modern experience. This is also a great time to remind you to use your Cammodels link when you promote yourself around the web. You can increase your earnings if new members join through your link! You can read more about the Cammodels program here.


Cam2Cam Is Now On Mobile!

We recently made a few big updates to Cam2Cam. All C2C requests now include an automatic check to verify the member’s camera and increase stability. C2C should now work better than ever for you and your members on desktop.

We’re also starting to unlock this feature for mobile viewers! Many viewers on mobile devices will now see a camera icon near your video. They can tap the icon to start Cam2Cam and send video using their phone’s camera! This feature will roll out to more mobile users over time.


Streaming from Your Phone? New Compatible iOS App

Many performers have let us know they’re interested in streaming from a mobile device, so we’re excited to tell you about a new iOS app that is compatible with your Streamate Models account!

Neon Live Streaming is an app for iPhone that lets you send video to compatible streaming services. The app is still being developed, but it has the basics to run a mobile stream. Want to give it a try? We created the Neon Live Streaming for Mobile page to walk you through the steps to get started.

Neon Live Streaming allows you to stream adult content, but is not an adult-focused app. To keep their store page family friendly, we ask that you don’t leave ratings mentioning adult sites or adult content. If you have any feedback or issues, follow the steps on the Neon Live Streaming for Mobile page to submit feedback right from the app.

You can contact us if you have any questions or feedback about the topics above.

Streamate Models Support


Great New Updates – But Leaves Some Questions Unanswered

These are all great updates, and being released so soon after Streamate’s offline tipping update, it goes to show that Streamate is finally listening to their model base! It is still unclear about whether or not affiliate links will count towards earnings for the videos. The payout percentage for videos is 50% but it is still unclear if someone signed up through your cammodels affiliate link if you’ll also receive the addition 40% commission. When I reached out to Streamate via Tweet through social media, I received no answer.


My Experience Beta-Testing The Neon Live App

I was one of the first people to ever beta test the Neon Live Streaming app for Streamate when they first began working with it. While this is a cool feature, it still hasn’t totally integrated all parts of streaming into the phone itself. You still have to be logged in to your Streamate account on the computer to view the chat and accept shows. The app on your phone acts like an encoder. It is also strange that they would partner with an app that isn’t “adult focused” and ask models to not submit ratings regarding adult work. Could this be yet another app that will use sex workers to grow and then banish us?