OnlyFans Rolls Out Stories and “Go Live”

Popular Fan Club Platform OnlyFans has Added Stories and a Live Cam Feature!

OnlyFans is a premium social network that gives creators the opportunity to earn from reoccuring subscriptions. Your profile and feed on the OnlyFans site is locked, until someone pays the subscription cost to unlock it and it remains unlocked until their paid month has come to an end, at which point they can re-subscribe or allow their subscription to run out. Subscribers now get the added benefit of viewing stories the model uploads or live streams the model hosts.


How Do Stories Work on OnlyFans?

Stories on OnlyFans work very similarly to Instagram, except it is integrated into the OnlyFans platform. For members the story feature appears at the top of their timeline or at the top of a models profile. Similarly to Instagram, you are also able to highlight specific stories so they will continue to appear on your profile and don’t run out after 24 hours. To use stories, you must go to your OnlyFans dashboard and press the “Add to Story” button which is below the uploader. Alternatively, you can also add by going to the page where you make a post and it will be at the bottom there. To add to story from mobile, you press the button and can take a photo or video OR upload from your camera roll. From desktop, you are only able to add a file from your computer, you are unable to add straight from webcam. To create a highlight, go to your profile and select “add to highlight” and select the story you’d like to feature, then create a title and save. The only complaint Webcam Startup has for OnlyFans stories is that they don’t have cute filters or the option to add text to the story like Instagram. This is a call to action, give us some cute stuff OnlyFans!


How Does the Go Live Feature on OnlyFans work?

To “Go Live” on OnlyFans, you should be able to press the blue “Go Live” button in the uploader area. It can be accessed on your dashboard or from the posting page. OnlyFans had this feature available for only “top earners” for some time, but it was recently rolled out to even more accounts. If you haven’t received the feature yet, it’s possible you haven’t reached the income threshold to activate it.


More Information On OnlyFans

Interested in becoming an OnlyFans influencer? You can either signup here or learn more about the platform by checking out the link below. OnlyFans is a high-percentage platform for running a fanclub. OnlyFans builds a residual income through the monthly rebills. The more subscribers you have, the more you earn!