Camgirl / Pornstar 101: OnlyFans versus Snapchat, and why OnlyFans is better

As a cam model or porn creator, offering membership subscriptions is a great form of passive income

Offering membership subscriptions for customers that want to pay a monthly fee to access special content which is usually exclusive is a great way to make additional income on top of other things like camming and releasing clips regularly. While some people do manage to make subscriptions their full time gig, it isn’t super common due to the fact that most subscription based services don’t come with built in internal traffic. There are some good options for internal based traffic platforms that allow you to opt in to receiving traffic for a loss of earnings revenue (JustForFans and ModelCentro) but most people glide over those and go straight to the big and trendy subscriptions which are Snapchat and OnlyFans. Due to their popularity, Snapchat and OnlyFans have gained footing in the vanilla work as a “quick cash grab” with many jokes and memes about giving in and “starting a premium” or “starting an OnlyFans.” So let’s cut straight to it, is it really that easy? Which is better?

OnlyFans versus Snapchat for Adult Industry Subscriptions, which is better?

While Snapchat remained the commonplace go-to for peddling nudes from as far back into my career (early 2015) as I can remember, recently they’ve gone through some major changes in how they are handling adult on their platform. The major fall off in Snapchat started with the “story update” that changed the way that Snapchat stories were viewed and caused many major accounts with large followings to take a negative hit to their views which impacted the ability to utilize these accounts for promotion. Many customers also found it hard to find the stories of people that they were subscribed to, and it was altogether a really shitty changed in user experience on the app. Along with those changes came the “swipe up links” which many performers found useful, until Snapchat started using these links to track who was promoting adult links and using this information to hand out warnings and platform bans. It has even been speculated that Snapchat now even tracks the text that you include in your captions and will flag you for using “hot terms” like OnlyFans, PornHub, ManyVids, Porn, Nudes, etc. On top of all that nonsense, they’ve even started reaching out to performers with domains that include the words “Snap” or “Snapchat” in them in order to threaten legal action for offering adult services in pairing with their platform… ouch. That’s not speculation, baby. They sent me a very scary email! How does OnlyFans fit in to all of this? The sudden burst of OnlyFans popularity started around the same time that Snapchat started cracking down. Seasoned performers headed to OnlyFans as their new adult-friendly safe haven for offering subscriptions. Within the community it even became a running joke that if your Snapchat was deleted “we guess you’re headed to OnlyFans now!” It makes sense because OnlyFans has some perks that Snapchat does not: ADULT FRIENDLY! This is so important. If you utilize an adult friendly platform, your chance of losing your money will never truly be 0% because unfortunately shit happens, but shit is way less likely to happen on a platform that allows the stuff you are selling on it! There’s the other bonus, internal charging! With Snapchat, since they are not adult friendly, there was no ability to handle payments internally. It always needed to be routed through a selling/tipping platform, which is an added step that can scare customers away if they don’t want to create too many accounts on porn sites or are scared to share their payment information with platforms that you prefer to use for payments. Due to those two MAJOR points, OnlyFans is clearly the better subscription platform in comparison to Snapchat.

If I’m a new performer, should I use OnlyFans or Snapchat?

If you’re a new performer, you should use BOTH! Having a public Snapchat where you do not post nudity and only post SFW teases is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your OnlyFans, and since the name of the game for subscription platforms is bringing your own traffic, having social media accounts on many platforms and also utilizing a cam or clip site with internal traffic to cross promote your OnlyFans is one of the many keys to success. Whether you decide to use OnlyFans or Snapchat, it is not easy money and you have the burden of bringing traffic to your services which means getting active on social media, and trying out sites where they provide internal traffic which many cam and clip sites do. It’s not as easy as “I want to sell nudes, how do I join?” It takes effort, branding building, advertising, and patience!