Open Letter to ManyVids Regarding Contests and the #CommunityOverContests Hashtag

Open Letter to ManyVids Decision-Makers regarding Contests and the #CommunityOverContests Hashtag

You recently responded to our call for action and while we have your attention we wanted to focus it onto goals that you seemed to overlook in your post. You claimed to be listening, but it is very clear that you were only willing to give your performers the bare minimum – likely in hopes that the protest against the platform would cease. We understand that searching through the hashtag on social media and reading descriptions may not make all of our points clear so we are reaching out to you to list our concerns that you did not address in your response to our protest.

Raising the Payout of Contest Votes to 80%

Contest votes are currently only paying out at 60%, and rewarding performers for free votes still does not address the large pay gap between contest votes and tips. Performers are not required to offer incentives for votes which means the votes are NOT a service, they are TIPS. As an ethical site that boasts 80% payout on tips, it is out of line to continue only paying out 60% of contest votes.

Removal of Payout Fees

ManyVids recently introduced fees to receive payouts, this should ideally be covered by the percentage that we pay when selling our content. If the funds from our content sales is not high enough to cover payout fees, ManyVids should reconsider the impact their changes have had on the platform and the ability for performers to sell enough content in order to cover the payment fees with the percentage they are paying.

Exposure for ALL Performers

Your response to the protest did very little to bring attention, traffic, and exposure to the performers on your platform. While we understand that rewarding your top sellers and most “popular” performers makes sense to incentivize them to continue using the platform, we would also like to request you give promotion opportunities to ALL performers on the platform. This does not just mean hot girls with low ranks because they prioritize other sites, it means the MV Boys, Trans, and Producers who are often overlooked in terms of exposure because ManyVids hand picks performers that fit their “image.” The “image” of ManyVids is the performers, ALL OF THEM.

Return of the MV Blog and MV Tube

This point goes hand in hand with the last point we made regarding exposure, because ManyVids has taken away performers ability to get exposure on our own terms by providing us with opportunities to promote ourselves within the MV Blog and MV Tube. The responsibility falls on ManyVids to equally promote performers without these essential tools.

Return MV Score to Content Only OR Remove Score Altogether

In your response, you removed contests from the MV Score, but you have failed to remove other features from the score that are not tied to the intent of ManyVids – which is to sell content. Scores can be a fun way to incentivize ourselves to try harder to achieve certain ranks, but it becomes unfair when you put conflicted categories of adult work within the same scoring system. Having separate scores OR removing scores altogether / giving performers the ability to make their score private would be a great solution to this.

Fix Ongoing Site Issues

The search functionality on the site has been BROKEN for a while, in addition to other small issues that have come up (like contest tweets replacing performers with a different performer.) While we understand that site issues happen and no site will ever be “perfect” due to the complicated nature of website design and development, we ask that our complaints are taken seriously and not replied to with generic copy and paste messages asking us to clear cookies when the problem is a widespread issue. We also ask that ManyVids utilize some of the “bonus money” they’d use for awarding contest winners into hiring more developers or giving their current developers a raise to increase the efficiency of technical fixes on the site.

Please respond to your performers and let us know you hear us by addressing our actual concerns

Your performers understand that some things are out of your control when it comes to bank fees, payment processing, and general technological mishaps. While we understand that, we feel as though it has reached a point where things are clearly in your control but you are happy with them because they work in your favor. 80% is the new standard for tips, and honestly content, thanks to the rise of fanclub platforms like OnlyFans. If ManyVids does not listen to it’s performers and at the very least increase all tipping functions (which includes contest votes) on the platform to 80%, ManyVids may lose a great deal of their audience, performers and customers included.

You said that you are listening, so please continue to do so. Address these concerns that have been neatly laid out for you, if you can’t provide what your performers ask, tell them why. You claim to be an ethical platform, but recently communication has been on par with every other site. If you aren’t any better than other sites in terms of earnings, support, communication, exposure, and efficiency then why should we be accepting less from you than we get from others?