Editors Choice: Our Best Blogs of 2020

2020 has been a year for blogging here at Webcam Startup

This year has been a long and stressful year to say the least, with most of the world and economy being impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic things in the adult industry online have been different. Some things have been better, some things have been worse, but with social distancing on the table it has been a fantastic year for blogging and getting more tips and guides to our readers. The team at Webcam Startup wishes you a happy and healthy new year and we hope to bring you even more helpful content in 2021, but in the meantime let’s recap our best blogs of 2020:

Our Fan Favorite – Beginners Guide to OnlyFans: Tips and Tricks For Success

Our most viewed guide of 2020 was the Beginners Guide to Onlyfans: Tips and Tricks for Success. It’s no surprise, during the pandemic OnlyFans saw a massive jump in popularity and was name dropped by many celebrities and popular online creators. OnlyFans essentially became the new “premium snap” in 2020 and became a mainstream name for fan club platforms.

Our OnlyFans guide was created by Aerie Saunders in March at the beginning of COVID and since its publish has received over 70,000 unique page views. It includes information about cushion content, discounts, deciding pricing, and more.

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COVID Collaborations: Keeping Your Distance while Keeping Your Income

This article submitted by contributor Alec Hardy couldn’t have come at a better time, with growing stress due to the pandemic creators were looking for a way to continue collaborating while respecting the social distancing measures put in place to keep everyone healthy and safe. The blog includes tips for collaborating like long distance skype sessions, virtual threesomes/foursomes, utilizing remote toys, doing duo live shows on OnlyFans, and more. It served as a terrific reminder that just because the industry is changing due to COVID, it doesn’t mean that performers have to stop networking!

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How to make your first $100 on Pornhub

In this blog by Katy Churchill, she reviews the ways to utilize Pornhub to make it beneficial and profitable as a creator. Pornhub has become an undeniable force in the adult industry with their large base of traffic and has proven to be a great way for indie performers to market and promote their online services. Pornhubs in house clip site Modelhub has also become a force to reckon with as a popular clip site for performers that is built in to the Pornhub platform which helps to boost traffic to content. Katy gives great tips on how to actually make money on Pornhub which is something that creators struggle with because of the ad revenue viewshare based system.

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California AB2257 allows “performance artists” to remain independent contractors without AB5 interference

California’s Assembly Bill 5 rocked the industry and caused many performers to actually lose their main camming platforms (specifically Cams.com and Streamate,) so when the news of AB2257 came out it was a day worth celebrating. Many performers were finally able to return to their favorite cam sites and stream on them again, after months of uncertainty. Most notably: Streamate models in California were able to return to the platform after the widespread “firing” that took place and conditional hiring of models into CalGems which was alleged to be a Streamate owned studio.

Learn more: AB2257 passes in California

10 Reasons You Aren’t Making Money as a Cam Model / Pornstar

This blog submitted by Asia Drake was a wake up call that many performers definitely needed to read! Sometimes you can get stuck in a rut as a performer and when the money stops coming in you’ll find yourself questioning what you’re doing wrong, and this post is here ready to call you out and it isn’t shy! This honest post isn’t for the weak of heart but if you read through it you may find out you’ve been impacting your own money flow in a negative way and it is worth a read!

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Racism and Racial Fetishization in the Indie Adult Industry

The issue of racism in the adult industry is one that exists but isn’t always talked about, luckily we were able to find 3 amazing people willing to participate in an interview regarding their experiences with racial discrimination and how their race impacts their experience in the adult industry. The interview discussed things like racial fetishization, categories and terminology in regards to race, race play, “reverse racism,” lack of representation for varieties of races in the industry and more! A big thank you LeiraDaizy, and Krystal for participating in this interview.

Learn more: Racism and Racial Fetishization in the Indie Adult Industry

Those are our 2020 favorites, but there is more to come in 2021!

We have big plans of more content to bring to you in 2021, but if you have any suggestions or requests please leave a comment! We will also continue to keep you updated with current events on our newly launched website WCSU News and through the Camland Podcast and WCSU Webinar that can be found on our YouTube Channel. We appreciate your ongoing support!