Pirates Using ManyVids Memberships To Steal Content by Aerie_SM

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Pirate Site Using ManyVids Memberships To Steal Videos

Do you offer a membership option on your ManyVids profile? Well you better go delete it right now! A pirate website has sprung up using a variation of ManyVids name and has bought memberships (for access to all videos) from 368 models and is currently totaling 26,497 videos. They are attacking and stealing from not only top models, but every model who has a decent to cheap priced membership. They are also taking advantage of MV Contests with a donation option for all videos that is low priced.


Website Can’t Be Identified By WHOIS

The website itself is very securely protected. By doing a brief search on WHOIS, it is clear that they have covered their tracks, as they should since what they are doing is highly illegal. They are non-compliant 2257 record-keeping requirements, not to mention they are stealing and reposting videos which is a violation of Copyright Laws.


This Site Seems Focused On Profits and Revenge

Usually pirate sites are focused on one thing: profit. But this website seems to not only desire profit, but revenge. Here is an example taken from the site that is written on the home page:

“Special shout out goes to Hannah Brooks, too. She’s one of the most popular MV girls despite being pudgy, having a pixie cut that makes her look 20 years older, and having a less than stellar face (naturally, she’s from Bristol). This girl does everything in her power to stay on top. She role-plays as an escort, she nearly damn rips her tight pussy with toys, she enjoys creampies, fucking strangers, taking BBCs, role-playing as a virgin schoolgirl. This girl is as unimpressive as they come (in terms of looks), but she’s a complete, grade-A whore that doesn’t mind doing insanely slutty/fetishy stuff on camera. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, that’s only five chicks picked at random. You do want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes, don’t you?”


Always Watermark Your Content!

This is a great time to remind you to always watermark your content! If you can’t afford a fancy DMCA service (although, it seems DMCA hasn’t even been able to touch this site) watermarking will at least garner some traffic from the guys who happen to stumble upon this site and possibly want more from you. It is also a great way for people (who aren’t pieces of garbage) to contact you and let you know if your content does end up being pirated.


Contact Me To Learn The Major Details

If you are a cam model who is concerned that you may be posted on this site, please feel free to send me a Twitter DM @aerie_sm (as I’m not comfortable posting the site link since it’ll give freeloaders yet another excuse to bypass paying us!) and I can let you know if you’re on it.  I can also give you know a time span of when the member who bought your membership posted your videos. ManyVids seems to either be banning the accounts that are doing this, or they are self deleting to avoid being tracked.

Either way, it helps to compile a list of usernames to put on the “OH SHIT, BAN IMMEDIATELY” list!


Safer Platforms For Offering Membership Services

If you are dead set on offering a membership, it may be a good time to look to other sites. For example, ModelCentro is a great membership site and they also have the option to disable downloads of your videos. This prevents a majority of people from reposting your content, unless they were dedicated to sitting there and screen capturing your videos for hours. They also give a higher percentage than Manyvids for memberships, so what is there to lose?