Platform Mastery Series: Clips4Sale (Recap) by Lauren Kiley and Alice Skary

Platform Mastery Series: Clips4Sale hosted by Lauren Kiley and Alice Skary

Lauren Kiley and Alice “Al” Skary hosted an informative zoom event to discuss mastering the platform, Clips4Sale, on September 25th at 2pm ET. Both performers are content creators with years of experience and have mastered Clips4Sale by utilizing the large amount of traffic on the platform. While the performers admit the platform is borderline archaic, the performers suggest utilizing the platform for finding new customers and tapping into the internal traffic of the platform, especially for fetish content.

Lauren Kiley lead the beginning of the webinar by proposing the question, “do you have experience selling clips?” to help guide the session because the panel is not focused on production. She followed up with asking about the viewers experience with Clips4Sale to get an idea of the groups familiarity with the platform.

Starting on Clips4Sale

The main points stressed are frequency and consistent. In an ideal situation you’ll have both and it will vary depending on the availability of your content and filming schedule. “The content machine is always hungry” is a motto Lauren stresses to ensure that you are consistent. She mentions that Clips4Sale allows you to post videos in 4 formats – which is a huge part of the basis of her consistence and success on Clips4Sale. One brand new video a week is the minimum to expect to make payout in Laurens opinion, but advises “do as I say, not as I do” because her production is currently on hold.

Alice Skary says a library of about 50 videos on Clips4Sale is a good starting point to expect to make more consistent income on the platform due to the “roll up” of traffic, and once you update in about 4-5 different niches that you can expect to see higher volumes of traffic and consistency in sales. They mention that one of the ways to get successful is “spam marketing” by utilizing the ability to upload in multiple formats to make the most of the traffic.

Uploading in multiple formats

Popular formats on Clips4Sale include: MP4 and WMV. While WMV can be a bit irritating to use because a majority of video editors don’t allow you to export WMV, you can easily use a converter to make your MP4 files WMV. Lauren Kiley uses the Wondershare converter. Instead of using 4 separate formats entirely there is also the option to do multiple resolutions as an alternative format options, you can utilize 4K and HD, HD and SD, or whatever “4 format philosophy” works best for you. Alice Skary says, “you are spamming but you are spamming because it’s gonna make you money.” You should ideally update each duplicate video (in a different format) in a different category g

Creating your clip listing

As much as you can write, fill your description box, as many keywords as you can fit in there! You never know what people will be looking for so make your description like a blog post that is keyword rich and touches on everything involved because it can tap into multiple customers interests. Direct customers to more content of the same type by going to “List Clips” and you can get direct links to your store categories by clicking the “direct links to store categories” button listed above your clips (it doesn’t look like a button, but it is!) You can also link directly to videos you’d recommend by utilizing the shortcode functionality for your Clips4Sale description.

Utilize the categories and put as many in as you find relevant to the video. Always put your name in the typed out category boxes, because your name is your brand and an important keyword. Lauren recommends putting it in the first box and if you have any co-stars list their names in the boxes as well. If you look through the categories and don’t find a specific category you’re looking for or the category is too vague you can put the specific keywords here, Skary suggests stuffing search terms until it hurts. Every single one, fill all the boxes!

Lauren says previews are somewhat unnecessary on Clips4Sale but GIFs are mandatory. If you are uploading to multiple clip sites and have a preview ready anyway you might as well upload it, but the GIF autoplays as the preview on Clips4Sale when clients hover over the title. It is recommended to make your own GIF and not use the Clips4Sale GIF creator, because their editor downscales the quality of your content dramatically.

As far as pricing, Clips4Sale defaults to around $1 per minute, but Lauren says that you can do perfectly well charging $2 per minute. If you can film longer clips, you can charge more, “if you can film a 6 minute JOI fairly comfortably, try pushing it to 8 or 9.” You know your content better than anyone else and can set your rates appropriately, but don’t undervalue yourself or your content!

As far as your content ordering goes you can utilize display order and set 0 to the clip you want put on the front of your store and then a higher number on the ones you want put to the back, so this can be used to put your less popular formats at the back of your clip store so that the 4 duplicates aren’t in a row on your store page. Clips without a display number will go to the front automatically.

Utilizing Clips4Sale statistics

You can find out your top categories and top selling clips and all sorts of other beneficial information by going to your statistics tab. Since you are uploading multiple formats, you may find that your content will have a lot of similar overlapping categories that are successful due to the fact that a video in those general categories performed well. You can do deeper research on individual success of a video versus categorical success by checking the statistics for your titles.

Clips4Sale internal e-mail section

Anytime someone buys your clip it gives them the option to subscribe to your newsletter, if you have 50 clips in a couple categories you actually build up a pretty substantial email list. Depending on how much time you have, you should send a newsletter out weekly or every 10 days if you are consistently uploading on Clips4Sale. If you aren’t being consistent in uploads, you can try to do it every few weeks or you can dig up some old content to promote if you aren’t currently active.

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Watch the recap / connect with Lauren and Alice

If you missed the live webinar, you can catch the recap of the event on Alice Skary’s YouTube Account. You can connect with Lauren on her Twitter and you can connect with Alice on their Twitter.

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