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Get your own link tree dupe that is safe on my server!

Many sex workers fear losing their platforms or being flagged by SFW social media by utilizing their links and end up using services like LinkTree or AllMyLinks to host their links – unfortunately the possibility of being de-platformed on link hubs is still very possible! In addition, some SFW social media like TikTok and Instagram have learned that sex workers utilize these services and will sometimes flag these services which can result in suspensions or account bans. That is why you should consider your own link hub website!

Check out my LinkTree Dupe for an example!

What are the benefits?

  • Customization: more customization options and personality on your website.
  • Branded: using your own domain will make your website less complicated to remember, easier to find, and easier to optimize for search engines!
  • Secure: your website will be hosted on my adult friendly virtual private server which means you won’t have to worry about censorship, potential account closures, or unfair treatment by the platform you’re hosting your links on.
  • Better tracking: tracking your clicks is a great way to keep tabs on what social media is working for you, where your fans are coming from, and what platforms are gaining you the most clicks.
  • Less flagging: by utilizing this service, your links will be less likely to be flagged as adult and therefore safer for use across social media where potential bans are a huge problem. My link tree dupes have been tested on Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram and have not resulted in any flags.

Payment Methods

If you don’t want to purchase here through my site, you can also purchase through CashApp, Zelle, cryptocurrency, or an OnlyFans tip. Just reach out to me on Twitter or by e-mail to let me know you’re interested in a site before sending payment.


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